Here’s how to Charge iPhone 13 the right way

Want to charge your brand new iPhone 13, and the charger is unavailable? As of this year, Apple is not providing the charging adapter to the buyer with the newer iOS 15 handset, yet they render you the USB-C type lightning cable. In such circumstances, loading a phone battery is a sort of head-smashing experience. Here, in this article, we have described a number of ways to simplify which adapter you should use to charge your phone.

How to charge iPhone 13

Charging the device with the actual adaptor is very necessary as if you associate it with the one that does not fit, your device may experience heating issues that may later lead to the battery drain. Moreover, the incompatible adapter also causes voltage fluctuations that may even damage the connecting port of the phone.

Here’re the three different methods to charge iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max;

Method1# Get a USB-C type Apple Adapter

How to charge iPhone 13

Connect the USB-C lightning cable to the 20W charger that carries the USB-c type port. Apple claims that you can charge up to 50% within 30 minutes using a 20W power adapter without even generating excessive heat onto your smartphone.

Plug this combination into your phone’s charging port. Next, connect the wall adapter to the power outlet and turn the switch on. Once you do that, your cell phone will start receiving power.

Method2# Get USB-A type Adapter

You can also use the adaptor and A-type cable that normally comes with iPhone 7 models to charge your iOS 15 handsets, but comparatively, it may be slightly slower due to the 5W capacity.

Method3# Get Apple’s MagSafe Wireless Charger

How to charge iPhone 13

The Apple’s MagSafe charger is another great source to power your newer 13 models, which loads the battery twice as fast as other wireless chargers. Regular Qi cordless chargers charge half as much as a seven and a half.

For charging your iOS 15 smartphones with a MagSafe Wireless charger you need to connect it with the 15W USB-C type power adaptor, for 13 Mini use 12.5W. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to charge iPhone 13 in the car? Connect the C-type cable to the power socket of the car and its other end to the phone’s charging port. Even after doing this if it shows a problem, get a USB-c type car charging adapter and connect it to the car’s power outlet.

Can I charge iPhone 13 with an old charger? Yes, definitely you can reload the iOS 15 smartphone using an old phone charger. This current generation supports fast charging power adapters of at least 20W capacity.

However, it should not be very old as a 5W capacity charger that used to come with Apple phones XS, XS Max, and XR. Apart from that, you can also apply a USB-C type android adapter with a C-type lightning cable.

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