How to disable tracking on iPhone

If you want to know how to disable tracking on iPhone, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. There is a feature lurking on iOS 14.5 carrying smartphones that enable you to disable tracking if you don’t want other devices or third-party services to track your data. This article illustrates a few simple points to the query. So let’s dive right into the article.

how to disable app tracking on iPhone

What is term “disable tracking on iPhone?”

stop tracking iphone

“iOS 14.5 Allow Apps to request to track?” Of course, this is a transparency feature that Apple has launched to empower users to control their privacy. Consequently, without approval, the apps can’t bring in your personal info. But be mindful of the fact that once you disable tracking apps on iPhone, you will no longer receive random product ads and stuffs which you can be targeted for. You might also miss to get notified for such personalized ads as well.

To be sure, as you might want to turn this feature off. This tutorial is for you. Please don’t forget that you can always be targeted for certain levels of designated app ads, even after this app transparency feature gets turned off. But of course, it will go a long way in reducing that targeting and protecting your privacy.

Up to now, developers could go and get your info without your permission, and you used to be uninformed about that. From here on, Apple has leveraged users with the power to decide whether they want apps to use their data or not.

Why you should Opt-Out App tracking on iPhone

  • Third-party apps collect and track your personal details, such as age, location, medical traits, expenses, etc. Which, may disrupt privacy.
  • Apps handle all that data to track your activity info for surfing ads to your browser.
  • For instance, if your location data gets tracked by an app, the developers may surf the ads of nearby stores on your browser skipping them seldom becomes a headache.
  • To avoid developers who collect massive data more than required. Some of them misuse your data by further sharing it with third-party data brokers.
  • They can share it with their marketers with the purpose of enabling them to surf more customized apps. 
  • There is so much info that the app can retrieve by executing its traceability, which may disturb your privacy.
  • They can further employ this data to create a digital profile for sale.

Disable or Block App tracking on iPhone

Here, Apple has given users a choice to stop apps from tracking and collecting personal data on iPhone.

If you refuse to track your info, the app may no longer use Apple’s IDFA ID to share your data with third parties for advertising purposes.    

1. Go to settings.

Disable tracking on iPhone

2. Scroll down and tap to privacy.

3. Hit on tracking option

4. Slide the “Allow apps to request track” to disable the tracking feature if it is green.

Note; In addition, you can turn off the traceability for lower designated individual apps by utilizing the regulating toggle provided before the apps. But make sure to turn on the toggle “Allow apps to request track” if you just want to disable traceability for certain apps so that the other allowed apps get tracked.

Block Facebook app tracking on iPhone

Turning off Facebook tracking on iPhone is no brainer at all. You can set up permissions to turn ON/Off on an app per basis, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, etc.

This is why Apple has tabled this feature to ward off such downloaded & Pre-installed apps, that accumulate phone data for marketing purposes.

Here’s how you can stop applications from tracing your phone data:

How to disable app tracking on iPhone
  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap an app
  3. Slide the “Allow tracking” toggle to the left to block that particular app to use your data.
facebook prompt iphone Apple downloading

When you download a new app and start it onto your smartphone, it naturally pops up a confirmation prompt such that it asks you whether you want to allow ‘XYZ App’ to track your activity on other apps or websites. Hit ‘Ask the app not to track‘ prompt to disable tracking for downloaded apps.

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Stop Apple tracking your iPhone

However, Apple does not prompt you into their applications, letting you know that they are using your data for advertising purposes as well because Apple does not gather your data to share or sell to another third-party advertising agent, but Apple utilizes this personal data that you provided while creating ID to advertise in places such as the App Store for example.

  • Go into settings 
Apple Iphone feature
  • Scroll down all the way to the end and tap Apple Advertising
  • Drag the “Personalized ads” toggle to the left to turn it off.
  • Note: Once you deactivate this switch, it will limit apple’s ability to show you relevant ads

How do I disable App from tracking My location?

Here’s how you can make your Apple smartphone impossible to track. Some apps need your location to send you ads as well. So, you can turn off the location settings for each individual app to bypass tracking for that particular app.


  • Be still in settings.
how to disable tracking on iphone
  • Scroll and look for location services choice and tap on that.
  • Look down for the app that formerly asked you for location permission.
  • For instance, choose an app to think Facebook, tap on that, and set up Precise location by the dragging toggle.
  • Further, you can set up more settings on the same page asking you to enable location, tick a checkmark on the ‘Ask Next Time’ option.
  •  Or Choose Never in case not access your location.

Stop an App from tracking My location

Apps like Maps, Siri, Calendar, Camera, and Tinder track your data through ‘significant locations’. Here is how you can stop apps to track your iPhone location through “Location Settings” on your Apple handset.


  • Be still in settings on your cell Phone
significant locations
  • Choose System services
  • tap on the ‘Significant locations’ option
  • It will ask for your Face ID
  • Go ahead to clear history
  • Once you clear browser history, turn off the Significant Location toggle.

Turn off ad tracking on iPhone iOS 13

If you handle the iOS 13 version, try it out

  • Go to settings 
limit ad tracking on iPhone
  • Tap on Privacy 
  • Click ‘Advertising’ 
  • Slide the “limit Ad tracking” toggle to block tracking on your iPhone.

 If you want to provide more privacy to your device, you can reset your all settings by following these steps

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on general 
  • Scroll down and tap on Reset 
  • Tap on Reset all settings
  • Confirm it by tapping again on Reset all settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Apple Phone be tracked if ‘location services’ are off? Yes, your smartphone can get tracked even if location services settings are deactivated. We have a ‘Bluetooth location along with GPS‘ function that lets you track your offline device as long as it is not turned off.

How can find my lost or switched iOS Phone? You can recover your lost phone even when it is turned off by tracing the last position of the device utilizing ‘Find My and iCloud” functions on an iOS device.

Can someone track my location using phone number? Yes, trackers can find your location using the GPS on your smartphone by utilizing your phone number. Later, the tracers can use this information to find your address.

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