How to Fast charge iPhone without buying Charger/Adapter?

Want to make your iPhone charge faster? Well! This article addresses all the necessary points to guide you through the issue of “how to fast charge iPhone without using or buying an adapter or how you can improve the battery performance?” So, Stick around with us till the end of this article to get the intended task done.

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Sometimes you promptly need to go out of your premises, and you only own half an hour to recharge your smartphone? Well, if that’s the case, we guarantee that you could be able to charge up your mobile phone up to more than 50% in 30 minutes using our basic stuff without buying a third-party adapter or charger.  

Of course, many people don’t prefer to spend extra money to get adapters and cables for their handsets. Don’t worry! You can do this with any of your existing chargers. There are a few techniques you can apply to make your iPhone charge faster without paying out even a penny. So let’s get started:

 Things you must Consider to Fast Charge your iPhone

Make these iPhones charge faster-iPhone 6/6S/7/8/8 Plus/X/ XS/ XS Max/XR/11/SE/11 Pro/Pro Max/12/12 Pro Max/

  • Firstly bring your cell Phone to the Airplane mode since not many of us know this fact, that few features like Bluetooth, cellular network, Wi-fi in your smartphone fetches charge when you insert a charger into your device. Subsequently, the charging speed slows down as the power does not reach directly to the battery. 
  • Switch off your device for gaining the fastest charging speed, as none of your device’s features work after it shuts down. Consequently, all the charges will go to your battery directly. You can fix this issue even without turning off your cell phone. Move to the below given heading to set up “Shortcut App Automation” for the features that reduce the battery charging speed.
  •  Disable all the apps that use your phone battery. To do that: Go to settings>General>Usage>Battery usage. Check that app that is using your phone battery the most and cancel that.
  • Wireless chargers slow down the battery backup. Always use the cable charger to speed up the battery backup. 
  • Do not connect it to the laptop or computer for battery backup purposes as it slows down the mobile charging speed. Always use a wall plug to fast charge your phone since they provide more power comparatively.
  • Apple recommends doing a complete power cycle of your device every month, which means charging your phone from zero to 100% and then let it down to zero again, do not plug in the charger in between. And then again, start charging it up from 0 to 100%. That really increases the battery life and charging speed over the long term of your smartphone.
  • Remove your phone cover as the battery releases heat when you charge or play high-power games like PUB-G. The handset cover obstructs the heat-releasing process. Resulting in excessive temperature influencing your battery health and charging speed badly.
  • Manage to plugin the charger to your smartphone at the moment when your battery percent declines to 40% to 50%. That increases the number of cycles for charging your phone, thus improving the battery life.
  • Avoid the use of local portable chargers. Always purchase the certified company’s battery packs or adapters like Apple. The quality of the adapter is also an essential factor in improving the battery life.
  • If someone necessarily has to leave home urgently without any further delay. One must carry a “battery bank” to power up your device along with the cable and adapter. In such a situation, this is the ultimate thing that can fix your problem.

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Utilize Shortcut App Automation to Speed up iPhone charging:

Make your iPhone charge faster with your stock charger or adapter.

  • To disable all the power-consuming modes, use a shortcut App and create an automation for all the features, like low power mode, low volume mode, etc., to automatically stop and begin while you Connect/Disconnect the charger.  
  • This way, when you plug in a charger, the charge will not disperse so as to be used by these functions. As a result, your handset would be able to attain the highest charging speed.

Here’s how you can optimize the shortcut App for creating automation on iPhone:

Download & install a shortcut App to your device. 

Fast charge iPhone without buying any charger or adapter
  • Open the app and tap on the ‘Create a Personal Automation’ category.
  • Scroll a bit, and hit the ‘Charger’ option.
  • Tap the ‘Next’ button in the upper right corner.
  • Now, tap the “Add Action” button.
  • Search the “low power mode” or any other model you want to’ in the above-given box and customize it to ”when the Phone is connected to the power supply”. 
  • To do this, press ‘Next’ &
Use shortcut app automation to fast charge your iPhone without buying any charger or adapter
  • Turn off the “Ask before running” toggle. Make sure to tap ”done” at the end.
  • Likewise, you can also set up automation for other modes when your device is connected to the power supply.
  • Thus, such setups, it automatically brings down the brightness mode. Also, enable the ‘Do not disturb’ ‘low power mode’ and ‘low volume mode’ on the app shortcut app to gain the highest charging speed on your iPhone. 
  • Also, remember to set up the shortcut automation for disabling these modes after “power disconnection”. For this, there is also a “Disconnected” alternative available alongside the “Connected” in charger option. So, be sure to make use of that for sure by utilizing the same procedures.

How to fast charge iPhone 4/6/11/12 without charger/Adaptor

Can I use the old android charger to fast charge my iOS device? Yes! The iPhone 11 is sold out with a USB-C lightning cable. It does not include an adapter in the box. So, we advise you to use old USB C power adapters or computer ports, as the provided lightning cable is compatible with them. The same technique can be applied to other models as well, which support faster charging.

Is there an app for iPhone for the speedy battery charging? No, till now Apple has not officially announced such an app that can power up your iOS device battery.

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