Brainly or Quizlet [Differences]: Which should you choose?

Educational apps or websites are the best options for learning languages, vocabulary, academic curriculum, and more. 

Quizlet or Brainly

Quizlet and Brainly are among the best study tools available today, but they have different strengths that can help you depending on your needs.

Let’s take a look at how Quizlet and Brainly stack up against each other to determine which one can help you the most in your studies! 

Quizlet Vs. Brainly: Introduction

Just in case- you’re unfamiliar with these gamified learning apps, here is a quick rundown of each:


Quizlet logo

If you are already familiar with this educational app, you can move to the next section.

Quizlet is a multi-national educational site, first publicly launched in 2007

It is a simple flashcard app that uses game-based interactive learning features to make learning and memorizing easier.

Quizlet started out as a flashcard app allowing students to learn multiple languages and vocabulary, but as the platform exploded in popularity among students, it extended to cover all subjects.

Students can use Quizlet’s web-based version or download its Android or iOS app.

The good news is that both website and app allows you access basic featurers without any cost.

The basic edition of Quizlet allows you to access limited options, especially when it comes to creating flashcards. You can upgrade to one of the following subscriptions it offers to get access to unlimited advanced features.

  1. Quizlet Go.
  2. Quizlet Plus.
  3. Quizlet Plus for teachers.

The table given below shows the difference in features between the basic and premium versions of Quizlet:

FeaturesQuizlet freeQuizlet GoQuizlet Plus
Online accessYesYesYes
Offline accessNoYesYes
Ad-free studyingNoYesYes
Advanced Creation ToolkitNoNoYes
Quizlet Learning Assisstant
(A.I Tech)

The table below shows the free trial period for each version and the yearly subscription cost:

SubscriptionsFree TrialCost
Quizlet Go7 Day$12.99 yr
Quizlet Plus7 Day$35.99 yr
Quizlet+ for teachers30 Day$30.65 yr

Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Quizlet Plus to try out its premium features.



Brainly is a Polish educational technology with headquarters in New York City, debuted in 2009, two years after Quizlet.

It is not a flashcard app; rather, it is a peer-to-peer learning platform where students, teachers, and parents can ask and answer homework questions.  

In peer-to-peer learning mode, participants communicate and collaborate to ask and answer questions on a common platform.

It would not be wrong if we say that Brainly is suitable for everyone, by everyone, and about almost everything.

Education analysts around the world claims that it not only helps students memorise their favourite subjects, but it also increases their level of engagement.

Though Brainly offers some gamification features to engage students, it lacks the different game modes available in Quizlet.

Despite the fact that Brainly began two years later than Quizlet, it has amassed a greater number of active users worldwide. Brainly has over 350 million active users as of 2022, significantly higher than Quizlet’s 60 million.

Apart from using the Brainly website on any browser, you can also download the Brainly app, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Basically, Brainly offers two versions: a free basic version and a Plus version with premium features that you can upgrade to for $2 per month. You can also sign up for a 6-month or 12-month subscription for $18 or $24 respectively.

The table given below shows the difference in features between Brainly Basic and Brainly Plus version:

FeaturesBrainly BasicBrainly Plus
No AdsNoYes
Ask unlimited questionsNoYes
Access to millions of expert-verified answersNoYes
High priority questions to enhance learning.No Yes

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Quizlet Vs. Brainly- Key Differences:

They can both help you with your school subjects and learning languages; but, what are the fundamental differences between them?

The table below indicates the significant differences in features between the two educational apps.

Can you create flashcards?YesNo
Community to ask and answer questions?NoYes
Answers are expert-verified?YesYes
Game modesYesNo
Points, ranking systemNoYes
Free trialYesYes
Monthly Charges$3.99$2
Limited usage for free version?YesNo
Uses AI Learning Assistant?YesNo
Can you host live sessions?YesNo
Is there a specific version for teachers?YesNo
Can you get textbook solutions?YesYes
Get real-time help from tutors?YesYes
Can you scan Math problems?NoYes
Supports Apple pay?YesNo
Supports Google pay?Yes No
Supports Amazon pay?No Yes

However, the basic difference is the same as explained above, Quizlet is a basic flashcard system where you can create as many flashcards as you wish of any preferred subject and learn them using various unique game modes. 

Brainly, on the other hand, is a community-based learning system where students, educators, and parents interact to ask and answer questions to educate themselves and others.

When it comes to gamification elements in Brainly, points are awarded for publishing the best answer to the questions in order to encourage players to give the best answer. Furthermore, the number of points you earn and the best replies you receive on Brainly influence your rank.

Quizlet Vs. Brainly: How do they work?

Let’s review how Quizlet and Brainly work now that we’ve looked at the key differences between the two.


Quizlet, as previously stated, is a basic flashcard system with a range of interactive educational game modes. 

Students can use Quizlet to not only study their school or college courses or languages at their own pace in class or at home, but they can also use it to learn on the go.

Quizlet is more intelligent than other available flashcard apps we have today. This is the reason why it appeals to learners all over the globe, thanks to its smart rote learning feature, which helps students memorize whatever topic they’re having trouble remembering.

Users start by creating their own sets with terms or definitions or choosing from thousands of pre-made question sets, which they can play by selecting one of the available game modes to study.

Let’s now review the educational game modes available in Quizlet’s free basic version:

Quizlet games review

Quizlet basically offers five study game modes and two games to help students study whatever they want to learn. They are:

1#Flashcards: They are digital flashcards where you review terms and definitions or questions and answers, just as with paper flashcards.

All you have to do is click the arrow key on the flashcard or space bar on your keyboard to view the answer.

2#Learn:  In this game mode, you’ll be asked flashcards, multiple-choice, written questions, etc.

3#Write: You are asked to type the correct word that best matches the displayed terms or definitions to test whether you are familiar with them. The game mode helps you pinpoint your weak points so that you can improve on them.

4#Spell: You are asked to type what you hear when spell plays an audio clip of a term or definition from one of your flashcards.

The game mode assists you in learning a new language by helping you improve your spelling and pronunciation.

5#Test: With test mode, you can quiz yourself using four different types of question categories, including multiple-choice, true or false written, and matching, depending on which best works for you. 

In Test Mode, you are not only given the flexibility to adjust the question categories, but also you can change the number of questions. With Test, you can review your knowledge of any subject so that you can work on it to improve your skills.

Other than the five-game modes listed above, there are two games: Match and Gravity.

In Match Game Mode, you are asked to match the shown terms with the correct definition in the given time interval.

In Gravity, you are asked to type in the correct answer quickly in a moving object or asteroid before it falls or clashes with the planet. As you progress through the levels, the speed of the falling asteroid towards the planet goes higher, making the gameplay incredibly difficult for you.


Let’s now review how differently Brainly works from that Quizlet.

Suppose you’re having difficulty solving a Math problem. What options do you have in this situation to clear your doubts? You’ll most likely contact your nearest friend or guide, either physically or virtually. Right?

The Brainly educational website can be your best ally in these circumstances, because it offers tools to help you solve problems of any subject or finish assignments.

How does brainly work

How does Brainly work? After typing a question into the site’s “What do you need to know” search box, a registered user selects a subject and grade level, and other students, teachers, and parents answers in reply.

Now you might think, why anyone would be interested in answering your questions. 

The answer-in reply is that the Brainly educational system uses various interactive-gamification features including, ranking and points rewarding approach to motivate students to ask and answer questions.

Each time on logging in to the site, every user is given a certain number of points that one can use to ask questions.

The more points you use to ask a question, the more likely you are to receive a quick response.

You are given even more points for answering questions. 

The participant who gives the best answer wins additional bonus points [Determined by the Questioner].

“What is the certainty that I will get the correct answers to my questions?” might be the next question in your thoughts.

The explanation for this is the same Brainly gamification features described above, ranking and point-earning, which encourage users to post correct answers.

To put it another way, the Brainlist ranking of the candidates is determined by the number of questions correctly answered and the number of points earned.

Brainly’s gamification features not only inspire users to react to published questions; but also restrict them from submitting incorrect answers.

Furthermore, to provide even more transparency to the questioner whether the respondent is an expert or not, Brainly assigns a title as Beginner or Genius to each answerer based on ranking and point totals.

Whatsmore, the Brainly celebrity moderators, who are also awarded points, double-check the answers to ensure if they are correct and appropriate.

Quizlet Vs. Brainly- Pros and Cons

Before deciding which educational app is best for your learning needs, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

Both of these websites offer a variety of features that help users learn more effectively.

Let’s take a closer look at what each app has to offer to see which one suits you best.



  1. Features easy to use and intuitive user interface.
  2. Create flashcards and learn any topic.
  3. Choose from the thousands of expert-created question sets.
  4. Learn sets with different game modes and games.
  5. Get test-day ready with the learn mode.
  6. Improve your pronunciation and spelling with Write mode to improve your language skills.
  7. Match mode pits you against the time as you try to match the correct definitions.
  8. Solve your toughest mathematical sums using expert verified textbook solutions.
  9. Share your flashcards with friends, students, or classmates to learn.
  10. Share your study sets with friends.
  11. Quizlet learn (AI learning Assistant) helps you learn efficiently.
  12. Teachers can track progress of their students. 
  13. Learn French, Spanish, and other languages.
  14. Science, Math, history, coding, and other subjects are included in the school curriculum.
  15. Great platform for teachers to teach students any subject.


There are a few disadvantages of using Quizlet that can influence your learning: 

  1. To use all of the features, you must pay or upgrade to its premium version.
  2. Shows a lot of irritating pop-up ads.
  3. Students can easily cheat using Quizlet.
  4. Flashcards no longer use spaced repetition technology.



  1. Features learning tools for students, parents, and teachers.
  2. Learn at your own pace at home, in class, or on the move.
  3. Ask questions to get instant answers and explanations in minutes.
  4. Ask questions in three ways, type, scan or speak to get answers. Scan your Mathematical sums to get step-by-step solutions.
  5. Get expert verified solutions for your school textbooks.
  6. Every day, experts and moderators double-check the authenticity of the answers.
  7. Chat with expert tutors to get real-time help on any subject.
  8. Clear all of your doubts with homework without spending a single penny on Brainly Basic.
  9. Includes gamification features such as a point and rank rewarding system to motivate learners.
  10. Track progress of your child by linking your accounts.
  11. For students in higher grades, the site has even more advanced features.


  1. Answers lack depth, many users answer questions in a single sentence, which may not be enough to clear your doubts.
  2. If someone publishes the wrong answer, you may learn the wrong info.
  3. Not all the time, but some users post direct plagiarised content despite the fact that it is against Brainly’s guidelines.

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Quizlet Vs. Brainly-Their interfaces

Let’s compare the user interfaces of Quizlet and Brainly.

When comparing the user interfaces of these two apps or websites, we need to consider a few things, such as their ease of use, appearance, features, and overall feel.


Quizlet user interface

The user interface of Quizlet is far more appealing and aesthetically pleasing than Brainly.

Quizlet dashboard is designed to be easily adaptable to all types of learners. Each time you visit it, you will feel more refreshed and more educated.

To get started with Quizlet, you need to first signup or create an account using your email address, Google account, or Facebook account.

After completing the signup process, you will be redirected to the Quizlet user interface. 

Let’s skip over the features or menus, displayed on the Quizlet dashboard:

Home Menu: When you click it, you’ll be redirected to Quizlet’s home page, where you catch your recent activities and more.

Textbook Solutions Menu: You’ll be taken to a page where you can search textbook solutions by subject, ISBNs, and recently solved problems by clicking it.

Alternatively, you can also use the search bar in the upper right corner to find pre-made question sets or buy expert-created content.

Your Library Menu: This category includes three sub-menus, which are as follows:

  1. Study Sets-Search question sets for any subject or class by clicking the study sets sub-menu. 
  2. Explanation– You can access all recent explanations by clicking the Explanation sub-menu.
  3. Class– By clicking the Class sub-menu, you can find your teacher’s live class.

Bird icon: Using the bird icon in the top right corner, you can access the user profile, and progress report, and modify night mode settings, among other things.

Create Button: Create your own question sets of any subject by clicking the Blue Create button next to the Your library option. 

Here’s how to create a Quizlet question set:

how to create Quizlet question set
  1. Click the Create button.
  2. Enter the title of the set, such as Biology chapter-22 evolution.
  3. Once done, move on to Add Description.
  4. You can also export sets from Google word, excel, etc., using the link.
  5. Type the term where it says enter term. 
  6. Now, in the section that follows, enter Definition.
  7. Attach an image to each definition. [Note: The free version does not allow you to add photos or audio files.]
  8. To create a set, you must first make two cards. Once you’ve made two cards, click the Create button to finish the question set-creation process.

After you’ve generated a question set, you can start learning it by clicking the play button and selecting one of the game modes or games.

Click the Upgrade-Free last trial yellow button at the top right corner to upgrade Quizlet to its plus edition.

The one disadvantage of using the Quizlet free edition is that it displays a lot of pop-up advertisements, which might annoy you while studying or performing other tasks.


Brainly user interface

Though not as aesthetically pleasing as Quizlet, Brainly has one of the most up-to-date user interfaces that is so simple that even a beginner can use it.

To get started with Brainly, students, parents, and teachers must first create a Brainly account.

After completing the signup process and selecting the suitable category, the candidate is redirected to the Brainly user interface. 

Let us get started to explore the Brainly user interface in full depth:

There is a sidebar on the left side of the screen displaying a list of subjects from which you have to select one before asking questions. [That just means to choose the subject category of the question.]

[Math, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, Advanced Placement (AP), Geography, Health, Arts, Business, Computers and Technology, French, German, Spanish, and World Languages are among the category of the subjects available.]

Top search menu bar: There is a search box at the top of the screen where you can type your question to get an answer.

Clicking the camera icon, you can scan Math problems and get step-by-step guidance.

Clicking the Audio icon, you can speak your question, and the system choice shows you the answer.

There are a few options beneath the search bar which you can use to perform different tasks. They are;

For parents: Clicking it, you can register as a parent to help your child with schoolwork.

For teachers: Clicking it, you can sign up as a teacher and grow your classroom into an interactive learning environment to engage your students even more in learning.

Honor code: Using this option, you can report complaints of plagiarised content or copied content, cheating, or other performed violations on the site. 

Any school or organization can act and report violations if participants do not follow the set of rules or ethics.

Textbook Solutions: The option allows you to access a dashboard- where you can search your favorite textbooks created by experts to get step-by-step solutions to the problems.

Next to the top Search menu bar, Notifications and user profile icons are located.

Notification: Check notifications, messages, and more by tapping the Notification icon. 

Profile: View your profile, edit it, and log out of your account by clicking the user profile icon.

What do you need to know: At the center of the Brainly user interface, the “What do you need to know” search bar is displayed apart from the search option provided at the menu bar. 

The only difference between the two is that the search bar in the center of the screen is context-sensitive, meaning it changes as you select different options.

For example, when you click on the search option provided at the center to make a query, it prompts you to choose a subject and the number of points you want to spend asking that question. The top search bar in the menu section, on the other hand, does not force you to select anything and allows you to ask queries in general.

Brainlist users: Brainly shows the daily ranking list in the lower right-hand corner of the page, where it says Brainlist users, which is published to motivate users to improve their performance by asking and answering questions.

Claim Badge: You may also see a Claim Badge notification in yellow above the Brainlist user list; the Badge is a type of reward for completing specific tasks. You just have to click it to receive a Badge.

Quizlet Vs. Brainly- Quick Review:


Quizlet app

If you’re a student, we strongly recommend using Quizlet over any other study aid. It has free flashcards that make studying much easier than manually typing up cards.

You can even upload images and videos to make your cards more visually appealing. The company also have a mobile app that syncs with your account online. If you love to study on your phone or tablet, Quizlet has got you covered! 

It’s FREE and has one of the best reputations in online education today. No matter what subject you need help with, there are thousands of pre-made flashcards available for it.

If you don’t find what you need, just make your own! Quizlet is an excellent resource for students at all levels. As long as you know how to type, you can use Quizlet. 

We highly recommend it for high schoolers who struggle with time management and organization as well as college students who want an easy way to study from their phones or tablets. 

Quizlet makes memorizing facts and terms fun and interactive, so you won’t dread studying anymore. Use Quizlet to study for tests, learn new vocabulary words, revise for exams or simply get ahead in class.

It’s also a great tool if you want to learn a new language but don’t have access to tutors or teachers. There are various languages available on Quizlet that you can learn, including Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese!


Brainly app

You need a learning site that’s easy to use and helps you learn at your own pace. Brainly does both. With over 350 million users worldwide, it’s free to sign up and easy to get started on Brainly.

Brainly’s peer-to-peer learning system help students discover new information, ask questions and share their knowledge with others in their social network.

Its powerful search engine lets students find content quickly. Whether they’re looking for a specific subject, topic, or question answer, they’ll be able to find it on Brainly.

Brainly’s social features are also great for collaboration and interaction with others. Students can connect with each other and ask questions related to classwork, homework, projects, and more.

It even has an audio feature that lets students listen to their search results so they can study while doing other things like driving!

Brainly gives students one of the best ways to learn from each other–and makes studying more fun! Brainly’s gamification elements such as ranking and point rewarding system help students learn in a fun way. Students can use these points to ask questions!

If you’re looking for an online resource to help make studying easier and more fun, try Brainly! It has been helping students since 2009 and has even been recognized by Apple as one of its top educational apps.

The best part about Brainly is that it has a basic free to use version-that you can use it as a student, parent, and teacher!

Brainly is a free to use but if you want additional features such as quizzes and assignments, there’s a premium subscription option available as well.

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Quizlet or Brainly: Which is better?

When it comes to studying flashcards, we prefer Quizlet over Brainly because: you can create different sets with different terms so you can practice and memorize them efficiently.

The flashcard interface has color coding that makes it easier to understand than just plain text.

It’s easy to share your decks (and collaborate on them) with others. There are more options available when creating your own flashcards. It’s a little bit easier to study in bulk if you want. 

When it comes to learning new vocabulary, we prefer Brainly over Quizlet because it gives you more insight into how words are used in context. It allows you to add pictures and videos of things that help give meaning to what a word means (such as an image of a flower if the word is rose).

It provides definitions right on top of each card, so there’s no need to look up synonyms or antonyms yourself if needed! It gives learners access to native speakers who will correct their mistakes as they learn new words from scratch! 

So, which one should you choose? We recommend using both! They’re both great resources with different features that can be beneficial depending on your needs. If you want to focus on learning specific terms, we recommend using Quizlet.

The easiest platform to use between both of these sites is Quizlet. This site makes a great place to start when learning new vocabulary words, as well as being a wonderful tool for continuing your studies. 

Quizlet allows users to create their own flashcards on any topic and share them with others, in addition to practicing quizzes that have been made by other users. Brainly presents users with a similar set of features but doesn’t offer quite as many options as Quizlet does.

Both Quizlet and Brainly allow you to create your own account where you can save all of your information for easy access later on when studying or looking up specific things online.

This makes them both useful learning tools with potential uses in K-12 education and beyond. However, there are some key differences between Quizlet and Brainly, both in their user experience and their overall features. Knowing these differences will help you decide which platform will work best for your needs. 

If you want to focus on picking up general knowledge about various topics, use Brainly.

Either way, both platforms offer a lot of value and can be incredibly helpful when studying for exams or trying to brush up on important skills outside of class time! 

When it comes to popularity, Brainly is more popular than Quizlet by far! With over 350 million active users all around the world, it is one of the most popular study sites out there. In fact, it’s so popular that many students use it in school as a way to study and learn new material without being distracted by other websites. 

Brainly has been around since 2009 and has received positive reviews from students who say they like using Brainly because they can learn new material at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed by other people’s work or comments. 

However, Quizlet doesn’t have nearly as many users as Brainly does. So if you’re looking for a larger community to share your work with, then maybe Brainly would be a better option for you.

If you want access to games and flashcards that will help you study in an interactive way, then Quizlet is probably going to be your best bet. If you prefer working on math problems and want access to more features than just flashcards, then Brainly might be a better choice for you.

Quizlet also offers more features than Brainly does, which might make it easier for you to study.

Ultimately, it comes down to what kind of learning style works best for you personally! Which one do I use? I personally use both! I love playing games on Quizlet when I need some motivation while studying, but I also like having access to all of my notes in one place on Brainly where I can easily search through them whenever I need them. What about you guys? Which one do YOU prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

What do you think? Do these two services compare similarly in your experience? Let us know by leaving a comment below with your thoughts!

Bonus Recommendation:

After comparing Brainly and Quizlet, we wanted to give out a personal recommendation, which is the flashcard app Anki. We have also compared both Quizlet and Anki in one of our posts that you can read to conclude.

Furthermore, the features of Anki are quite similar to those of Quizlet, Anki is our personal favorite flashcard app for these reasons:

  • Anki’s flashcards use the best-spaced repetition approach that Quizlet does not, which makes learning more efficient for students.
  • It’s available on almost all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, and Web), so no matter what device you are using, you will be able to download it and use it in its offline mode.
  • It has a website and a mobile application that you can use on your mobile device in offline mode as well. 
  • Its app allows you to download any content from Anki directly to your device, so if you are traveling, chances are that you won’t need an internet connection. 
  • Thus, the application is perfect for students traveling to college.
  • All of your data is synchronized across all devices, which means that no matter which device you use if you make a flashcard on your smartphone and later want to study it on your laptop, all of your information will be there. Due to these reasons, it’s an excellent way to study on the go.

If you don’t like this recommendation, you can look through our list of similar apps like Quizlet, which we described in one of our previous posts.

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