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How to beat every single level of Blooket Tower Defense [Strategy]

There are so many tower defense games out there, but Blooket tower defense has been around the longest and boasts the highest number of players at any given time. Why? Because it’s one of the most difficult games to beat on any platform, meaning players stay engaged and come back to improve their scores, share strategies and tips with each other, and just have fun. Want to learn strategy to beat Blooket tower defense? You’ve come to the right place!

beat Blooket Tower Defense

Blooket Tower defense Strategies to beat every single level

Agree! BTD is one of the most challenging mobile games out there, but you will surprise to know that there are some really easy ways to beat every single level! Want to learn how to beat Tower Defense game? You have come to the right place! Follow this guide and beat BTD on your first try!

If you follow the steps in this guide, you will have no problem beating each and every level of this Blooket game so that you can get bragging rights amongst your friends!

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Things you need to know before starting

To beat BTD, you will need step-by-step instruction, whether you are a beginner or a veteran player at It will not be difficult to hit the jackpot if you follow the step-by-step instructions on how to succeed, such as starting with a simple setup that works in most levels. 

You will also need to know the best strategies for dealing with different types of waves, basic concepts, and a quick rundown on advanced tactics. Want to know how to get three stars in every stage without fail? We will show you how to go about it. There are also advanced tactics included. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Let us get started;

Set up Blooket tower defense Game

Before you do anything, make sure you’ve set up the blooket’s tower defense game. If you don’t know how to set up the game, you can check out our earlier guide on this subject. Once you’re ready to start playing, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Grasp the basics

Okay, so you’ve played Blooket a few times and now have finally made it to one of those levels where no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get past Wave 20. We’re here for you. To easily win at BTD and impress your friends, all you need is some basic knowledge about how each wave operates. Let’s start with: [Insert Key Components] Without these key components, you won’t be able to win easily! So let’s talk through how they work!

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Learn how towers interact with each other

Understanding how towers interact with each other will make you a better player. Let’s take an example: if you place a short-range tower in front of a long-range one, then enemies will simply run around it because they won’t be attacked by either! Your goal should be to always keep enemy units within range of as many towers as possible—and that means stacking multiple types next to each other.

Stacking like-types is especially important for higher levels; try mixing together fast, mid, and slow speed towers for an all-around effective setup. Finally, remember not to situate all of your defenses on one side; doing so leaves too much room for maneuvering, which can lead to some hard-to-beat levels. Try alternating between sides when possible; it keeps things fair while keeping you on your toes at all times.

Practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to replay levels if you find yourself stuck. After all, how else will you know when you’ve got it all figured out?

Know each enemy type’s weaknesses

This is by far the most crucial factor that will determine whether your strategy succeeds or fails. You must know how much damage each type of tower deals, as well as which enemies it is good against and which it is weak against. You can do this quickly by clicking on an enemy type, then looking at its stats box on your left. And, don’t forget about upgrades—some towers get special bonuses as they gain levels! The BTD guide will have all of these details for you.

Never forget that there is a way to win!

Beating tower defense levels can be a difficult task for those who aren’t prepared for them! To make sure you never forget that there is always a way to win, take some time on each stage and think about what must be done in order to pass. Experiment with different strategies and never give up! Success comes from practice and persistence.

By using both strategies, you should have no problem beating every single stage in this Blooket game—and impressing your friends in the process! Check out our Facebook page for more tips: While we don’t want to spoil all of our secrets here, we do want to encourage everyone to check out our Facebook page if they want even more help on their journey through BTD. There are plenty of people online every day willing to answer questions and offer advice, so if you ever get stuck feel free to ask us anything!

Use those tips in future rounds

Throughout these strategies, We have referenced tips and tricks for playing Blooket tower defense. These tips are not exclusive; when you play other games in the future, be sure to keep them in mind. You can use them to maximize your performance or help you win a particularly difficult challenge or final boss battle. Remember that without fail, any strategy worth it’s salt will always reference practice, practice, practice! Even if you’re naturally gifted at something like BTD or shooting games online, there’s no substitute for sitting down with your controller/arcade stick/keyboard and getting better over time through repetition.

Collect all the stars on some levels

Make sure you collect all three stars on each level. If you get a perfect score, you will be awarded a three-star ranking and an extra 2,000 points. As you progress through levels, it may seem like it is not worth your time to go back and collect stars on earlier levels; however, those two thousand points could easily tip a level in which you were struggling from one in which you had beaten with ease.
There are a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure you do not miss any stars. The first is that there are no bonus points for collecting them all within one try.

For example, if you collect a star on Level 3, but then die before reaching Level 4, in order to get credit for beating that level with three stars, you must restart at Level 1 again and earn another three-star ranking on Level 3. Make note of where all the stars are throughout each stage; once you have made it through a level, pause and check your map so that you know where each remaining star is located.

Also, remember that there may be more than one way to reach a particular star! Try going around obstacles or figuring out different ways to reach a star from certain points. Some can even be reached by bouncing off an enemy into them!

Finally, you can use power-ups and extra-life tokens that you may have missed in earlier levels to earn stars on later ones. If you die while going after a star, you can choose to continue by spending a life token or going back and collecting a power-up if it is available. Either way, if you collect all three stars in any level within one try, your score will be higher than what it would have been if you had gone for less than three stars during subsequent tries.

You will find, though, that earning stars requires a lot more trial and mistake than it does in other games. Sometimes all three stars can be just one jump away from where you are currently standing! Don’t get discouraged if you miss them; keep trying! Just don’t give up if you lose a life on your way back to claim a star because each one counts towards gaining an extra 2,000 points per level.

If you complete Level 7 with three stars before unlocking Level 8, there is no need to worry about collecting those two last stars. It will not affect your final score or rating at all!

Lastly, sometimes a stage is easier with power-ups available from previous levels. For example, you can play Level 2 without collecting any extra lives at all if you still have any left over from Level 1. However, if you were only able to collect one or two in that first stage, then try and get as many on Level 2 as possible before continuing on; it will be much harder once they are gone! And remember that there are ways to come back around and collect them later after all.

When playing through each stage, some may seem easier than others. Remember that difficulty is completely random within stages (other than difficulty 1 being always easiest) so don’t let easy stages influence how you approach harder ones! If a level seems particularly difficult, see if earning three stars would be worth those 2,000 points; chances are it will make it more doable!

Also, remember that you cannot use extra lives or power-ups on harder difficulties unless you have earned them in previous levels on those same difficulties. For example, if Level 5 is too difficult for you and you happen to have an extra life token left over from Level 4, then by all means spend it on Level 5! But, once all tokens from higher levels are gone… they are gone! Just like taking candy from a baby!

All right, now go out there and show what you can do with this Blooket’s challenging game. I know we won’t leave any stone unturned… earn… star uncollected while searching for records. We hope these tips help you get started and improve your gameplay strategy as well as increase your high score rank in no time at all!

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Check out other player’s replays

Tower Defense is often considered a solo game, but don’t be afraid to check out replays from other players! As you play, you might have some strategies that work for you. If so, look at how other people are playing and try their strategy for different levels. It’s a great way to learn! The next time you find yourself stuck on a particular level, think about watching someone else’s replay to see if there are any techniques that would help you complete it. What kind of techniques do these other players use? What happens at certain points in each stage? How does one player complete each stage with more crowns than another?

There are lots of questions to consider when trying new strategies, and looking at others’ games can give you an answer or two as well as letting you really understand how other players approach these levels. Of course, it takes trial-and-error, because beating Blooket TD is not that easy! To avoid being discouraged, try everything and don’t stop until you find what works for you.

Have fun!

What could be more fun than beating a game that you were previously stuck on? Once you learn how to effectively use the BTD strategy, it’s easy to get through levels quickly and feel like a boss. And if you want to brag about it, show off your blooket tower defense record! There are over one hundred awesome levels in BTD, but by using our guide here you can play them all with ease. Let’s do it: gather up some friends, invite them to spectate (you can even charge admission!), and take turns playing each level in turn. The more people involved in any game, especially a competitive one like blooket tower defense strategy or other games similar to it, the better it makes for such an awesome evening!

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