What is Amber alerts on iPhone & how to turn it on/off.

We’re here to walk you through the query ‘What’s Amber Alert’ & how you can handle them on your iPhone 13/12/XR/11. Since you purchase a smartphone, these alerts are activated by default. However, you can control them if you wish to turn them on/off. It’s pretty easy actually to switch the amber alert status on the iPhone. 

how to turn ON/OFF Amber Alert

It’s the middle of the night, and you wake up scared due to a government emergency alert- or some sort of AMBER notification comes onto your Phone. Such an emergency warning drives you crazy though these events explicitly have nothing to do with any of us. But, it scares us, more specifically when it rings at 2 AM at night due to the fact that we do not relate to this type of notification directly. 

What is AMBER or government Alerts on iPhone?

(America’s Missing Broadcasting Emergency Response)

Alerts we receive (in text form) on smartphones in case of emergency from the country or regional government concerning an imminent threat to public safety or life situations such as extreme weather conditions or child abduction are referred to as Amber Alerts or Wireless Emergency Alerts.

Though it is mainly designed to let you know about kidnapped or lost kids in the USA in your area to facilitate Police tracking the child and the suspected kidnapper, we recommend you turn all government alerts ON because they carry essential information. 

If amber alerts on your device are enabled, your smartphone will receive a text message notifying you of one of the above given circumstance by a ring even if your phone is on silent mode.

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Turn off or view emergency Alerts for iPhone

We recommend stimulating the ‘iPhone emergency alarm’ in a silent mode. Because it’s a pretty simple way of receiving alarming texts without annoying them while you’re at work or sleeping. You need a SIM operator with a compatible phone to support these governmental warnings. I hope, you’re making changes at your own risk. Follow the directions below to get the task done on your device;

  • Go to Settings.
Turn off amber alert
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • Scroll all the way down to Government alerts, turn Off/On the toggle AMBER/Public Safety alert.
  • Press ‘Emergency Alert’ and choose whether to have ‘Always Deliver’ notifications on your phone. Even after turning off the “Always-Deliver” switch, you will be able to receive alerts in quiet mode without further disturbances at night.

Note; If, even after activating these toggles, you do not get any of the alerts, try this:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Switch On/Off to Airplane mode
  3. Reset all settings.

Turn off emergency alert on iPhone Canada/Ontario?

Unfortunately, Canadian citizens cannot turn off amber alerts as the government has made them mandatory so that everybody can be alerted. Only American citizens are allowed to disable these notifications. The only way for Canadians in Ontario to get rid of overnight notifications- is to hold their phones in silent mode.

Test Emergency Alert iPhone Not working?

Your smartphone needs a connection to a carrier to receive the test emergency alert in the United States. By utilizing an American SIM card, you can successfully receive emergency text alerts. These test warnings produce a sound similar to an alarm denoting that it is a test alarm. 

  • On your phone, call on *5005*25371# to enable test alerts.
  • On your phone, call on *5005*25370# to disable test alerts.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I see past emergency alerts on your iPhone 12?

Ans: Press the power switch to pick up your smartphone. Then, drag down the screen to see your previous notifications.

2. What is a Public Safety Alert on iPhone?

Ans: Public Safety Alerts focus on threats that arise after an imminent threat, i.e., they are not considered as an immediate threat.

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