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[100% Working] Blooket Bot Flooders For 2024 (Step-by-step instructions)

Are you looking for the best Blooket bot flooders of 2023 that are 100% working so that they can flood your game session with bots that will automatically answer questions, add tokens, and more? If this is the case, you have stumbled upon the right place. So keep reading till the end of this article to know the best Blooket bot flooders of all time. Apart from that, we will also tell you the correct step-by-step instructions to use each of them so that you won’t struggle flooding bots into your Blooket game session.

blooket bot flooder 2023

The Blooket Bot Flooder and the term Blooket spamming have been making their rounds online, so it’s no surprise that people are wondering what this is all about and whether they should use it or not.

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about the Blooket bot flooders (unblocked), the features it can unlock, and how to use it the right way in order to get the proper gaming experience with Blooket game sessionbut we want to start by asking some questions ourselves:

Have you been trying to advance your Blooket educational game experience but feel like you can’t find the right tools? Have you ever wished there was something that could auto answer your questions, unlock all blooks, add infinite number of tokens and win you the game everytime? The wait’s now come to an end! The Blooket Bot flooders covered in this article will help you send bots to your Blooket game session to auto answer questions, unlock all blooks, add infinite tokens and more.

These Blooket Bot flooders will let you change your chances of winning every time when playing the game, allowing you to auto answer questions correctly and earn you the highest token score in the class. This means that when using this Bot Flooders, there are more winners than losers, making the game more fun because students don’t feel discouraged all the time.

The Blooket bot flooder highlighted in this article has been created for kids with the intention to make the Blooket game modes more enjoyable on desktop, laptop, and, mobile. The goal of this tool is not to cheat, but rather to make the Blooket game modes easier for those who struggle with adding tokens, getting correct answers or who just want an easy win every now and then.

There are numerous blooket Hacks that have been covered in other posts, but this post only focused on one of them. Don’t forget to look it over!

How to Flood Blooket Game Session with bots? (5 Methods)

Our expert hacking team has personally tested the Blooket bot flooders suggested in this post several times, so we can guarantee that they will work properly flawlessly and let you send infinite number of bots and access various game features without worrying that Blooket will ban your account or that your teachers will catch you trying to spam the game.

Method1# From GitHub:

In recenttimes, Github is a number one platform for providing javascripts to hack gaming features. It also offers a javascript which you can use to flood your blooket game session with bots.

The best part is it is extremely easy to use, safe, and allows you to send any number of bots to your blooket game session with just few clicks.

Follow the step by step instructions to flood your blooket game session with any number of bots you want.

  • Firstly, go to the and join a game a session as normal.

Blooket Bot flooder GitThub Updated SCRIPT

  • Copy the javascript and go to the Blooket play lobby, erase every thing from the URL bar, type javascript:Paste the code without any space.
  • Now run the Bookmarklet by hitting enter.
  • Once you do that, you should see pop up boxes asking to put game pin, name of bots, and number of bots.
  • Enter the formalites and hit enter.
  • After that, go to the Blooket host’s page, you will see the specified number of bots has joined the game there.
  • Congratulations, your blooket game has been flooded with bots.

Method2# Using GrantStahr/Blooket-Flooder-

Third party websites like features bot flooders for various games, including Kahoot, Blooket and more. GrantStah’r Blooket Bot Flooder allows you to send infinite number of bots to your blooket game session within seconds without the need of any javascript. .

This Blooket bot flooder requires a very few steps and just needs a Blooket game pin to get intended task done. Furthermore, it is safe to use, undetectable, and therefore reduces the chances of Blooket banning your account.

Here are the correct step by step instructions to flood your Blooket game session with bots;

  • Go to the and select a quiz and host it to generate a game Pin.
  • Copy the game PIN and go to the Replit’s Blooket bot flooder-V4
  • Once the flooder loads completey, click the arrow or Green Run button,
  • Now, paste the Game Pin, enter Bot name, number of bots you want to send to your game session and hit enter.
  • Once you do that, your blooket game session will start flooding with bots, go to the host’s page to check that.

Method3# Using a third party Website:

In my opinion, Schoolcheats website provides the best Blooket bot flooder software that works everytime flawlessly. All you need to do is enter the Game Pin/Code of the blooket game session, Bot Name and number of bots you want to send to your game.

This is the easiest blooket bot flooder hack, safe to use and untraceble without even your teacher knowing that you are using cheating tactics to win th game.

  • Go to the blooket website and Generate a game pin/code.
  • Now browse in another tab.
  • Firstly enter game pin where it says Room code.
  • Next enter the Name of the bot you wish.
  • Enter the Amount of bots you want to send to your game session.
  • Finally, hit Continue.
  • After that, go to the Blooket host page, you will see the specified amount of bots adding there.
  • Congratulations, hack is completed.
  • You can try this any time and flood your game with bots and win the session.

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The methods described above should have provided you with some guidance on how to utilise the Blooket bot flooders effectively. You may easily hack Blooket on your own using the Blooket flooder approach.

If you run into trouble while attempting to follow the directions, you are welcome to ask for assistance from friends, a reputable business, or us in the comment box below.

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