How to factory reset an iPhone 13. Here’s the fix.

If you’re looking to factory reset the iPhone 13, or other successive models you have stumbled upon the right article. Over time data and cache, no doubt creates issues in running the device smoothly, so we may need to perform a factory re-start to fix such issues. Furthermore, performing a factory resetting of the device will weed out third-party applications or settings which are not responsible for the normal operation of the phone.

How to factory reset iPhone 13

Before heading to the factory re-booting or deleting everything that your iOS 15 holds. We want to let you know that the resetting procedure will completely erase everything from your device like your photos, videos, audio, books, documents, etc. Factory initialization puts your smartphone into the new condition that it was when it left the factory. 

So, make sure to back up the data stored in your Apple phone to iCloud, PC using iTunes, or by transferring it to other devices. Go for the factory re-boot only if your device is already backed up. Unless you do, your device is likely to lose all your data while carrying out the factory re-start.

Here’re the steps to factory re-start iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max:

how to factory reset iphone 13
  • Launch settings onto your device.
  • Firstly, tap where it says your name or Apple ID
  • Now scroll down to the ‘Sign Out’ button and tap that.
Apple id factory reset
  • Once done, Enter your Apple ID password to sign out. Use email or the phone to reset password if can’t recall.
  • Afterward, head back to the Settings menu and tap ‘General’.
  • Now, scroll down to the ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone’ option and tap it.
How to factory reset iphone transfer and reset
  • Here’s the ‘Prepare to new iPhone’ alternative to transfer data if didn’t back up already. Tap ‘Get started‘ if you want to continue.
  • Lastly hit ‘Erase All Content & Settings, and tap ‘Continue’ to confirm this action.

Note: If you don’t want to erase data, re-adjust other Settings. For this, go to Settings>General>Transfer or reset iPhone>Reset.

Once done, your iOS 15 mobile will re-boot correctly. That’s there to it. That’s how you can factory-restart your iPhone 13, enabling it to achieve a more seamless performance. We’ve curated simple steps that you can use and solve your issue. If you’ve further questions, kindly ask in a comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Restrictions passcode on iPhone 13?

  • Launch Settings on your device>Then tap General> Here, tap on Restrictions> and enter your passcode>Hit the “Disabled Restrictions” option and type your existing password again>Press “Enable Restrictions” choice and submit the new passcode twice.

How do I reset my Apple password on my iPhone 13?

  • Go into Settings>Then, tap where Apple ID Username>Here, tap Passwords and Security>Now, hit Change passwords> Select Change Password>Here, submit your passcode if asked, then enter a new password. Lastly, verify entering it on the lower given box and tap change in the upper right corner.

How do I factory restart my iPhone without the passcode?

  • All you have to do is input your Apple ID and password to factory re-start,  it does not require a Phone passcode. This means you don’t need to reset the phone passcode at all.

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