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How to get Rainbow Panda in Blooket?(100% working)

Blooket educational website, as you may know, has a variety of fun game modes that help students learn their selected question sets or those hosted by the teacher.


However, Blooks are the most appealing feature for kids in the Blooket game modes, which resemble small amusing animal avatars or unique creatures used to represent players in the games.

In other words, a Blook is a character type used as an icon of the player and enemies. 

On the Blooket educational website, there are various kinds of Blooks available in several different categories and grades.

These fascinating avatars are categorized in two forms in the site: by rarity and boxes. The Blooks menu on the dashboard organizes Blooks by rarity, and the Market menu organizes them into boxes like Safari box, Bot box, Aquatic box, Medieval box, Wonderland box, and more, each with its own set of distinct Blooks.

Some Blooks are free to access in the Blooks menu, but others are locked and must be purchased using tokens earned. Frankly speaking, all of the unique blooks in the Market menu boxes are locked. 

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Thus, participants must correctly answer questions in the blooket game in order to collect as many tokens as possible in order to buy or unlock their favorite Blooks.

This post is solely for educational purposes; we have no intention of violating the website’s copyrights. Since the tricks highlighted in this post to get rainbow blook are individually tested by our expert hacking team, we promise that they will all work.

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How to get Rainbow Panda in Blooket?

There are two reasons why every player craves for rainbow panda. The first is its unique appearance, which comes in a variety of hues, which entices players to purchase it and show it off. Another reason is that selling it may result in you receiving 300 tokens all at once. So, let us get started to know how to attain it.

In Blooket, the Rainbow Panda is locked in the Safari box, which costs 25 tokens to access. That means, players can not receive it by default because it is one of the chroma blooks, which are believed to be the second rarest blooks with a 0.02 percent drop rate, the lowest drop rate indicates that it is extremely unlikely to be obtained, just like Tropical Globe. 

Because it is rare and has the lowest drop rate, this blook requires a great deal of luck, dedication, and grinding to obtain. However, there is an indirect way to obtain it, move on to the next heading to learn.

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How to get rainbow panda blook in blooket using hacking methods?

We spent several hours researching ways to get Rainbow panda in blooket. After trying a number of unsuccessful hacks, we got a 100% working blooket hack that helped us obtain this rarest blook in blooket.

However, the method does not directly help you unlock Rainbow blook but does so indirectly. Implies that you can add thousands of tokens into your blooket account using hack scripts and utilize that money to unlock Safari Box blooks i.e rainbow panda.

What we noticed, after a few trials of investing tokens on Safari box, we got Rainbow panda successfully. Hopefully, you also want to know the step-by-step instructions to attain this trait? Let us get started without making any further delay. 


To simplify the method, we broke it into two steps; you must follow both steps completely to get the work done. If you apply these steps thoroughly, we guarantee that getting rainbow blook will become a lot easier for you.  


  • Visit this page to copy the Github hacking code. If you are unable to access the page, you may not have signed up for Github. [Complete the sign-up process to proceed]. The code is crucial because we will use this code later to add tokens so that we can unlock Safari box blooks.
  • After you’ve copied the code, go to and sign in with your account.
  • On the Blooket dashboard, click the Market menu icon. If you are already logged in, directly browse the Blooket Market page from here.
  • Right-click anywhere and select Inspect.
  • Double click the “Console” option from the panel.
  • Paste the Github code where the cursor is moving we copied in the beginning. Then hit enter.
  • Now you should see a pop-up notification. Click “OK.”
  • Around 500 tokens will be added to your account when you reload the market page.
  • Repeat the procedure three times or a few more times until you have more than 4000 tokens. Once you have this much money, you can move on to step two to get the desired task done.


Get rainbow panda in blooket

Click the Safari box and spend your money to unlock Rainbow Panda because it is the rarest blook with extremely little chance of being obtained. We recommend you keep trying to spend tokens to unlock it. We are sure that after a few efforts, you will be able to get this unique Blook.

In the same way, you can get other blooks like Chroma, legendary, or mystical blooks.

Note: If the above method does not help you collect enough tokens, you can do so by correctly answering every question in a blooket game. We recommend using the blooket auto answer hacks outlined in one of our previous posts to collect tokens even faster.

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Method2# New GitHub Blooket hack to unlock Rainbow Panda?

Many Blooket users has been messaging us to introduce a Blooket hack to unlock RAINBOW PANDA. With this new Blooket hack, you can easily obtain Rainbow panda easily with just few clicks. Here is how:

how to obtain Rainbow panda
  • Next go to the Blooket Market page and open the “Inspect Console” by clicking anywhere on the page.
  • In the Console panel where the cursor is moving, paste the GitHub Blooket Rainbow panda hack script.
unlock Rainbow panda
  • Once you do that a cheat menu will show that we will use to unlock Rainbow Panda.
  • To unlock RAINBOW PANDA, click the Global Cheat-2 from the menu bar.
  • Next, click Witch MENU above the SIMULATE UNLOCK and select the RAINBOW PANDA Blook to unlock it.


There are also other hacking techniques that can help you get all blooks, including rainbow panda. We have discussed such cheats in one our of older posts that you must visit. We are 100% sure that one of the methods outlined on that page will definitely help unlock rainbow blook in blooket. Good Luck!

Wrapping Up:

That’s it. That’s how you can get the rainbow panda blook. This is basically a question about how to hack Blooket. 

If you choose the traditional method for getting this amazing blook, you will have incredibly few chances and must first play a Blooket game and successfully answer questions to collect tonnes of tokens. Nevertheless, Studying Blooket game design and the content of the question set may help you in this method. 

We believe you should apply the hacking tactics mentioned above to collect tokens and unlock all blooks more quickly. 

We hope the tips and tricks outlined in this post can help you get the rainbow panda in Blooket. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment box given below. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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