8 Best Companies like Quizlet (Top Alternatives)

Earlier, smartphones used to be a distraction for learning lads, but they are now a way to grow. Even though there is no secret code to learning faster and smarter, smartphone apps have really paved the way for more productive learning. 

Apps have literally consumed everyone’s lives, emerging as a credible source for learning different things. According to the analytical research of a firm app, smartphone users spend three hours a day with educative applications. Although this number is quite low compared to gaming and entertainment apps, we are seeing the momentum shifting through the education zone.

Since there are loads of learning apps these days, approximately 50000 educational smartphone apps are available online, and the digit is continuously increasing.

Every single day, new education apps hit the App Store, so finding the best is a daunting task. So to make things easier, we have handpicked a few incredible apps like Quizlet that can be added to your guilt-free screen time quota.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet apps

Quizlet is a learning app that’s profitable for people in schools, where you get free, simple tools that allow you to practice and master whatever subject you’re studying. It incorporates features to train candidates for an examination test, learn new languages, and memorize different food recipes (and more like that). You can learn it all on Quizlet effortlessly.

Quizlet features

Starting with Quizlet, you can make a list or a set of topics that you need to learn using the flashcard feature. Parallel to that, the search menu allows you to discover your favorite existing sets, indexed by somebody else.

What I like the most about this application is that Quizlet makes learning a fun activity by including a suite of fun exercises and games such as flashcards, learn, test and match, etc. The Flashcards tool can act as a helping hand for you while reviewing and memorizing the topics you read about previously.

The Learn feature lets you focus on the things you have to keep working on. With the test tool, students can practice quizzes to ensure exam preparation, whereas easy match exercises might prove very helpful while competing for higher scores.

What’s more, the advantage of keeping Quizlet on your iPhone is that it renders service without any cost, and you can even study on the go and offline. Nevertheless, if it is not suitable for you, check out the below-described list of handy companies like Quizlet.

Best apps like Quizlet (Top Alternatives)


Anki application

ANKI is a Japanese word for “memorization.” How often have you heard this statement, “Is it like Anki?” There are merely instances online when you don’t find the credibility of Anki in the list of best apps. ANKI has won multiple awards for its incredible contribution to digitalizing the act of study in a responsive manner.

It is one of the most popular flashcard apps used by millions of students globally and can help you memorize large chunks of information.

Anki App

Interest in solving math equations? Anki is the best option. While doing a side-by-side comparison of Anki with Quizlet, we discovered that Anki is an intelligent flashcard system designed around the Spaced Repetition technique, which helps in the fast and long-term memorization of subjects. If you’re a pre-med or medical student or a college class learning lad, ANKI might be a perfect match for you. Moreover, this app has become a staple example of mobile language learning for those planning to expand their reach into multiple languages.

The beauty of ANKI is that it keeps track of your progress. The day you make your flashcards, it begins to show your growth rate, tagging the subjects you are good at, average, and those in which you are quite miserable.

What’s the catch? It fits all of these various necessities perfectly. More specifically, ANKI delivers ways to improve exam grades and retention while reducing your time.

Depending on these grades, next time, it will guide you to the topic on which you’re a bit weaker and need improvement so that you can acquire mastery in that particular domain. These features make Anki one of the best educational apps and one of the closest Quizlet alternatives for academics at no cost.

The good news is that most of its services and features are free of charge, and you need to make payments only to access pro features. AnkiDroid is a free Android version of Anki; however, AnkiMobile, the iOS version, is not free and requires a paid lifetime subscription of $25 to access. Regardless of whether you have an Android or an iOS device, you can always access its free website services.

Key Features of the ANKI App

  • Ready to be used in 48 different languages, the top ones being English, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, etc.
  • ANKI has the ideal adjustable interface for smooth and efficient study. You can set up the actions that occur by swiping and tapping the parts of the screen.
  • The flashcards are manifested with the help of HTML codes, which include sounds, text, images, videos, etc.
  • The iOS version of ANKI has an algorithm that reminds you of the topic you’re about to forget.
  • Using the search mechanism, you can find the scheduled card answered recently, which automatically adds it to the deck to study.
  • With the help of online server Ankiweb, this app allows you to synchronise your card’s content across multiple iOS devices to view your newly added content on every device at once, keeping your study pop up between iPhone and iPad.
  • Besides iPhones, it supports iPads, macOS, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, etc. Besides that, Anki offers approximately 750 add-ons.
  • It saves users’ data and flashcards in open SQLite format.

How does ANKI work?

  • Open up the ANKI user interface and hit the Create Deck alternative button at the end of the page. Generally, we recommend you pick just one deck per test, whether that’s a subject, midterm, or final exam.
  • To add the card, hit the “Add” option. The basic card type is essentially a flashcard with a front and back. Introduce the title of the front and back cards in the given space and hit “Close.”
  • Afterward, tap “Study Now” to open the front card and press space to show the back.
  • To finish this deck, for now, you can grade how difficult it was by using the options (easy, average, or difficult) provided at the bottom.
  • To create a closed deletion ANKI card, hit Add again and choose the Cloze alternative. Now paste the copied text in the box below the front text and arrange the format of the text accordingly.


Kahoot application

Kahoot is a fun-type app and one of the leading Quizlet competitors where kids can learn things through engaging quiz-based games. The developers of Kahoot cunningly merged gamification and learning, addicting individuals to its special features like Kahoots-gaming quizzes. It is one of the finest free education-provider apps around the globe and is widely used in educational institutions like schools and colleges.

Kahoot app features

With Kahoot, students can study at home or while on tour by creating flashcards and using other enclosed study modes. In addition, they can even build their own Kahoots by adding images and videos to them.

Not only are kids benefitted from Kahoot, but teachers, office superheroes, and social workers can also make good use of it in their respective types.

Kahoot can be a go-to site for teachers, as they can make information for their kids by making quizzes of their own. Moreover, this app allows them to search for millions of ready-to-play Kahoots and share them with their students.

The feature that makes Kahoot special to us is that educators can successfully assess students’ learning outcomes with reports and assign student-placed challenges for better content review. This way, Kahoot enables both teachers and students to render and receive information simultaneously with a live hosting facility. As far as free and mobile apps for learning go, Kahoot is the best and easy-to-use app available online free study app for iOS and Android.


Key features of the Kahoot App

  • This application can be personalized in 12 different languages through settings in English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, and Italian.
  • It has a feature that can fuse multiple Kahoots into a single one.
  • A variety of images and templates are available for free.
  • Kahoot has about 500 questions in the query database, which you can search and choose to optimize.
  • You can use this tool on Skype and Google Hangouts.
  • It allows you to create trivia games or quizzes in a short amount of time and assign multiple Kahoots at your own pace for free.
  • Up to 20 players per game can be played at once.
  • The flashcard function helps you carry out the study modules, which means you can check student learning and assessment.

How does Kahoot work?

  • Launch the Kahoot app on your phone and select the stream you want to use out of four. We will respond as a teacher.
  • To create an account, hit “Sign Up” and submit your details and username to complete the process.
  • Once you’ve logged into the app, hit “Join Kahoot” on the redirected page and later the “Continue for free” alternative to use the basic version.
  • Afterward, to make a Kahoot, tap Create and select the Quiz choice.
  • Now name the title of Kahoot and enter the description and # tag regarding it. Then, choose Location, Visibility, and Language, and hit “Ok Go.”
  • Here you can set a test for your students by adding questions with four alternatives and asking them which one is the right one. Tap Next to add more and save them for publication.
  • On the next screen, edit, preview, share, and play the Kahoot as per your choice.


Quizizz app

According to the latest Quizizz figures, over 20 million people worldwide use this fun app every month in schools, colleges, houses, and offices to learn different things. It is probably the best iOS learning app for teenagers and employees. Using one of these major Quizlet alternatives, you can choose and create fun quizzes and host them as games for others.

Not only is it helping students while studying by themselves, but thanks to this application, jobbers can also participate in group quizzes, projects, and presentations in person and while moving.

Quizizz application

What the app experimenters found while interacting with the tools of Quizizz is that it is one of the most advanced apps of its kind in the App Store.

Key Features of the Quizizz App

  • It covers a million quizzes regarding every subject and has a feature to find them.
  • Quizizz lets you pick up questions and answers from your own iPhones or iPads.
  • Workers and students can participate in group learning sessions to challenge their competitors by organizing live competitive games.
  • For jobs, it has a feature to carry out comprehensive surveys and online training.
  • Quizizz lets you see what you already know and get in touch with what you need to learn.

How does Quizizz work?

  • Download and open the Quizizz app.
  • Sign it up first and enter your details to move ahead.
  • Now choose your role. We are choosing a teacher.
  • Then select your organization, school, or institution. Tap can’t find organization if you really could not.
  • Once that’s done, it will ask you to choose the highest grade and subjects you want to teach. When the selection is over, tap “All Set.”
  • Just after that, you will be redirected to the Quizizz welcome interface.
  • Here, in the search menu, you can find your preferred quizzes to teach students.
  • To prepare a new quiz, hit “Create New Quizzes” in the top left corner.

Far better companies like Quizlet are yet to come, so keep reading the article.

BrainsCape- Smart Flashcard

Brainscape application

Without the Brainscrape application, we would be less productive with respect to learning when we are away from home. It is one of the best apps like Quizlet that enables teachers, learners, and corporate workers around the planet to collaboratively create small adaptive flashcards. With the most comprehensive and scientifically proven study system ever, this app makes learning more comfortable and efficient for students.

Brainscape app features

But the real key to its success and popularity is that Brainscape users go through a confidence-based repetition process that successfully breaks down the complex concepts of subjects by simplifying them into their atomic building blocks. And in accordance with the pace of your learning, it offers you a pattern.

This time-saving free iOS app outdoes the competition thanks to its straightforwardness and multitasking tendency. It does utilize your study time by focusing mostly on the topics in which you seem to have low confidence rather than wasting your time on those on which you already have better performance statistics.

Key Features of Brainscape

  • It contains a feature to make electronic flashcards featuring text, images, and even audio files.
  • Several study modules are available, as is a dashboard for teachers.
  • The app has a powerful implementation of spaced repetition for content that doubles your learning speed.
  • Millions of great flashcard decks are available in the knowledge bank at no cost, which you can find and utilize at any time.
  • Its features use metacognition and active recall, proving the capacity of cognitive science, which means you can point your phone camera at any piece of paper with a text. It will automatically copy that text and paste it into its digitalized wallet.
  • You can synchronize the created flashcards stored in the cloud among all iPhone and iPad versions and share them with your friends.
  • It lets you learn various languages very efficiently.
  • Reach out for its pro subscription to get access to its unlimited services and several advanced features.

How does Brainscrape Work?

  • Launch Brainscrape on your phone and finish the sign-up procedure to move ahead.
  • Tap the Search icon in the top left corner and type in your subject to find flashcards made by educators worldwide.
  • To make or organize your own flashcards, hit the “Add strong” button. Cite your class and make placeholders until you are ready to add flashcards to each desk.
  • Use the Learner’s Tab to track study progress, share flashcards with students, trainees, and employees, and handle user editing permissions.


StudyBlue-apps like quizlet

Unzip your digital backpack with another company like Quizlet, the StudyBlue. It is a teacher-certified 4 to -5 star app broadly used by learners worldwide. This app is the best bet for students hoping to turn their paper flashcards into digital flashcards. StudyBlue is a go-to place for college and high school-going students functioning as an online studying platform.

BlueStack is the most suitable choice for teachers aiming to give their children the advantage they so desperately need. This application can interconnect students and educators with a deep sense of effectiveness, allowing them to use the flashcard technique with a twenty-first-century twist, uploading study materials and practicing quizzes.

The tools available in this application have been very-useful to educators in making the study activity easier and creating less intimidating learning materials for students.

How mobile device usage has become so common and adaptive in everyday life. BlueStack also blesses teachers to make money by setting customs and creating flashcards to share with students right away from the app itself.

Start your free trial now and get unlimited access to the teacher-certified StudyBlue, the companies like Quizlet.

StudyBlue Key Features App

  • It’s got a feature that shows your progress every once in a while.
  • Learners can save notes into its Cloud and share them with friends.
  • It features a robust search function with a vast library of flashcards available for every topic, which you can use to boost your skills remotely.
  • Students can get access to their content online without any issues on their devices.
  • Building a BlueStack community with friends enables you to keep your learning ahead of the curve.
  • Sharing cards within the community makes social integration among students intuitive.
  • It provides you with gamified quizzes, which you can play anytime to boost knowledge.
  • A feature shows your study reminders to keep your progress prevail.

How does StudyBlue work?

  • Install and open the StudyBlue app on your iPhone.
  • Firstly, it will ask you to create an account to set up the app. You can use your Facebook or Google account to complete the sign-up process. It might send you a link on Gmail to confirm the email ID.
  • Once you’re on the StudyBlue welcome page, click on the top left box, where it says “My Name,” and enter your name.
  • To create your card, tap the “Make Card” alternative given on the left side.
  • Above that, use the Search Menu to find pre-made cards from the StudyBlue library.
  • Over that, hit Recently Studied to access cards that you have previously created.
  • Use the Flip CardReview SheetTake Quiz, and Set Reminder buttons to execute the estimated action.


Memrise app

Memrise is another Quizlet alternative that hits the first position in our list of all advanced language learning apps that support all iOS devices. This app also uses spaced repetition techniques to enhance the learning rate. Memrise is the perfect app for vocabulary learners and those who enjoy lessons online. This app can be personalized in several languages besides English, like French, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, German, Turkish, etc.

Memrise application features

Memrise is an excellent fun tool that allows you to learn courses in a dual-fun way: memes and gamification to memorize vocabulary. These funny modes are presented with the association of studied words to relish the learning process and remember longer.

Key features of Memrise

  • Offer standardized courses based on relevant books and vocabulary; there is no shortage of courses in almost every language course.
  • About 50 million language learners use this app.
  • The chapters are associated with memes created and shared by community members to help you learn efficiently.
  • The best language experts work to surface the best language courses.
  • More than 30,000 videos are available to tune up your language learning skills.

How does Memrise work?

  • Make sure you are logged in to access the app.
  • Tap three parallel lines at the top right corner to view your ongoing courses.
  • Here, to change the language learning course, press “Learn Another Language” and scroll down to search for and pick that specific language you want to learn, then hit it.
  • Here you can look at your progress under the leaderboard this week. Tap three lines next to the yellow area to see all time and this month’s progress.
  • Tap the plus icon given at the bottom of the page to add your friends from Facebook or use the search box.
  • To do more tasks, tap the profile icon, then press the settings icon at the top left corner.
  • Go back to the home screen and tap the Upgrade option to become a permanent member of the Memrise app.
  • Choose a monthly, annual, or lifetime membership to get the most out of Memrise’s services.

Stay with us in the article, as there are still a handful of companies like Quizlet left for you.


GoConqr App

Create, discover, learn, and share content in your classroom with one more Quizlet competitor app, GoConqr. This application is a multifaceted digital platform that can be used by students, teachers, and institutions for learning and sprinkling knowledge.

With the tools available in the app, candidates can design compelling-fast learning resources, gather information regarding any subject, and carry out group learning via a self-created community.

Key Features of the GoConqr App

  • It has free mind mapping, flashcards, notes, slides, and quiz-making tools. These blended tools make your learning fast.
  • Users get updated via a specific feature about their learning progress from time to time.
  • The GoConqr Crowd-Sourced library with 3M learning sources allows pupils to discover knowledge about their subject.
  • GoConqr communities let you create groups, invite friends, share things, and even exchange private messages.

How Does GoConqr Work?

  • Launch the GoConqr on your device and sign it up by submitting the requested details.
  • Select the particular category you belong to, like a teacher, etc.
  • To create a quiz, tap the Create menu and select Quiz.
  • Now give your quiz a title, a few relevant tags, and a meaningful description, and save it.
  • Afterward, click “Insert questions” and pick the type of question you want to place, just like we chose multiple objective types.
  • Now it’s time to enter some questions with options. Don’t forget to tick a checkmark on the correct answer.
  • Also, add the explanation behind the correct answer in the below-given box. Similarly, add some more questions and hit save.
  • In the same manner, you can create a mind map, flashcards, slide sets, and notes.



Schoology is a powerful school-based unified classroom app and one of the closest Quizlet competitors. It is now also available to download and ready to use on iOS phones for free. Schoology is a multi-award-winning app; with it, you can enjoy rich and wonderful academic experiences with educators, students, and friends, both in-person and remotely.

It is mainly designed while keeping in mind the needs of a school management system. For instance, it involves comprehensive classroom management features like faculties can perform assessments, students can create and submit assignments, take part in interactive discussions with teachers, and a lot more.

The wrap-up is that, whether you’re a learner, tutor, or head of an institution/school, this application is all-inclusive enough to put to good use and find a benefit. Let’s take a quick tour of its amazing features.

Key features of Schoology?

Schoology featues
  • Whenever there is an assignment or announcement for you, the calendar feature highlights the date with a blue color.
  • Here you get a complete course in folders on the home page regarding your subject, class, and school.
  • The clock feature reveals the updates made by faculties recently.
  • It delivers you a list of different ways to submit the assignment like, in text, image, or audio.
  • It has a feature to communicate with teachers via messages, check notifications, requests, and grades.
  • Explore more features by tapping the Stack three-line icon at the top left side.

How does Schoology work?

  • Download and launch Schoology.
  • Now tap on Search space and find your school name.
  • Afterward, enter your username or email id and password to sign in.
  • This will give you access to your course dashboard.
  • To know the recent activity or update, press the clock icon provided in the left bottom corner.
  • To go back to the dashboard, tap the square-like icon at the bottom center. Scroll down to find your school test course.
  • Hit the Clock icon at the right bottom to know and complete assignments.
  • Once you’re in the assignment menu, check them. To submit, hit plus icon given at the top right center.
  • Then, the pop-up will show you options to submit the assignments in many ways, select the preferred format, and act accordingly.

That’s there to it. These are some handpicked apps like Quizlet that you can download on your iOS device or Android. Hopefully, you will definitely like the description and get your worth out of it. If you want us to explain your favorite Quizlet competitor, please suggest them to us in the comment box given below. Our team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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