How to Delete Apple ID on iPhone Without Password

Forgetting the password is a bit of a mess, especially when it’s your Apple ID. Signing in to your Apple ID is necessary to use features on any iOS device. Also, you cannot access iCloud without logging into your Apple account, so a password is highly required. We have received many requests from our readers to cover the fix on the issue, that is ‘how to delete Apple ID without a password on iPhone. Guess what, we have got here with the solution.

Delete Apple id on iPhone

However, there might be several reasons why you want to ward off your Apple ID from your device. Maybe you bought an old smartphone, and you need to complete the setup process, but you can’t do it as it asks for the previous ID and password. In a situation like this, you can not use the iPhone features unless you go to the dealer to ask for the password.

Here is How to Delete Apple ID & Password on iPhone

There are multiple methods to erase an Apple id from an iPhone without a password. Stick around with us till the end of this article to know the suitable procedure for your device. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Method1# From Settings


  • Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon on your device
  • Tap where it says Apple ID at the top.
  • Select iCloud to turn it on.
  • Go back to the previous page and tap on ‘Find My iPhone’ device alternative to turn it on.


  • First, go to Settings and tap Apple ID. Afterward, scroll down to the bottom and press ‘Sign Out’.
  • Now you are redirected to the page asking to enter ID & password to sign in. Tap Okay! When it’s done.
  • Enter any wrong password there and tap Turn-on in the upper right corner.
  • Again enter any password and tap on the turn-off option.
  • See the poped up prompt asking to forget the password.
  • Tap on Reset password.
  • Enter the screen passcode and, also the passcode is used to reset the ID passcode.


  • Enter any new Apple ID password and confirm it at the end. Tap on the Next button.
  • Password has been changed tap on Done. It may take some seconds to wait.
  • Tap on a sign out to keep a copy of data in your device. Again confirm it by tapping the sign-out displayed prompt.
  • Now iCloud data is being copied to your phone, so wait for a while.

Method#2 By Erasing & Backing Up All Data

The following procedure brings your iOS device back to the factory state.

  • Back up your device before restoring it so that you can recover everything in the new phone.
  • To back up the Apple phone to iCloud, Go to Settings>Tap on name at the top>Go to iCloud>iCloud backup>Hit back up now.
  • Your smartphone is backed into your iCloud to be able to restore data into the new Phone. Go to settings>tap general >go to reset>erase all content & settings>confirm erase now
  • All the data is erased successfully including the Apple id.

Method3# From iMyfone Lockwiper third-Party Software


  • Firstly, download the ‘iMyfone Lockwiper’ software on your smartphone.
  • Now, ‘Launch‘ the program.
  • Then, select ‘Unlock Apple ID’ mode from the Lockwiper user interface.
  • Now connect your mobile phone to the computer/laptop using a cable.
  • Aferward, reach out to your mobile phone and unlock the screen.
  • Tap ‘Trust‘ prompt if you haven’t trusted the computer before.


 Now go to the program interface, and tap ‘Start to unlock the Apple ID’

  • Disable the ‘Find my iPhone’ device option if it is enabled on your iOS device.
  • The lock wiper will instantly start to unlock your device if it is already turned off.
  • Reset your device to disable the ‘Find my device’ option. 
  • For resetting your smartphone open Settings.
  • Tap on general and later Reset all settings 
  • Enter the passcode and Re-confirm to-Reset all settings
  • Let your device re-start, once done the lockwiper will begin to unlock your Apple ID and iCloud account.
  • Let the process complete, when that is finished, the ID and iCloud Account will no longer be available on your device.
  • Now, set up your device with a new ID or create a new one. 

Note: You can also crack the phone lock Passcode if forgotten by selecting Unlock Screen Passcode from the software interface. Furthermore, restoring your phone With Factory Settings is another option to delete the Apple ID.

Method4# From Passcode Refixer Software

  • Make sure your handset is connected to the PC using the USB cable and tap to ‘Next‘.
  • Hit the ‘Trust’ option to enable PC to access your smartphone (enter the passcode if required)
  • Download and launch tht Passcode Refixer software. 
  • Select “Remove Apple ID” option from the user interface page of the program.
  • If ‘Find My iPhone’ choice is off in smartphone, hit ‘Start’ to continue.
  • The software will straightly begin to remove the ID from phone. Tap ‘Done when it gets completed.
  • If ‘Find My iPhone’ is enabled, go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset all settings to reset the device.
  • Once the deletion process completes, tap Done.

Method5# From PassFab Activation Unlocker

If you notice, the terminologies of ID and iCloud are quite the same, but there’s no damage in inventing new things. Without these, you stay locked out of your professional and personal life. The PassFab Activation Unlocker helps us bypass the activation lock and disable the ‘Find My without Apple ID password on the iPhone.


Purchase a plan from the PaasFab home page or utilize the free trial.

  • Primarily, download this feature on your laptop/computer for free. Run the downloaded file to set it up.
  • Launch the software to boot on your laptop.
  • Press the button with your login credentials on the interface.
  • Enter the key and finish.
  • Select the feature ‘Remove iCloud Activation Lock.’
  • Click on the ‘Start’ button to initiate the program
  • Read the Terms & Conditions agreement cautiously before tapping Next.

STEP2# Link the iPhone with the third-party device using a USB cable to remove the ID without a password.

  • Once you connect the device, the program will automatically begin and download the tool to jailbreak your iOS device.
  • Insert a USB flash drive to burn the jailbreaker environment, wat for a second, and click to Start
  • The poped up prompt asks you to read and erase or burn jailbreaker data into the USB drive, check the below box, tap Okay
  • Once the jailbreaker data is burnt into your USB drive, check the tutorial on the interface of the program to follow the steps to jailbreak your device.


  • After the successful installation of jailbreaker on your iOS device, the iCloud Activation lock will automatically remove. 
  • Now you can sign in to Apple ID through settings from the App Store or iTunes to upload any new feature.

Method5# From App Store & iTunes on iPhone

  • Tap Settings icon. 
  • Tap at the top of the page where it says Apple ID name.
  • Tap iTunes & App Store category.
  • Click on Apple ID given first on the displayed page.
  • Tap ‘View Apple ID’ prompt.
  • Now press ‘Remove this device’ under iTunes in iCloud. 
  • Come back to the Apple ID page.
  • Tap ‘Sign Out’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the password and tap turn-off to verify and hit sign out at the end.

Note: Make sure to back up all the data before deleting the id because all data will delete permanently. To delete the ID on iPhone from Apple Music: Tap settings>Tap your name>Go to Media and Purchases>View Account>Tap Remove this device. 

Method6# From iCloud Account on iPhone

Tap on the below-given link and log in to the iCloud account by entering your ID and Password.

  • Visit the page
  • Select the ‘All Devices’ option below ‘Find My Phone.
  • Search your iPhone to erase your Apple ID.
  • Now tap on ‘Remove from Account.’

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