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5 Gimkit hacks for infinite money, auto-answer, & more! [2024]

Want to know Gimkit hacks to get infinite money, auto-answer bot, and more? We have got your back, keep reading till the end of this article to know easy tips and tricks to hack Gimkit.

How to hack Gimkit

Gimkit, like other game-based educational sites, is an online learning platform where teachers can create their quizzes or select from hundreds of pre-made kits (Quizzes) and host them (one at a time) using a range of games to teach students the topics they want.

Each student in the class joins the hosted game on their own device using the shared game id provided by the host to start answering questions.

When students answer questions correctly, they earn virtual currency or money that they may spend to increase their score in the game.

This money scoring system in the Gimkit games encourages students to compete against each other to win the game or acquire the highest money score by responding the maximum questions correctly in the allotted time.

In this greed to collect the highest amount of money to win the game, they use various Gimkit hacking tactics to cheat.

In this post, we have outlined four 100% working Gimkit hacks to get infinite money, auto-answer, and more so that you know how students hack this educational site.

Because the mentioned techniques are hacks, we do not advise or encourage children to use them to cheat on their homework.

Also, we do not intend to violate the copyrights of the educational service; instead the post solely aims to train teachers to ensure that their students are not using hacking methods to complete their assignments.

Hacking Gimkit to get infinite money is not as difficult as it seems, using the step-by-step guide shown in this article, you’ll be able to get as much money as you want easily in no time!

As long as you follow these simple procedures, you should have no trouble hacking Gimkit and scoring the money amount you want.

[If you have any questions after applying the methods, please post them in the comments area below. All of the methods have been individually tested by our expert hacking team, and we guarantee that they will work]

[2024] How to hack Gimkit to get infinite money, auto-answer, and more? (4 Methods)

All of the methods are only applicable on the Google Chrome browser, so make sure you’re using it.

Method1# How to hack Gimkit using Gimkit hacking extension?

Are you looking for an all-in-one Gimkit live hack that can be used to cheat in a number of game modes, add an infinite number of tokens or money to a live game session, and obtain the answers to the Gimkit live quiz? All of this can be done with a few clicks using the Gimkit live hack extension.

The cheat menu consists a list of Gimkit live game hacks, including General, Elements, reset settings in HUD customization category, and Stop insant use, Auto answer, Cosmetic picker, Player highlighter, Freecam, Hide enery popup, Account spawner beta hacks in general cheats category. You will also see cheats for game modes like Classic, Super rich mode, Trust no one, Farmchain, The Floor is Lava.

In my opinion, this is one of the best Gimkit Live Hack around. So, let’s get started without any further delay!

In order to simplify things for you, we have divided this method into two steps. In the first, we’ll add the Gimkit Live Hack extension to Chrome through the Web Store, and in the second, we’ll show you how to utilize it in conjunction with Gimkit Live to hack the game’s features.

STEP1# Add Gimkit Live Hack to Chrome:

  • Go to the Chrome Web store in another tab and follow the instructions given below.
Gimkit hack extension
  • Click the Add to Chrome button next to the Gimkit live hack LOGO once the Chrome Web Store page has successfully loaded.
  • To install it, click Add Extension after that.
  • You ought to receive a notification stating that the “Gimkit Live hack extension has been successfully added” after doing so.
  • Now pin the Gimkit Live hack, click the extension icon in the Chrome extension bar.
  • The Gimkit hack extension icon will then begin to show up in the extension bar when you complete that.

STEP2# Move on to the Gimkit Website:

  • Move on to the Gimkit website/, you should see Gimkit live Hack cheat menu.
  • Congratulations, you have succeeded in getting the Gimkit live hack extension menu features.
Gimkit Hack extension
  • To begin using the Gimkit live Hack extension features, join a live game session by inputting a game code.
  • Now, you may manually set up the hacks and use the up and down arrows to search for them.
  • You are now ready to use the Gimkit Cheat menu to hack the intended Gimkit live feature.

Note: Use the ESCAPE Key to hide and unhide the hack menu! Also, press this 3 times to hide this popup.

3 Gimkit hack extensions you can use to cheat in Gimkit.

Method2# How to hack Gimkit using the Github script in the Inspect Console?

For the past few months, many Gimkit users have been sending us emails requesting to publish an article describing how to hack Gimkit by using Github script into the Chrome’s Inspect element Console panel.

However, this method is a cheat, but it is easy to apply and involves fewer steps than other methods.

Using this Gimkit hack you can get auto-answer, infinite money, and more. Let’s get started without making any further delay.

Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to hack Gimkit using the Github script into the Chrome Inspect Element Console Panel:

  • As a first step, in order to hack Gimkit Copy the code from this page. [Don’t copy the entire page; otherwise, the hack will not work; instead, start selecting the code (as we have shown in the image below) till the end of the page to copy it.]
  • Now, launch the Gimkit session that you want to hack.
Gimkit cheats
  • Once the Gimkit session has begun and the multiple-choice questions have appeared, right-click anywhere on the page and pick the “Inspect” alternative from the popped-up menu.
How to hack gimkit using inspect element
  • Next, click the Console option in the Inspect Element panel at the top right corner.
  • Now paste the copied code where the cursor is moving (as shown in the above-given picture).
  • Now hit Enter key on your keyboard. 
How to hack Gimkit using inspect element
  • Once done, you will see a popped-up notification at the top of the screen showing you some hacking commands. Read the hacking commands to remember so that you can apply them. After reading them carefully Click OK.
  • Once you hit enter, you will see a Gimkit warning notification saying “According to this statement, you accept that we nor ecc521 are to blame if you get banned or punished.” Simply put, before clicking OK to proceed, make sure you’re willing to risk account suspension or punishment.
  • When you’re finished, hit enter on your keyboard to start hacking Gimkit.
  • Finally, you can start pressing S to start the bot and E to stop it.
  • Now refresh your browser to see the changes made by hacking.

If this method does not help you cheat the Gimkit game session, move on to the next one, because there is another trick you can apply in the URL section too.

Method #3: How to Hack Gimkit Using Github code in the URL bar?

We have described two steps in the second method to get the auto-answer bot and get infinite money in the game session. Firstly, you must sign up for to copy the Github code. In the second step which is the final one, we will move to the Gimkit game session to get the desired task done. Let’s get started to crack the riddle:

STEP1# Sign Up on Github to copy hacking code:

  • Open
  • Now complete the signup procedure by creating an account.
  • Afterward, select all the categories to access the Gith Hub Dashboard.
  • If you already have a GitHub account, directly go to this Github page and copy the Gimkit auto-answer and infinite money generating hacking code (as shown in the image below).
How to hack Gimkit with Github code
  • We’ll use this copied code at the end of the STEP#2 to get auto-answer in the game session.

Step2# Move on to the Gimkit Game session:

  • Now browse the Gameplay pageIf you haven’t already done so, you must sign up for this learning game show featuring site by entering your username, email address, and password.
  • Select the kit you want to host.
  • Next, select a game mode and tap Continue.
  • Here you can set the timer for the game and the game goal.
  • Now again, click Continue to load the game.
  • Next, click on the numeric code to copy the gameplay link. 
  • Browse the link in another tab, click join, and again click join after entering your username.
  • Now go back to the host page to Start the game.
  • Tap the Answers option at the left bottom corner of the gameplay page to start the hacking process.
Gimkit cheats
  • Once you’ve accessed the game’s question section, delete everything in the URL bar and type javascript: Paste the Github code without any space we have copied in STEP # 1, then hit enter to start hacking.
Gimkit cheats
  • Click Ok on the popped-up notification to start hacking.
  • Now press “E” on your keyboard to get the answers.

If the above-shown method does not work for you for some reason, keep reading, there are three more hacking methods given below that will surely help you hack Gimkit to win the game.

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Method4# How to hack Gimkit without using hacking code:

If you’re looking for a hacking technique to help you make as much money in the game as you want, look no further.

We’ve got you covered; the following Gimkit hacking technique will help you make the desired amount of money with just a few mouse clicks.

The good news is that the method does not require the customization of any hacking code to accomplish the goal.

  • Open the game session you want to hack to get the amount of money you want.
Gimkit cheats
  • Now right-click on the $0 at the top right corner of the screen and select the Inspect option from the panel shown.
Gimkit hack
  • Once done, select the Elements option at the top of the panel and double click where it shows $0, erase it, and type $250000 [You can type any amount] as shown in the picture. 
  • Once done, don’t forget to press Enter and close the inspect element panel.
  • Now Click the correct answer, then click the Shop option.
  • Afterward, select “Payment per question” and then level 9.
  • To get the money, click Ok on the “Payment purchased” pop-up.

Method5# How to get infinite money using third-party software?

With just a few taps, the app ninja’s money generator software allows you to obtain unlimited money in Gimkit GAMES.

Hackers all over the world prefer to use this hacking software because it offers them the results they want without requiring them to open the Gimkit session.

Yes, you do not need to access your game session to cheat, which is great news because it eradicates the possibility of the Gimkit banning your account.

However, it’s possible that many of you have tried this hacking tool before but couldn’t generate money because you didn’t know the correct steps.

We’ve used this money generator program numerous times to hack Gimkit and gained sufficient outcomes by following the steps indicated below. Must give them a shot:

  1. Open the Money Generator software in another tab and follow the step-by-step guidelines to generate money.
gimkit hacks
  1. Fill in your username or email address. If you don’t have a Gimkit account or don’t have a username or linked email address, you won’t be able to use this software. We suggest you create an account first and generate a username before proceeding.
  2. Also, keep opening your account on the educational site while applying these instructions.
  3. Then, from the list of options, choose the device you are using to hack the site. 
  4. After that, choose how much money you want to make. 
  5. Next, to eliminate the chances of your account getting banned, you should activate the VPN on your browser. If you haven’t previously done so, download and activate the VPN in your chrome browser.
  6. Once all the fields are filled, review them to make sure you have entered the correct data and made the right choices before proceeding to the Begin Hack
  7. As the last step, the hacking software requires you to verify that you are not a bot by downloading and using one of the fast offers shown. Once you complete the requirement to proceed, your money will be automatically credited to your account after that.
Gimkit hacking software
  • Once done, wait for some time because it may take a few minutes to get money getting transferred to your Gimkit account.


Hopefully! The above-shown hacks helped you understand how students hack Gimkit to complete assignments. If you have any queries, then feel free to ask. Also, if you find any problems while using these game cheats, please share them with us via the comments section below. We are here to solve all your problems regarding Hacks.

Also, share which method works for you and which does not to motivate us to bring some more easy hacks for you. If you would like to give us a suggestion also feel free to do that. Stay tuned for further updates about game Cheats.

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