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How to get Chroma & Mystical Blooks in Blooket? (100% Working)

Have you been grinding hard in Blooket to get some fine Chroma and Mystical Blooks? Or have you tried every fake online hack that’s displayed with amazing clickbait titles and thumbnails?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether or not what you use, getting a Chroma or mystical blook is as hard as getting good marks without studying.

However, the chances of you getting a Chroma and mystical blook is much higher than getting good marks without studying.

Jokes apart, we personally played the game and came up with a conclusion that you might want to know!

If you’re interested, keep on reading. In this post, we are going to tell you all the valid and hacking ways for obtaining a Chroma and Mystical-level rarity Blook in Blooket.

What are Chroma Blooks?

Have you ever played with wrestling cards? Do you remember how badly, you wished for getting a legendary card? Chromas are exactly like those legendary cards. In Blooket, Chromas are ranked 2nd in terms of blook-rarity. You might end up grinding multiple hours in
order to obtain a Chroma, but there is still no certainty that you might end up getting one or not.

However, there is another benefit of grinding for Chromas. You might end up getting knowledge from all sorts of question sets in Blooket due to the grind! So, do not give up on the grind, as it is a win-win situation for you.

Presently, there are 21 Chroma Blooks available for students to obtain. They are really hard to get and have a roll probability of 0.05% to 0.02%. You can only obtain Chroma blooks
from special events! Also, some of them aren’t even obtainable.

What Chromas exist in Blooket?

Here is a list of all the chromas that exist in Blooket:
● Rainbow Panda Blook
● Red Astronaut Blook
● Brown Astronaut Blook
● Black Astronaut Blook
● Orange Astronaut Blook
● Pink Astronaut Blook
● Yellow Astronaut Blook
● Green Astronaut Blook
● Haunted Pumpkin Blook
● Spooky Pumpkin Blook
● Spooky Mummy Blook
● Master Elf Blook
● Tiger Zebra Blook
● White Peacock Blook.

● Cyan Astronaut Blook.

● Agent Owl Blook

● Lime Astronaut Blook

● Tropical Globe Blook

● Frost Wreath Blook

● Lucky Frog Blook

● Lovely Frog Blook.

how to get chroma in Blooket

Here’s an image of me getting a legendary blook in just 6 tries. Well, what do you call this? Pure luck or just luck? Guess what, that’s what Blooket’s drop system is all about. You may try the hardest but you may end up with having uncommons and legendaries but no Chroma Blooks.

However, keep on reading to know the most legit and illegal ways of getting Chroma Blooks in Blooket.

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How to get Chroma Blooks in Blooket?

Mentioned below are the current valid steps to get Chroma Blooks in Blooket:

Method1# Hacking (Illegal)

Disclaimer, your Blooket account may get suspended because using cheats is unfair and it affects the experience of any software/application for fair users.

In order to get many chances to get Blooks in Blooket, you need to have a massive amount of tokens (currency used in Blooket) which you can do by adding tokens to your Blooket account using Blooket token add hack.

  • And, for that, you need to log in from your blooket account.
  • Next, click the “Add-Tokens-and-XP.js” link and copy the code.
  • Now that GitHub code has been copied, you need to open blooket play waiting lobby.
  • Next, do a right-click and click on inspect.
  • Now you have to paste the copied code from GitHub under the “Console” tab’s typing box.
  • Or replace URl section with javascrip:paste the copied code without any space. Then, hit enter and refresh the page.
  • And, all done! Now a pop-up will appear on your screen quoting “max tokens awarded”.
  • Now lead to the market page and you will get around 500 coins. Keep on repeating this to get more tokens and then when you have enough of them start putting your luck to the game by opening whichever Blook bundles you want.

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You can also use various hacking methods to obtain all blooks, including rainbow panda and other Chroma blooks. You must visit the article that we previously provided on our website that explains these cheats. We reassure you that using one of the techniques described there will unquestionably unlock rainbow blook in Blooket. Good Luck!

What are Mystical Blooks in Blooket? How to get them?

There are currently just four kinds of Mystical Blooks available in Blooket: Spooky Ghost, Tim the Alien, Rainbow Astronaut, and Phantom King. They are the seventh most rare Blooks in the entire game. It’s because winning a Blooket event like the Candy Quest or Lunch is the only way to get them.

All Mystical Blooks are listed here, along with information on how to acquire them.

1#Spooky Ghost:

Spooky Ghost
Drop RateAwarded
How to obtain?1st place winners of Contest of Candy
Featured Game ModeSanta’s Workshop
Can be sold for1000 tokens

Spooky Ghost is the first Mystical Blook and also the second most difficult Blook to obtain. It is recolored version of Ghost Blook. The blook is awarded to first place winners of Contest of Candy event. It is one of the two animated Blooks on the Blooket website, along with Time the Alien.

Every year in the month of October, Blooket conducts an event called The Contest of Candy. This Halloween-themed event is played as a game similar to Gold Quest and Candy Quest. Players are given the task to gather five candies in order to escape a spooky house.

2# Tim the Alien:

Tim the Alien
Drop RateAwarded
How to obtain?1st Place In PAC Event
Featured Game ModeFishing Frenzy
Can be sold for?1000 Tokens

This Blook designed keeping in mind the structure of UFO. We can say it appears like a UFO Blook with Animated cow rotating at the center including multi colored spaceship and Green Alien which is named Tim. Tim the Alien is the second rare Mystical and animated blook other than Spooky Ghost.

This Blook is awarded to the first place winners of Pokemon Are Cool Event (PAC). The player’s main goal in this Ben Stewart-created game is to collect Pokemon cards from particular sets, such as the Fossil, Jungle, and Neo Genesis sets.

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3# Phantom King:

Drop RateN/A
How to obtain?Awarded (from PoP event)
Featured Game modeTower of Defense, Cafe
Can be sold for1000 Tokens

The third-rarest Mystical Blook is the exceedingly magnificent Phantom King. Actually, it’s a scam. The top two guides in the PoP competition receive it. Only 50 people currently possess it. The top two guilds in the PoP event receive The Phantom King Blook award.

4# Rainbow Astronaut:

Mystical blooks best
Drop RateN/A
How to obtain?Awarded in LUNCH event for the Top Hockey Club
Featured Game modeN/A

Rainbow Astronaut is the only single Blook that features colors in hue rotation. When it is stable, it looks like Red Astronaut that means it changes colors from red astronaut to other colors. Because of the rotational movement of the rainbow astronaut’s hues, it is designated as a Mystical rare.

This Blook is awarded to only given to the greatest Hockey club during the LUNCH event (which stands for Legendary Universal Never-Before-Seen Championships of Hockey) conducted by Blooket every year in March Month. You also get the White Peacock Blook and Tiger Zebra when you win Rainbow Astronaut.

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Can I get Mystical Blooks in Blooket using hack?

No, mystical Blooks can not be obtained using hacking methods shown above (Explained for getting Chromas). This is because Mystical Blooks are not packed in any of the Market menu boxes or packs so that you can open them using tokens, instead they are only awarded during events conducted by Blooket.

If you want to get Mystical Blooks, you must learn how to win the game in events conducted by Blooket. You have better chances of winning the Mystical blooks if you know more strategies for beating these games and placing first overall.

Closing Insights:

In conclusion, if you have any questions about using Blooket, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks again for reading! Good luck with your Blooks opening!

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