How to delete Instagram account Permanently on iPhone

How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently onto your iPhone? We’ve your back. Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing platforms in the world. It’s a free online app where you can share pictures, short videos, and so on. Millions of users give their quality time to Instagram, and as such, it has become a sharing center for their images and videos since just after it was launched. Instagram is now one of the best-known social networking services of our time.

delete instagram account

Web site managers continue to monitor user intentions and assist users by integrating the necessary information into the website for supporting the user. We’re offering a few guidelines like these to help you. 

Want to delete your iPhone Instagram account permanently? Well, you can do that, but make sure you want to delete your account permanently or simply looking to delete it for a while? We are here to support you in both requests.

If you want to reactivate the same account instead of removing it permanently, you can select the opt-out option so that you can activate it again after a certain period of time. We share multiple directions on how to get rid of your Instagram account. Reflect and act accordingly.

Deleting an Insta account on your iPhone is no brainer at all. It’s very straightforward. Generally speaking, most Insta users can delete their account within the application, but here we show you an exceedingly simple method. “The link method” you can directly delete your Instagram account by visiting the link page.

Delete your Instagram account on iPhone

Delete Instagram account link given below :

permanently delete your Instagram account on your iPhone

-Temporarily Disable your Instagram account on your iPhone.

Click on the link you want to proceed with and follow step-by-step instructions. 

  • You can also paste the link into your iPhone browser if you don’t get access by clicking the link.  
  • Navigate through the chosen link, an Instagram page opens up. 
  • Log into your account if you have not already done so.
  • Once you have logged into your account, it will redirect you to the “Delete Your Account Page.” 
  • There it asks you to report why do you want to delete your account? Submit a specific reason 
  • Immediately after tapping on the Done button in the right bottom corner, it will exhibit a page asking you to re-enter your password.
  •  Once you re-enter your password, you can tap on the “Permanently Delete My Account” option.

Before hitting up the red delete button, we suggest you check that if you want to delete your account permanently, you can lose your account forever. Delete your account permanently only when you don’t want to turn it back on.

 We recommend notifying our readers if they wish to review the same account, and choose to delete it temporarily by clicking on the other link following the same procedure. Click on the link above to delete your Instagram account temporarily on your iPhone. 

How to Delete Your Instagram Account From Within The Instagram App on your iPhone:

If the above method doesn’t work or you’re looking to delete your Insta account from the Instagram app on your iPhone

there is also an option available within the App itself. Here comes, the directions to do it:  

delete Instagram account iphone
  •  Make sure you have access to the Internet.
  • Go to the Instagram app on your iPhone. 
  • Log into your Instagram account if you haven’t already.
  • Once you access your account, click on the profile icon at the bottom right.
  • Just as you enter the profile page, press the 3-line icon displayed at the top right corner.
  •  And here go to the settings.
  • At the time you tap the Help icon settings, click the Help Center icon. 
  • Once you get redirected to the Instagram Help Centre page, select Manage Your Account. 
  • Now you have an option to delete your account. If you have no choice, go to the search bar and put “How to delete my Instagram account.” 
  • The following page gives you the alternatives to permanently delete your account or temporarily turn it off.
  • If you are sure about removing your Instagram account at all times, click on the “delete my account link” on the displayed page.
  • On the redirected page, specify the precise reason why you would prefer to delete your account permanently.  
  • Enter your password again and press the “Delete My Account” button. Your account gets deleted now.

Alternatively, you can temporarily disable your Instagram account on your iPhone device by touching the “temporarily disable account link” on the same page. 

Follow the step-by-step directions to disable your Instagram account on your iPhone temporarily: 

  • Click on the link to temporarily disable your account on the same page.  
  •  Clarify the reason why you’re disabling this account and hit the submit button.
  • Please, enter your password in the box and go-ahead 
  • Now you’re ready to disable your account, press the button given below to “temporarily disable your account.” 
  • Your Instagram account is disabled successfully. 
  • You can activate it again after some time when you need it by simply login into the Instagram app.

Note: Instagram keeps updating its tools and features from time to time. If you’re still facing difficulty in deleting your Instagram account on your iPhone, you can contact us in the comment box and ask for further steps. We will try to help you as quickly as we can. 

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