Top 10 Games Like Blooket that will make your learning journey a fun.

Nowadays, students lack interest in studies, and their primary entertainment is video games. They can go on playing video games for hours. In recent times, many websites have come up with an initiative to combine games with the study.

Games like Blooket

For instance, Blooket features trivia based quizzes along with many alluring game modes that help kids to engage in their studies on a different level when competing with classmates. From Kindergarten to middle schoolers to 12th grade, it is suitable for school students of all grades.

On Blooket teachers can create question sets or choose from thousands of existing question sets and host to students in the class using one of the available game modes. This way Blooket generate a unique game ID which teachers share with students to join the game and start answering questions.

So Blooket is the hottest game of this year and you want to play it but there are so many learning games similar to blooket out there and most of them are free! So you want to be able to play the best game similar to blooket but don’t know where to start, here are ten games like blooket that will help your learning journey become more fun and interactive.

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When you find a game like Blooket, you can take your learning to the next level, especially if you’re an avid gamer already. The top ten games like blooket below are sure to provide the same challenging quiz-based learning experience that has made blooket so popular, and with gaming elements and design that will keep your interest piqued and your mind in overdrive as you solve one after another of the toughest math and other subject problems available today.


Kahoot is the most advanced website as there are more than 50 million games available. Kahoot is structured in a way that even it can be used for higher studies too.

Teachers can easily test the knowledge of students by asking them true/false questions. Kahoot can be used by teachers to evaluate their student’s abilities by setting the timer for the duration allotted to answer the questions. Kahoot is so convenient that even a video conferencing facility is also available. Whenever there are family get-togethers, Kahoot will allow hosting games. Students can use the Kahoot app for group studies and connect with their friends. Kahoot is not limited to only students. It is also extended to businesses that are interested in training their employees.


Quizizz is an excellent website for conducting tests for students. It has reduced the anxiety of tests from students and also displayed the graph where students have scored good results on the test. As the name itself describes, teachers can create their own quizzes as per their requirements within a minute.

You can also add your favorite music to the quizzes to make them more fun. To keep your students focused, you can come up with something different idea like introducing a leaderboard, so that students can compete with each other. You can personally understand the students by researching students’ activities, like the subjects they are least interested in, or the questions and answers they are facing difficulty in solving.


Gimkit is a great website to improve the memory of students. Even if the students got the answers wrong for the first time, they can still remember the answers by solving them repeatedly. The feature that makes Gimkit different from Blooket is that students can earn ‘cash’ money for every correct answer. But they can also lose money if their answers are incorrect. You can track the assignments of your students and the time taken by them to complete each assignment. It is a very helpful tool as whenever you signup, you can select your zip code and search your school. Students can post their own questions and other students can answer them with the help of Kitcollab.


It is one of the most profitable applications where not only students but any person, irrespective of their age, can learn different languages. In Duolingo, you have to solve different types of puzzles like Filling in the blanks, rearranging or matching the words to the audio, speaking out the words written, and many more. You can even maintain the streak daily.

But, if you do not practice every day, you may lose the streak. For every correct answer, you will win a heart. However, you can lose them if your answers are wrong. Duolingo helps you to learn any language you wish.

As a teacher, you could use Duolingo for your classroom. Duolingo, that is for Schools, makes use of ACTFL and CEFR studying standards, permits you to create amusing assignments to your college students and check their knowledge.

There are forty one-of-a-kind languages at the app, you could examine famous languages like French, German, or Spanish, greater difficult to understand languages like Hawaiian, or even fictional languages like Klingon and High Valyrian.

Monkey Preschool:

This app mainly focuses on children between the age of two and six. To introduce your child to the world of words and sentences, this app is the most suitable one. If you want your kid to learn maths, you can download Monkey Math School Sunshine app. This app will help your child to learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and many more with a Monkey, Milo, by their side. For colors, shapes, letters, etc you can download Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. With this app, your child can learn through voice direction which keeps him engaged and motivated.


Hopster is a children’s development app. Children below six years of age can use this app. This app mainly keeps children busy with puzzles, word games, and books. What makes it more interesting is that this app knows children’s screen time. If the screen time exceeds the limit it will automatically divert the attention of your child to games and puzzles. Hopster is free to use and is also 100% ad-free. If you want your child to have some basic knowledge of coding, you can also download Hopster Coding Safari App.


Brightful is the best substitute for Blooket. If you are tired of using Blooket, you can download Brightful. It is a great educational platform for students. Brightful games introduce entertaining icebreaker games to virtual meetings to bring back the social component for remote teams. Playing games has been shown to improve teamwork and communication.

The players are encouraged by these games to interact more closely, have fun, and share. You can even create your own virtual game and ask them to join without any ID. You can reward them in between the games so that students will pay more attention and can focus on their studies. Students have adopted the work hard, play hard approach. The more they focus on gaming time for studying, the more they reward themselves.

Students love this concept as they can interact with their friends while studying through video conferencing. During their leisure time, instead of watching TV, they can play games and learn new things simultaneously. This method is adopted by millions of teachers in the United States as this is very effective for the students.


Compete against your friends in the challenging and fast-paced world of Champions; Unlock new moves, customizations, and venues for fierce online competition; With minimalistic art and unique gameplay mechanics, Champions is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Check out these ten games like Blooket that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.


This is a tremendous opportunity to Blooket due to the fact this permits you to feature the poles quizzes and greater on your displays wherein you could use it like gear in Google slides and show the end result of the poles in the layout of charts and graphs.

There also are a few video games to be had like spinner wheel which permits you to randomly pick a participant and solution the questions. Apart from a couple of desire questions, you could additionally slide the scales of human beings to examine the statement, and phrase desire turbines and notice what number of human beings are establishing the query and giving feedback.


Brightful is an first rate opportunity to Blooket for organizations. If you need to interact in gamified studying, Brightful has answers which are first-rate for you.

There are large catalogs of video games that you could play over video conferences, far off paintings is greater thrilling than ever with Brightful. It works together along with your current gear, like Zoom and Google Meet etc.


EdApp is an first rate opportunity to Blooket. With over eighty templates to pick from, you could create custom quizzes, video games, assessments, and films to your crew to examine from.

With the subjects like bike protection and place of business discrimination, there’s lots of content material to teach on your crew.
A tremendous choice is the microlearning courses, which may be created in only a few mins the use of a couple of-desire query quizzes and different gear.


Raptivity calls itself an “interplay builder” that permits you to construct interactive studying stories to your college students. Unlike Blooket, it specializes in better training and company education, and it additionally offers state-of-the-art and superior templates that assist you stand out.
With a huge variety of video games, together with Spin the Wheel, Balloon Pop, and Pin It, your college students will experience a numerous gamified studying revel in that continues them engaged in any respect times.

Raptivity works with main studying control systems, permitting you to combination quizzes and video games into your current curriculum or use them as standalone microlearning courses.


Hopefully, you like our suggestions on games like Blooket and it has helped you to select the one which best suits your need. All of the educational games are free to play and allows both students and teachers to self pace their study and teaching. Apart from that, each of the educational platform is easy to use, even a student of primary class can host game by selecting a quiz for himself and enjoying learning at home.

The best part is that the most of these educational websites also allows parents with extra parent tools and reports, to help and keep thier kids motivated from home, even if they’re learning in classroom.

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