5 Simple Ways to hide apps from iPhone

Want to hide Unsounded or out-of-order application from your iPhone? Maybe you think of the more untraditional ways to disguise your private app from Parents or siblings? In addition, over-circulated programs on the home screen may pose a problem in operating your device smoothly. We have got you covered to guide you through how to hide apps from iPhone.

how to hide apps on iPhone

Or perhaps, you might be uncertain about the privacy of any particular system software in order to be able to get rid of those snooping around your device? Don’t worry! We are here to help you with any of these queries. Blocking out any program immediately from the iPhone start panel is exceedingly a very smooth job. 

Hide Apps from iPhone Home Screen

Disappear any App from home Screen in a Single Click. This is the most straightforward technique to cover up apps from the smartphone’s home panel within seconds. Here’re some steps laid out to learn how to “hide apps on iPhone app library.” Follow these directions to cease the visibility of any recently added network on the handset:

Make sure you are following these steps on ios14 and later devices.

  • Go to the Home Screen on your Mobile Set.
  • Get that particular application in the list you have to hide it off the screen.
  • Tap on the App &
  • Long-touch the App to open the operator panel.
  • Tap on to Remove option laid out on the operator panel.
  • Now tap Move to library. 
  • Once you clicked Move to library choice, you will soon notice that the application is out of view.
  • Likewise, utilizing these same directives, you can move away rest of the programs as well from the home page.

Lock Up Apps from home screen by “Don’t Suggest Option”: 

 By holding down the browser icon, an action menu pops-up and showcase the ‘Do Not Suggest option’, which means if you pick it and prefer going ahead, it will no longer exhibit on the screen menu. We can say, it’s just an another illustration of how the visibility of any program can be altered. Pursue these designated directions below with the purpose of hiding app by using smart suggestions.

  • Press and hold the App icon for a while
  • Hit Don’t Suggest ” “
  • Again tap on Don’t Suggest ” “
  • Shortly after hitting don’t suggest, the application gets hidden.

  • There is also an alternative available for reconnecting it from Siri in case you require it.

Note: If the user is overly concerned about the confidentiality of any database, they can attempt to create 12 folders simultaneously with 11 consecutive pages with at least adding one application in each folder. Hence, we can build a safer private space for our deep-down personal applications.

Disappear Apps from Parent’s Home Screen by Creating Folder:

 Want to fade away multiple plug-ins together from the home screen? This procedure will definitely help you to get there. Proceed with the lower introduced commands:

  • Choose and create a folder if you don’t have any!.
  • Tap a empty space on the home screen to edit.
  • You can also construct a folder by modifying an app into a folder and later transfer others to group it with. To do so press a bare space on the home screen and drag other apps into it.
how to hide Apps from iPhone
  • Press and hold the app icon to appear action menu.
  • Select Edit Home Screen.
  • Drag the Apps to the folder.
  • Tap Done when you finish.
  • The apple has designed their systems in such a way that it automatically names the folder corresponding to the type of the application group created.
  • Long press the folder icon to rename it. 

Protect Apps/Text from girlfriend by using Widgets on iPhone:

To add extra privacy to your folder or any app, you can drag it to a special widget. And later, disguise that widget from the window of your iPhone. If you’re setting your eyes to apply fresh parameters to your device to make your applications more private than now so that no one else can open them otherwise? If that’s the case you must chase these steps:

  • Click the app or folder you want to hide.
  • Press it till all the apps start shaking
  • Pick edit home screen
  • Drag the app or folder into a special widget you wanna hide.
  • Touch the three dots on the lower side at the time when the apps waving.
  • All the screen widgets will jump out.
  • You have to unmark your special widget where the app or folder is shifted.

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Hide app from the iPhone Shortcut app

Apple has launched a very crucial Shortcut App for iOS device users. Using this, you can get multiple tasks done with your apps at one time. The users afford to buy such highly-budgeted apple versions, but don’t know fully about its features. We must know how to operate them to get the full advantage of procuring such expansive Sets. Hide Tiktok, Facebook, WhatsApp any app by learning mask shortcut method on home screen from iPhone.

The Apple shortcut app allows us to hide our very private apps on iPhone from our parents, siblings, or anyone otherwise. You can keep your private app on the home panel of the phone all the time protecting it from others. Here we are proposing you tips to formulate Masked shortcut for your specific app on the home screen, it will be in your sight all the time but others won’t be aware of that.

  • Navigate to the Apple Official Shortcut App on the start view of your iPhone
  • You may see the + mark on the upper right corner hit that.
  • On the following screen, touch to New Shortcut choice. 
  • Next, you have to choose to Add to New Action.
  • Now Hit the Scripting option.
  • Select the Open application alternative.
  • Tap Choose on the further page.
  • Extract the partIcular application to hide and press the button below. 
  • This is where you can name your masked shortcut. Choose any name you want to give.
  • Tap on the recently named shortcut Icon. 
  • Here you are advised to choose an icon and color of your masked shortcut.
  • You can pat Done now. 
  • Now you will get redirected to the page where you view your created shortcut App Icon.
  • Tap on your named masked shortcut app with an Icon
  • Hit Share on the lower side of the page. 
  • Select Add to the home screen. This option enables you to get your app secretly at the Home Screen all the time but anonymous from others.

Now your masked shortcut app is added to the home screen whenever you want to get in, tap on that, also your parents or any siblings won’t be able to catch what is inside that. Thus, this is one of the best shortcuts to hiding any private apps.

Note: if you urge to add more privacy to your masked shortcut app you can also disguise it by transferring it into folders and later by hiding that particular widget. We have described the folder and widget, hiding procedure above as well. Catch that to add additional privacy to your masked shortcut app.

Hide apps from iPhone through Settings:

Those looking to cover up all iPhone apps with just one click can drive to this method. Primarily, users can hide apps merely from the home menu, but here we are presenting an alternative approach to wipe them out entirely from the Start screen.

Hide Apps on iOS 14 and later devices

  • tap on settings
  • tap on Screen time
  • Click on Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • Touch to Content Restrictions again
  • Enter Screen Time passcode( if required)
  • Select Apps choice
  • Hit Don’t Allow all apps
  • Regarding system, software is blacked out. Take a look at the monitor.

 Use Age+ Rating Number of the App to hide: 

Each application has a distinct Age+ evaluation number. This enables you to hide and visualize any application from the mobile phone’s landing panel. More specifically, all iOS devices retain such help features with the purpose of monitoring the visibility of freeware from the settings. Let’s see how this goes. In the first place, let’s find the Age+ Rating Number of the App.

  • Click on the App Store icon.
  • Search any suitable App in the box above.
  • Note the Age+ Rating Number of the searched freeware.
  • Turn back to the settings
  • Click Screen Time
  • Hit Content and Privacy Restrictions
  • Tap to Content Restrictions again
  • Enter Screen Time passcode( if required)
  • Enter into the Apps option
  • Tap to Don’t Allow all apps. 

siappear apps
  • Below the option, you can see the Age+ ratings (4+, 9+ , 12+) etc.
  • Tick the Checkmark on the preceding App Age+ Rating Number regarding the App, you want to hide.
  • Now go to the iPhone window to check.

Note: All Social media networks such as WhatsApp have their 12+ Age rating number. So, for instance, you want to disappear WhatsApp from the home panel, you need to check the Mark box on the number 9+. It means that all apps with more than a 9+ age rating are masked.

  • Use 9+ for all social media networks.
  • Use 12+ for all Dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, etc.
  • Use 4+ for those online platforms which do not contain objectionable content.
  • Use 17+ for those which contain material unsuitable for children less than 17.

Hide Downloaded apps on iOS 14 and newer devices from the start menu of your iPhone using the same step-by-step procedure above. Soon you tap Don’t allow all apps, all third-party apps get faded away from the display window.

Disappear Built-in apps from iPhone:

Apple steadily sums up some embedded browsers whenever it unleashes a newer version. These built-in modules are pre-installed in almost every Apple device, including phones. Considering the user convenience, there is also a specific way to hide all the embedded apps together.

Yes! It is possible to hide all built-in applications for sure, but can’t remove them entirely from the system endlessly. Let’s try this out.

Make sure you are assuming these steps for iOS 10.1 and later devices.

⦁ go to the settings

⦁ touch on general

⦁ scroll down & touch on restrictions

⦁ tap on Enable Restriction

⦁ enter your passcode( if needed)

⦁ re- enter the passcode to verify your restriction

⦁ All built-in apps on iPhone are here.

settings iphone app hidecontent and privacy restrictions

⦁ Make use of the green color regulator button.

  • Slide it away to mask any specific application.

Disappear all downloaded apps together from iPhone:

If you are picturing covering up all downloaded systems from the home screen in one shot without restricting the embedded ones. You should attempt this procedure given below. Sure, that’ll help you.

Make sure you are following these steps on iOS 10.1 & later devices

  • Capture the settings in the main view of your iPhone.

⦁ Press the general option 

⦁ tap on the restrictions 

⦁ enter your password(if needed)

⦁ Scroll down & tap on Apps

settings content restrictions privacy
  • Once again, tap Don’t allow applications to cache all uploaded versions together.

⦁ Get back to the start panel and verify all third-party software is wiped out.

Hide Purchased Apps from iPhone App Store:

A-store is another program where the number of users carry out their tasks, but do you know? Alternatively, you can also cache the applications from within the store. A-Store is one of those secure platforms where you can probably mask your private App. Consequently, the user can surely ward off his database if any person strives to sneak into his phone.

This method is not designed to hide or delete any function from the iPhone home menu, but just to walk you through how to hide the purchased history inside the app store. Catch the prompts given below:

⦁ tap on the App Store icon on the iPhone starts viewing.

⦁ Touch the profile icon inside the store

⦁ Use face ID or touch (if needed)

⦁ Scroll to the bottom and select the purchased option.

⦁ All purchased apps are here

⦁ Go into the Account. 

⦁ Choose the App to hide & swipe it to the left.

Hide Apps from iPhone

⦁ Tap on the Red-colored Hide opt.

  • You may cache other ones using the same process.

⦁ Hit the Done button on the upper-right corner when finished.  

Hide apps from iPhone Siri & Search

The SIRI browser is formulated to back up your information and let you choose what you want. Each one of us uses Siri software more often but do you know? In iPhone settings, we have an option to change the visibility of applications and protect our software from snoopers through SIRI & Search. You can also hide Siri’s suggestions from the given procedure. Come along with us and See:

⦁ touch to settings choice 

⦁ Hit Siri & Search for alternative

⦁ Select the specific App you want to Hide

⦁ Toggle Off the following: Learn from this App, Suggest App, Show App in Search, Show Content In Search Suggest Shortcuts for App.

siri and search settings iphone
  • Similarly, by following the same procedure you can hide other apps too.

When you toggle off these choices, your data will transfer to Apple. Consequently, Siri stops sending you personal suggestions to your lock screen, and application information also does not show up in the search.

To avoid the application from being fully displayed, you should use the individual application settings described above.

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