How to change IMEI on iPhone Without jailbreak/Computer

Apple assigns a default set IMEI unique identification number for each iPhone handset to deteriorate the security intimidation. This fifteen-digit number is made in use by the police to track cell phones in dilemmas like mobile thefts or misses.

how check imei warranty date

That’s why Apple has stitched up ways to avoid tampering with mobile security by curving it hard to change the smartphone’s IMEI. This blog illustrates a few points about “how to change iPhone IMEI number.”

Though you can likely change the IMEI number of iOS devices but can’t resolve it permanently, you are authorized to alter it only for a fixed period. Also, you don’t left with multiple prospects to go for i.m.e.i revamping once your cellular/SIM network is recognized.

Tampering with the mobile I.M.E.I number is a weight punishable offense. As claimed by some countries, if the person except the manufacturer obliterates it, may get busted. So, make sure to abide by the law guidelines and set up changes only for valid reasons

Must check-in these facts ahead of modifying your device’s IMEI digits.

  • Differing the i.m.e.i code will end up your warranty period. We advise you to remake it only if the Warranty time is over.
  • You might get your I.M.E.I number blocked or your phone stop working if the newly registered one is not authentic or resembles any of the stolen handset’s i.m.e.i.
  • The IMEI digit conversion procedure may lead to dropping destructive results as it is illegal provided that the rectified number matches any of the stolen iPhones.
  • There is a high risk involved in enduring this process. No one can guarantee that the change will have a beneficial effect.
  • You don’t left with multiple options to go for i.m.e.i revamping once the cellular/SIM network gets recognized.’

How to change IMEI on iPhone without jailbreak

This is the most effective & 100% authentic way to change I.M.E.I immediately on iOS Phone without jailbreak using PC.

  • Download “Unlock Mtool” software onto PC.
  • Install and open it.
change imei using MTool on iPhone
Credit: iCloud Bypass tool channel
  • Connect your handset with the PC by a cable wire.
  • Select your mobile Phone model on the “Mtool” user interface.
Mtool software use i,m.e.i change
  • Type your I.M.E.I number into the bottom given box, and press “IMEI unlock.” It may take a few minutes to process.
Mtool iCloud bypass tool`
  • Access the ‘Activation Lock’ page that pops up when you set up your Apple device and enter your Apple ID/password. Also, skip or configure all other workarounds accordingly. It might take a few minutes to process.
  • If you’re facing difficulty in obtaining the ‘Activation lock’ page. Begin the setup process to get the activation lock page, restart the device. Consequently, you can get access to the “Activation lock” page.
  • Now, proceed to the PC hit the newly appeared ‘Download Code’ prompt on Mtool next to the I.ME.I unlock option.
Change imei on iPhone using Mtoll
Credit: iCloud bypass tool channel
  • Hit ‘ Download Go’ and wait till the activation file gets loaded on your iOS device
  • On your, Apple smartphone skip all other options while setting it up. Later you can check the i.m.e.i on your phone.

How to change the IMEI on iPhone using ZiPHONE tool

Ziphone is the most popular tool used for changing the imei number on Apple smartphones. This method covers three actions to get the work done. So let’s get started:


  • Firstly, unlock or activate your handset if it is not.
  • Now we need to check the iphone I.M.E.I number, to get the I.M.E.I number just dial *#06# on your device call pad or go to settings, then About. Lastly scroll down and search for imei number to copy.


Change I.M.E.I on iOS Phone without jailbreak
  • Extract the uploaded file into a folder.
change imei on iphone using ziPhone tool
  • Plug your iOS device into the PC
  • Restart your iPhone for recovery or power it down mode.
  • Once done, simultaneously press and hold the standby key (wake/sleep button) until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Once this comes about release the home button accordingly, it would show up iTunes along with a cable wire connecting. 
Change i.m.e.i on iOS phone
  • Now move to the extracted file folder on your PC and press the Keyboard shift button.


  • Right-click on the blank area of your viewport to access the “Start Command” prompt.
Change iphone using Ziphone GUI TOOL
  • Type ‘ZiPhone’ in the command prompt window.
Change imei on iPhone
  • This is where you can replace the new I.M.E.I number. Go to C:\Users\ your folder\Desktop\ZiPhone>ziphone -u -i aYour-IMEI-NUMBER. Delete the old I.M.E.I number and enter the newly selected one for your iOS handset.
  • Once you are finished, wait 4 to 5 minutes until the device is restarted.
Change the i.m.e.i number on iPHONE
  • Okay! Your Phone I.M.E.I number has been successfully changed. Check the new i.m.e.i digits either from the settings, or by dialing *#06#.

This procedure works best to change i.m.e.i on iPhone- SE/6S/6Plus/ 7/ 7plus/8/8 Plus/ X/XS/XS Max/XR. You can even try this method on iPhone5 and 5S.

How to change the IMEI on iPhone using the ZiPhone GUI App

Here is a another easier method for switching up the imei number of the Apple phone. This process also initially requires jailbreak your iOS device. Follow the steps outlined above to get started.

  • Continue from Action2# except second step (downloading one) in the above method to accomplish the desired task. These steps enable you to open the Recovery or Power Down mode.
  • Download the “ZiPhone GUI” app to your PC, and launch it.
  • Click on ‘Advanced Features’ at the bottom left and press the ‘Fake I.M.E.I’ option. 
CHANGE IMEI ON Iphone advanced features on iPhone
Credit: Techcult

  • Enter the new I.M.E.I digits by removing older ones. 
  • Next, click on ‘Perform Action’ to change the I.M.E.I number of the mobile phone.
change i.m.e.i on iOS Phone without ZiPHONE GUI
Credit: TechCult

How to Change IMEI on iPhone 12 Pro Max Without Computer

  • Tap onto the dialer app on your iOS device.
  • Put *#333*# on the dialer to obtain IMEI edit.
  • Enter new I.M.E.I below the SIM option.
  • You can also enter the i.m.e.i on below SIM2 option.
  • Your IMEI number is saved successfully.

Note; We would like to suggest mobile technicians/our readers from around the world continue these steps/methods hardly on the customer’s handset, those who are prepared to confirm the authenticity of the smartphone as an owner through the invoice/billing. This blog is created only for educational purposes.

Frequently Asked questions

Can I change iPhone i.m.e.i permanently?

No, it is not possible. Don’t attempt to reset factory settings, it doesn’t really make any changes as the I.M.E.I number is just a part of the hardware.

How to track iPhone using i.m.e.i?

No, lost or stolen phone can not be tracked or found by using i.m.e.i number of apple handsets. There is only the “Find My” feature that enables trackers to find iPhone on the condition that the feature must be activated.

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