Enable Local Network Access on iPhone & iPad, the Right Way

Is your Chromecast or any content streaming device like Apple TV, Smart lights, Google Home, Sono, or Hulu-Roku play button is not working? Or does it display ‘Not Available Notification’ while casting these mentioned devices to an app?

enable local area network access on iPhone

When apps interact with third-party Bonjour-based devices on a person’s home network, the local network privacy gives you that extra transparency. Since the app developers install a plugin within the app that gathers information from the devices connected nearby using your phone’s LAN. Hence, the accessed LAN app may collect information about adjacent devices of the cell phone to know which networks you are connected to and when.

However, the apps tend to request LAN permission to understand user preferences and collect data that helps developers create a profile about you to customize the most relevant ads on your browser for marketing purposes. But, in some cases, allowing LAN may pose a threat to your device’s data. So, give LAN access to only those certain apps, that really need it.

Before Apple introduced this transparency feature, developers were using your data with no sign-off. But now, Apple has authorized users to choose the specific app for which they want to access the local area network. This way, they can manage their privacy by retaining different companies from tracking their activity across the web.

The LAN privacy transparency feature enables users to say no to applications like I don’t think you can access my network. Besides that, if you prefer any particular app to scan your phone’s LAN, you can allow it directly from the suggested prompt whenever an app asks to access your device’s adjacent network, which is a good default to have in this case.

Here’s how to enable local network access on iPhone

Follow the steps to allow local network access for any particular app like on an iOS device: 

  • Go to Settings.
How to enable local network access on iPhone
  • Then, tap Privacy choice.
  • Now hit Local Network.
  • Here you can control the LAN for whatever application you want by dragging the given toggle in front of it.
  • Once done, quit the settings.

Fix these troubleshooting problems with LAN access: 

  • If apps like Google Home are not connecting the speaker or Google Nest, or some cast features, activating the LAN may fix this problem.
  • If the app interacts with devices based on Bonjour or other network conventions, it needs LAN access to operate with such devices.
  • An Apple Airport utility app for airport devices, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music, blink, and Broad Link App, may request a LAN scan. 
  • So, in that case, it makes sense. But there is no reason why the Amazon, Amazon photo or audio apps, or Facebook app must access the LAN. These apps do not require access to the phone’s local area network.

That’s there to it. That’s how you can share the local network with an app on your iPhone. Please let us know if the article was helpful. Also, if you have any further queries, kindly ask in the comment box given below.

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