[18 Fixes] Why is Chase Bank App not working? [Updated]

In the fast-paced, constantly connected world we live in today, banking has become extremely convenient. With apps like Chase’s official mobile app, you can check your balance and transfer money easily from anywhere at any time. 


But if you’re trying to do any of these things on Chase’s mobile service lately, you may have noticed that it’s not working, or not working well at least. If this has happened to you, don’t worry — you aren’t alone! The good news is that there are some solutions to this problem.

In this article, we have listed out the most common issues and their fixes so you can get back to taking care of business as soon as possible on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

But before jumping upon the solutions directly, you must notify the reasons causing problems with Chase so that you can avoid experiencing them again.

Why is Chase Bank mobile app not working?

There are several reasons why your Chase Bank mobile app might not be working properly, including internet connectivity issues, outdated versions of the app or device’s operating system, server problems due to the high volume of traffic in your area, and more.

Sometimes, the overloaded storage space and corrupted caches saved on your device may cause a problem with a mobile app too.

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How to fix Chase Bank app not working?

These are the following common issues with the Chase Bank mobile app that most of the users experience:

  1. Chase is not loading.
  2. It keeps crashing.
  3. You are unable to log in or encounter any other account-related errors.
  4. It is stuck on a white, black, or blank screen.
  5. Showing “temporarily Unable to Connect to Server.”
  6. Checkout or payment is not working?
  7. Chase Bank’s website is not working on Chrome.

Regardless of the problem, you are having with Chase or the cause of the problem. The steps highlighted in this article can help your fix all types of Chase bank app issues.

So without any further ado, let’s start with the step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

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Fix1# Check if the Chase Bank app is compatible with your device:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t be in too much of a rush when you are downloading Chase Bank. Make sure that your device is compatible with Chase, and try again if you are unsure.

The Chase app is compatible with iPhones, iPads running iOS 11.0 or later, and Android devices running OS 6.0 or later. For the best performance on Android phones, we advise a 4-Megapixel camera with autofocus.

Fix2# Restart your device

Restarting your device can fix a lot of problems. It’s a good step to take when something goes wrong with your phone or app.

It’s worth trying if you’re experiencing problems using Chase’s mobile app to access your bank account.

First, you should make sure that your phone or tablet has enough battery life left before restarting.

How to restart your phone (step may vary from device to device):

On iOS: 

  • Long-press the side or sleep/wake up button until the power-off toggle appears.
  • Now, drag the slider to turn off your phone.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before turning your device back ON. 
  • Press & hold the volume or side button until the Apple logo appears to restart your device.

On Android:

  1. Long-press the volume and side button together for 10 seconds until you see the power menu.
  2. Then, tap Power-OFF.
  3. Wait for a few seconds before turning your device back ON.

Fix3# Log out and log in:

If you’re still having trouble with the Chase mobile banking service, try logging out of your account and then logging back in.

This usually refreshes your account session, resolving any problems that might be stopping you from accessing your account. Be sure to remember your password before signing out.

How to:

  • To sign out, tap the Log Out link on the payment net toolbar at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now enter your Username and Password to log back in.

Note: If you’ve forgotten your password, tap the Forgot Username/Password link below the login field and follow the on-screen directions to reset.

Fix4# Force quit Chase and other apps running in the background:

In many cases, you can fix your problem by simply force quitting or restarting your app. The action is required if you haven’t closed your app for a longer time and it is undergoing issues or has completely stopped working.

The fix is specifically more effective when your app is frozen on a white, black, or blank screen.

These screen issues also occur due to the malfunctioning apps running in the background, so make sure to close them as well.

How to close:

On iOS: 

  1. Double-click the Home button on your iOS device to access all open apps.
  2. To find the app, flick your finger from right to left or vice versa. 
  3. Swipe up Chase’s preview to close it.
  4. Similarly, you can force quit other apps running in the background by swiping up on them.

On Android:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to the top to access all open apps.
  2. To close an app, find it, swipe up from the bottom, hold, and then release.

Note: If the screen issue persists, try changing Chase settings on your phone. Here is how to do that;

On iOS:

  1. Open iPhone settings.
  2. Select Chase.
  3. Turn off all Chase app-enabled toggles and then turn them back on.

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Fix5# Clear App caches:

Clearing an app’s caches or data is a way of wiping out all temporary information. It can often help with problems you might be having with a particular app. 

Caches are typically created when you open an app, so clearing them will remove info related to your current use, including any bugs and glitches that may have developed. 

This will free up storage space on your device and should make things run more smoothly for you.

How to:

On iOS:

  1. Open Settings and tap General.
  2. Now tap iPhone storage. 
  3. Select Chase from the list of apps.
  4. To delete caches, hit the OFFLOAD cache button.

On Android: 

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, and select Apps
  3. Then, tap Installed Applications.
  4. Find the Chase mobile banking software.
  5. Now select the Storage tab.
  6. To delete caches, hit Clear Data.

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Fix6# Check your internet connection:

If you’re having problems loading Chase Bank mobile software, first check your internet connection. You may have slowed or dropped data speeds from streaming video, downloading or watching large files or video chatting with friends and family. 

If you’re experiencing internet connectivity issues due to slow or dropped data speeds, try pausing or closing any streaming video or downloading/uploading large files and visiting the app again.

You can also restart your device to resolve minor internet connectivity issues. If there are still no signs of improvement in your connection speed, try the following:

  1. if you’re using cellular data, try turning it OFF and back ON.
  2. Activate Airplane Mode, then deactivate it.
  3. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Wi-Fi connection if you have one.
  4. Next Restart your router and modem.
  5. Replug the cords after unplugging them once.
  6. To erase any wrong settings that may be blocking your device from connecting to the internet, reset your network settings.

On iOS:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Tap Transfer or Reset [Device]>Reset, then Reset Network Settings.

On Android:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Network & Internet,
  3. Now tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select Network settings reset. Then, Reset settings.
  4. If required, enter a password, and tap Reset Settings.

Once your phone has rebooted and shows a notification that Network settings have been reset, try to sign in again with your Chase bank app account.

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Fix7# Sync time and date settings: 

Check your device’s time and date settings if you receive a notification stating that the Chase mobile app isn’t working. Ensure that your computer, phone, or tablet’s time and date are correctly configured or are in sync with the actual time and date.

How to sync time & Date settings:

On iOS:

  1. Go to SettingsGeneral Date & Time.
  2. To get the right time on your iPhone over the network and updates for the time zone you are in, select Set Automatically.
  3. Restart your phone and then see if the Chase works.

Fix8# Enable LAN & App permissions:

To show you the most relevant ads or other stuff, some apps require you to give them access to your phone’s local area network.  If the Chase app is not loading, give it permission to access your device’s local network to see if that helps.

Here is how to do that –

On iOS– 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Tap Local Network.
  • Enable the toggle next to Chase mobile.

If the loading or not opening error persists, try enabling app permissions for Chase:

How to:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Then, tap Chase to see which apps can access it.
  • Now, slide the toggle next to each application to enable permission.

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Fix9# Clear up space on your device:

If you’re seeing a download failed error or loading error, free up some space on your device. To check if you have enough space, follow these instructions:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Then head to iPhone Storage
  • You can use this page to see how much space is left on your device and delete some files to free up some memory.

There is no exact amount of storage that Chase Mobile needs. However, we recommend at least 1GB of space for the app to function smoothly.

If your device is low on storage, be sure to clear up as much space as possible before attempting to download or operate again.

To make room for Chase mobile, choose the files in storage that take up a lot of space, such as large images and videos, and delete them.

Delete your browsing history by selecting SettingsSafari, and then click Clear History and Website Data.

Fix10# Update your phone’s operating system;

If you are using an outdated OS version on your phone, then your app might be running into some issues. First, check to see if there is an update available for your operating system.

It is possible that this could help fix operating system glitches and make the app work again. Regular updates are often required for operating systems to fix bugs, maintain safety, and introduce new features.  

If you’re using an Android phone and you aren’t sure if your operating system is up-to-date; follow the steps:

On iOS:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Then, tap Software Update
  • Tap Download and Install. Now, follow the instructions on the screen.

On Android:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Now click the System
  • Then, tap System Updates
  • If an update is available, it will appear here. 

Once updated with a new version of your device’s operating system, try launching this American Mobile Banking app again—this could solve any issues you’ve been having with the application or device’s performance.

Fix11 #Delete and reinstall the app:

The easiest way to get your bank mobile app back up and running is through a simple uninstallation and reinstallation.

Basically, when you delete and reinstall the app, it will remove any possible corrupt data that could be causing your app to malfunction.

Reinstalling the Chase forces a fresh connection between your phone and its servers and will allow you to bypass any temporary technical difficulties.

Here is how to delete and reinstall it:

On iOS:

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Then, long-press chase mobile until you see a panel to remove it.
  3. Tap Remove to delete.
  4. Now go to the Apple Store to reinstall it.

Fix12# Factory Reset your phone:

Restoring your device to factory settings will wipe out all the data and settings that might be causing the problem and bring it to its original state.

Please keep in mind that doing this will delete all the information on your phone, including photos, music, movies, documents, and so on. 

If you decide to go ahead with this process, please make sure you have backed up your data beforehand. If you don’t make a backup before doing this, you will lose all of the data on your phone.

How to factory reset:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Reset (enter your passcode if prompted)
  4. Then Erase All Content and Settings. 
  5. The process takes less than a minute and after that, all of your data will be erased and the handset will be like new again.


Tap Apps>Settings>Backup and Reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Device>Erase Everything.

Fix13# Install the old version of Chase Bank app:

Sometimes apps get so many updates that we don’t realize something got messed up. Chase has rolled out a number of updates recently, so if you’re having trouble with your app, try rolling back to an older version of it.

To do that,

  • Go into your phone settings.
  • Find App Updates.
  • Then disable automatic updates for Chase by choosing Don’t update.
  • Now go into your Apple store and search for Chase; then download and install an older version (two updates before is fine). 

Fix14# What to do if you can’t log in to the mobile app?

You need to ensure the following requirements to be able to login into Chase:

  1. Make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection.
  2. Make sure you have an existing Chase bank account.
  3. You are entering the current username and password not the old ones.
  4. You have already signed the Chase bank merchant agreement.
  5. If the problem is still continuous, try disabling content blockers on iOS: to do so, go to Settings>Safari >General>Content Blockers>To disable the ad blocker, slide the toggle.

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Fix16# How to fix Chase is showing “Temporarily Unable to Connect to Server?”

If your Chase app displays, “temporarily unable to connect to server” or Unable to reach servers right now, there are two possibilities: something went wrong on their end, or something went wrong on your end.

  1. In the meantime, try signing out and back in again.
  2. Try clearing caches by going to Settings>General>>iPhone Storage>select app>Cached Data and Clear Cache.
  3. Restart your phone by turning it off and then back on.
  4. Give your connection some time to return by waiting a few minutes before trying again.
  5. If none of these solutions work, you might need to reset your phone settings by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings.

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Chase Bank is not working on Chrome. Fix.

If you’re having trouble accessing your Chase account on the Chrome browser on a computer, here are some other things you can try:

  • Refresh or reload your browser. (CTRL+R)
  • Sign out and sign back in.
  • Delete browser caches. (Clear the cache and cookies from your browser settings).
  • Close all other open tabs.
  • Try in Incognito mode.
  • Update or Switch browser. (Make sure Chrome is up-to-date. Use another browser if possible to see if this fixes the problem.)
  • Restart your computer. 
  • Check if the site is down?

When trying to access Chase’s website, you may see a “service unavailable message.” In most cases, if Chase is experiencing site issues, there will be notifications on their home page or social media.

Checking for any updates can help you determine whether Chase is suffering from network issues and whether you should keep trying (or give up).

You can try opening Chase in a new window; sometimes glitches are isolated and do not affect all users in all browsers.

To check if the Chase site is down, you can use DownDetector. This website checks for any issues with sites. This can help you determine whether or not there are any widespread issues or just a few isolated ones. 

You can also try using Pingdom and Uptime Robot. These two websites allow you to test your connection speed and overall performance of your computer.

If your connection is slow or spotty, these websites will tell you so that you know whether or not it’s due to a problem on their end. 

If all else fails, call their customer service from Outside the United States at 1-713-262-3300, and the business platinum line at 1-877-425-8100.

They should be able to give you more information about what’s going on with their services and hopefully get things back up and running as soon as possible.

Contact Support:

If you’re still experiencing technical difficulties with your Chase mobile version or website, contact their support, where you can explore various troubleshooting steps and FAQs. Their support center can help you with almost all your queries about their services.

You can also contact their customer representative by directly calling them at (800)935-9935. For call center hours, go to

The customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day- 7 days a week from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 11 PM ET and from Saturday to Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM ET to answer any questions or assist with any issues you may be having while using their services.

Furthermore, you can also send them a secure message through their website. 

Follow the steps to send a message:

  • If you are an existing customer, sign in with your account.
  • Click the three-line side menu at the top left corner and select “Secure messages.” Now type your message and click Send button.
  • They will make sure that they address the issue as soon as possible in order to provide you with a better experience on their app or website.


If the Chase Bank is still not working, you can contact us in the comment section given below.

We’ll be more than happy to help you out with any queries or questions you may have about your account or Chase mobile app.

Just drop a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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