Gimkit Not Working in 2022? Here’s What to Do!

If you’re having trouble with the Gimkit app or website, you’re not alone! Many people are having problems using this educational service these days. There are some bugs that can cause the Gimkit app or site to get stuck or not load properly on your device.

Gimkit not working

In this article, we have outlined several troubleshooting guides that you can use if your Gimkit app or website isn’t working correctly.

Why is Gimkit not working?

One of the reasons why this educational site is not working maybe because your internet connection is too slow, the site is down, your device is working incorrectly, or you’re using an old version of your operating system.

Beyond that, corrupted cache files that are saved in the browser also cause problems with the functioning of the Gimkit website.

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How to fix Gimkit website not working issues?

This article involves troubleshooting guides to help resolve all types of Gimkit not working issues, including loading or opening issues, log-in or account-related issues, crashing or freezing faults, connection errors, and more.

Let’s get started on fixing issues with this learning game show featuring the site:

Fix1# Restart your device:

If the Gimkit site is not working, try restarting your device. Restarting your device will clear up any temporary problems that may be causing issues with the site. 

Fix2# Refresh your browser:

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, it might help to refresh your browser. To do so, hold down CTRL + F5 on Windows and Command + Shift + R on Mac. This will reload your current page without clearing any cookies or cache data. 

Fix3# Delete the browser cache:

Not clearing your browser cache often does more harm than good. But when you’re trying to access Gimkit and encounter an error, clearing your browser cache may be one of your best options. To clear the cache in browsers:

How to clear the cache:

In Google Chrome On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click the three-dot icon. Click “Clear browsing data.” In the box that appears, check Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data, and then click Clear data.

In Firefox – On your computer, open Firefox. At the top right, click More. Select a time frame to delete the history by clicking its checkbox. Now delete the history.

Fix4# Check if the site is down.

If you’re experiencing issues using Gimkit, use DownDetector to see if there are any server or site issues.  (Down Detector is a third-party website that tracks major outages.) You can also search Twitter for Gimkit and look for tweets from @Gimkit. 

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Fix5# Check the internet connection:

If there are no server issues and no tweets about downtime, then check your phone settings: Is your data turned on? Are you connected to Wi-Fi? Check if your school’s firewall is not blocking Gimkit’s game servers.

Apart from that, internet connection issues are one of the most common issues with the site that can be easily resolved by making sure your internet is up to par.

You need to make some adjustments to your internet connection if you’ve recently changed networks or added a security device, for example.

First thing’s first: unplug your modem and router from their power sources for at least five minutes. Then plug it back in and check if you can access your wireless network.

Fix6# Try using another browser:

Some users experience errors with both Safari and Chrome. If you’re having trouble getting this educational site up and running on your Mac, try using Firefox or Internet Explorer instead.

This won’t solve all problems, but it will help if there are specific browser issues at play.

Fix7# Use Google Chrome in Incognito Mode:

If you’re experiencing issues, we recommend that you use Chrome in Incognito Mode. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Click on Chrome’s menu button (three horizontal lines or dots).
  • Select “New Incognito Window.”

This will launch a new browser window without any of your existing settings or data. Try using this learning site again and see if it works properly.

How to fix Gimkit app not working issues?

Fix#1 Restart your smartphone:

If your Gimkit app is not working, restarting your phone or tablet may be all you need. You can do so by holding down your power button and selecting Restart Device.

Once you’ve done that, try opening up your live game show learning app again; it should now be functional.

If it isn’t working for you, there are other troubleshooting steps you can take to get things running smoothly again.

Fix2# Delete app cache in phone settings:

Fix3# Make sure you have enough space on your device. If you don’t, then you might face problems using this educational app. 

Fix4# Make sure that your Internet connection is working properly. 

Fix5# Update your device’s OS to make sure the outdated operating system is not causing problems.

Fix6# Update Gimkit to resolve issues that arise after updating the device’s operating system.

Contact Support:

If you’re still having problems with this learning game show featuring service and can’t solve them on your own, contact the site’s support page immediately.

The sooner you get in touch with Gimkit support, the sooner you can resolve your problem.

There are two ways to get in touch with Gimkit support: 1) via the Gimkit help support page; 2) via email to [];


Hopefully, the above-given fixes will help you fix the Gimkit website and app not working issue.

We have tried our best to provide solutions for all possible issues that might come up with Gimkit.

But if you are unable to find the solution to your specific problem here, then feel free to contact us using the contact us form given below.

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible with a proper solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Gimkit code not working?

Try deleting the browser CacheS and try again later. If the problem still persists, contact your teacher or host and ask them to provide another code to join the game.

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