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100% working Cookie Clicker Hacks/Cheat codes. (2023)

Are you looking for ways to cheat at Cookie Clicker and beat the Cookie Clicker game? Then this blog is for you!

We have provided all updated, tried, and tested tricks and hacks to achieve infinite cookies and access all the upgrades in the game.

We have enlisted the use of the hack below the cheat code list for you. So that you can know what is the application of these hacks.

Cookie clicker is a fun and addictive game, free to play online and incremental (never-ending) in nature. All pro Cookie Clicker players use these hacks/cheats/mods to double their cookie earnings.

All Cookie Clicker updated Hacks/cheat codes & their use:

Below we have mentioned some of the most popular Cookie Clicker Hacks and how and where to use them:

List of best Cookie Clicker Hacks 2022:

● Game.cookies=Infinity
● Game.LoadSave()
● Game.HardReset(2)
● Game.RuinTheFun()
● Game.SesameReset()
● Game.SetAllAchieve(1)

Catalog of Cookies Hacks that are mentioned below:

Cookie Hacks to increase the number of cookies/ Cookie Clicker Hack to earn unlimited cookies.
● Cheat code to 0 your progress and number of cookies
● Reset your game.
● Hack to check your achievement in the game.
● Hack to upgrade the buildings.
● Hack to unlock all the achievements.
● Debugging hacks.
● Cookie cheat code to use to Increase sugar lumps.
● Cookie hack to Increase Milk amount.
● Cheat code to Increase dragon level.
● Hack to Save the game on the device.

1. Game.Earn + (example 100000000):

Use this cheat code by adding whatever number of cookies you want in the parenthesis and get that amount of cookies.

2. Game.coookiesPs =(no. of Cookies per sec)

Set the number of cookies you want per second.

3. Game.RuinTheFun()

Use this Cookie Hack to Upgrade building and access unlocked upgrades if you’re at a low level.

4. Game.cookies=Infinity

Use this cheat if you want to have unlimited cheat codes.

5. Game.popups=0

Use the Cookie mentioned above, Clicker Hack, to turn off pop-up notifications on the gaming window.

6. Game.localStorageGet(folder you want to save the game at)

This cheat code will help you save the game to your device in the local folder of your choice. Type in parenthesis the folder name.

7. Game.MaxSpecials()

Get all special offers and upgrades in the game.

8. Game.BuildAscendTree()

Build an ascending tree using the above-provided Hack.

9. Game.AscendTimer=time

Set a time variable for the period you want to pause. Put the number after the equal sign.

10. Game.bakeryNameRefresh()

Add a new name for your bakery in the parenthesis using this hack.

11. Game.CalculateGains()

You can get the number of cookies you have earned checked through this.

12. Game.LoadSave()

Upload saved in the game window.

13. Game.pledgeT= *60* Game.fps

Make the Elder Pledge remaining time shorter.

14. var noWrinkler = setInterval(Game.Collectwrinklers,500)

Prevent wrinklers from using this command on the game page.

15. Game.HardReset(2)

Reset your game and omit progress as well as your achievements.

16. Game.DebugTimersOn=0 or 1

In this hack, Use 0 to enable and 1 to disable debug timers.

17. Game.SesameReset()

If you use this cheat, you’ll have to start from the start again. This will erase your progress.

18. Game.lumps=

Use unlimited sugar lumps by putting the number in the parenthesis where the amount is written.

19. Game.DebugUpgradeCpS()

Use this cheat code you can update your CpS (cookies production per second).

20. Game.Milk=quantity put here

Add the quantity after equals to add the amount of milk to update in the game.
21. Game.buyBulk=1/10/100

Use this cheat code to change the amount purchased in bulk if you want to.

22. Game.killShimmers()

Delete all Shimmer cookies with the use of this hack.

23. Game.particlesUpdate()

Use the above-given command to update the particles in the game.

24. Game.computedMouseCpS

Use the above given Cookie Clicker Hack to know how many cookies you’re earning per second. Basically, get your CpS calculated.

25. setInterval(function(){Game.1’fact ory’].dungeon.timer=0;},)

Set the speed of the dungeon, any variable in accord with how fast you want it to be.

26. Game.SetAllAchieve(1)

Use the cheat mentioned above code to unlock all achievements.

27. Game.cookies=0

If you use this cheat code, all your earned cookies will disappear and become 0.

How to use Cookie Clicker cheat codes to Hack the game for different browsers?

You can inject cheat codes into the Cookie clicker game through Inspect Console panel of the respective browser.

Methods would differ in how you’ll add cheat codes depending upon which operating system or browser you are using. This is different than hacking the game by altering the codes.

To inject cheat codes, you’ll need to open a panel called Console in the Inspect element feature of your browser and follow the given steps.

On Chrome:

  • Go to the Cookie Clicker website.
  • Hold Ctrl+Shift+J.
  • Inspect console window would open up.
  • Or, right-click and select ‘Inspect Element’ on Cookie Clicker.
  • Press Enter button.

On Mac OS:

  • Navigate the Cookie Clicker game website
  • Command+Option+J.
  • Enter the Cheat code in Inspect console bar.
  • Hit Enter.

On Edge Browser:

  1. Open Cookie Clicker.
  2. Press F12.
  3. Your inspect console has opened.
  4. Type cheat code.
  5. Press Enter.

On Firefox: Windows/ PC

  1. Visit the Cookie Clicker website
  2. Do, Ctrl+shift+K.
  3. Or, right-click anywhere and select “Inspect Elements.”
  4. Now Inspect Console window would have opened.
  5. Type the Cookie Clicker Cheat code in the Console tab.
  6. Hit “Enter.”

On MACos:

For MAC OS, change this option only.

  1. Do, Control+Option+K.

On Internet Explorer:

  1. Navigate Cookie Clicker
  2. Hold, F12.
  3. Inspect Console would have opened.
  4. Enter your cheat code.
  5. Hit Enter.

On Safari:

  1. Navigate to the Cookie Clicker site.
  2. Do, Command+Option+C
  3. Inspect Console would have opened.
  4. Type the code in the Console tab
  5. Enter.

Cookie Clicker Hack Code Javascript:

If you’re a programmer/ technology expert looking for a cheat code to hack the game Cookie Clicker and give an output of a set number of clicks or put the system at an auto click, you have landed at the correct section. To give your game performance a boost & experiment with the game interface, you can provide the below-written code a try. You can edit the game console code from Google. Here is a javascript code for cookie clickers to use. Steps to follow to edit the javascript code of Cookie Clicker on Google Chrome developers tools.

  1. Chrome developer tool.
  2. Log in to the Chrome developer tool.
  3. Click on the gear icon, located at the top right corner.
  4. Select ‘Console’ from the Dropdown menu.
  5. Type – “javascript:void(0)
  6. Javascript window will pop-up
  7. Enter the javascript code you want to use to hack Cookie Clicker

// change number of cookies
// and auto clicker:
Function myfunction() { documents.getElementsById(“big cookie”).click();

Cookie Clicker Game Overview:

What is the Cookie Clicker game all about?

It can be played over these platforms-
● Web browser
● Android
● Windows
● Mac

Programmed by – Julien Thiennot
Created in a year- 2013: If you don’t know about the Cookie Clicker game, you must be living under a rock. It is a fun online game where you have open stores and sell cookies, literally as many as you can. As the name suggests, the cookie is to be clicked to earn cookies, which is the game currency.

The game was developed by a French programmer and is incremental. One achievement after another unlocks as the game progresses. The best part is that it can be played for free. As the game progresses, you can hire bakers and scout girls for your bakery. By hiring bakers, you can ensure you keep getting cookies.

To achieve more cookies, you’ll need to keep clicking as much as possible as you earn cookies per click. As the end motive is to make more cookies, you can buy a building that will keep giving cookies passively. This game saves your achievements and daily progress in their database before you exit; therefore, you can continue playing it another day from where you had left off. The most significant achievement in this game is opening big stores and malls.

You can visit the Cookie Clicker game here

What is the final achievement of Cookie Clicker?

Being an incremental game, it has no achievement. You can make thousands of achievements relative to your potential, thus sustaining your interest in the game, as there are one after another milestones to achieve.

How to get Golden Cookie Rain in Cookie Clicker?

The Cookie Clicker interface ek bar, which gradually fills once you start clicking the cookie. After completion of a thousand clicks, the much-awaited rain of golden cookies will occur.

What is the role of milk in Cookie Clicker?

Milk add kitten series upgrades. Milk resource increases the cookie output rate in direct proportion to the milk amount. Cookie Clicker Game Tips/ Mods :

These tips are the experiences of frequent players who have learned these after playing them for a while. These tips will save a lot of your time and help you avoid wasting your cookie.

  1. Don’t upgrade the Click Value:
    This is a mistake most novice players make while playing the Cookie Clicker. It is suggested to hire bakers and scout girls rather than upgrading the click value. The scout girls will increase your Cookie sales, and bakers can give a lot of cookies within a stipulated time frame.
  2. Cookie Clicker Mod Manager:
    You can install a browser extension such as tampermonkey to manage to load javascript mods and add-ons for Cookie Clicker automatically. They are user script databases that aid tracking add-ons.
  3. Cookie Clicker Add-Ons: To enhance your playing experience, you can add different mods to elevate the interface, one of which is Cookie Monster via a javascript bookmark or browser console. It suggests the best upgrade and building to buy by calculating & analyzing statistics of the PP(Payback Period) using the formula max(cost – cookies in bank, 0)/cps + cost/Δ cps. The lower the value of PP, the better. Other similar add-ons are,
    ● CookiStocker.
    ● Insugar Trading.
    ● Cookie Stonks.
    ● Idle Trading.
    ● Fortune Cookies.
    ● Cookie Clicker Helper. ● Crustulum.

Use Automation Scripts:

Using an automation script allows you to set actions you want to take in the game without manual intervention. You can use HTML or javascript to make an automation code. However, this method is something suitable for a tech-savvy only. There are plenty of them available on GitHub.


BuildScriptX – used to buy
BuildScriptY – compare upgrades and building price.
BuildscriptZ beta- 3x your production by giving you enough time while you get the ‘Lucky effect.’

Cookie Clicker Name and Golden Cookie Hack that works 100%:

If you’re wondering how to beat the game algorithm to earn an infinite number of cookies, these hacks are for you. Every Cookie clicker player desires to create a heap of cookies, but if manually done would take a lot of time; hence in this scenario, it would be a great idea to cheat a little bit.

Name to hack Cookie Clicker:

Open Sesame Follow the steps given below:

1.Open game interface

2. Change the name of the bakery

3. Or, launch it through the console command.

To Release Golden Cookies:

To release the glorious Golden colored cookies which occur on the screen randomly while you are playing. If a Golden cookie is clicked, it will give the player many cookies or related outcomes, which will somehow play their part in cookie production increment.

var newShimmer=new Game.shimmer(<>)

Summary of Cookie Clicker-

We hope you have found what you are looking for. All the cheat codes are upgraded and can be used in 2022 & 2023. All these cheat codes and hacks for Cookie Clicker are secure and updated. We check them, so leave your doubts at bay. However if you still have questions, do ask in the comment below;

How to hack Cookie Clicker using Hack extension?

Extension1# Cookie Clicker Mod Manager:

Cookie Clicker Hack extension is one of the tools to hack all Cookie Clicker game features at once. In order to be loaded when the Cookie Clicker game is loaded, the Cookie Clicker Mod Manager provides a list of mods and add-ons. You may also toggle the Mods ON and OFF, and you can disable the entire extension at once. Additional to that, configuration can be exported and imported.

Follow the step by step instructions to download and use the Cookie Clicker mod manager.

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and click the Add To desktop Green button.
  • Next, Click Add extension and further pop up notifications.
  • Next, go to the chrome extensions page to check if the mod manager extension has been added.
  • Now, click the extensions icon and Pin the Cookie clicker Mod manger extension so that it start to show in the extension bar.
Cookie clicker mod manager
  • Now open the Cookie Clicker game session, click the mod manager extension icon and select the Cookie clicker game feature from the list shown that you want to hack.

Unpack ZIP archive, remember location of Cookie Clicker Mod Manager.”

  • Open extension page; Open chrome://extensions or Use the Menu> More tools>Extensions.
  • Enable “Developer Mode” at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Select “Load Unpacked” option.
  • Find unpacked extension’s folder “Cookie Clicker_Mod_Manager”
  • Open the folder.
  • That’s it. You can find the extension on the chrome://extensions page.

Method2# Uncanny Cookie Clicker Hack Extension:

With the Uncanny Cookie Clicker Chrome extension, playing Cookie Clicker is quite simple. The extension allows you to speed up the game, auto click the big Cookie at given interval, auto-pop wrinklers, auto-click a golden cookie when it appears, notify you when a golden cookie-appears, auto-buy upgrades and buildings, notify you when upgrades become available, auto-click and notify when a season pop-up appears.

This extension method is less time-consuming and more advantageous than the preceding methods. This is the best method for hacking Cookie Clicker in our opinion because it allows you to hack all of the game’s features at once. So, if you are unable to hack Cookie Clicker, you should try it.

To make it easier for you, we have divided the Cookie Clicker hack extension method into two steps.

In Step#1, we will download and install the Cookie Clicker hack extension and enable it.

In STEP#2, we will move on to the Cookie Clicker game session to hack its features.

Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to hack all the Cookie Clicker game features at once.

Step1# Download and Install the Uncanny Cookie Clicker Extension:

Cookie Clicker hack extension
  • Once the extension file is downloaded, it will start appearing in the Chrome extensions page.
Uncanny cookie clicker
  • Once the Uncanny Cookie Clicker extension is visible in the extensions, click the Extensions Icon to Pin the Uncanny Cookie Clicker Hack extension.

Step2# Now move on to the Cookie clicker game session to hack it.

  • Start using the Hack and playing Cookie Clicker by clicking the extension icon at the right of your address bar.

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