How to install IPA file on iPhone without jailbreak/computer

What is an IPA file (iOS App Store Package)? IPA is an iOS app archive file developed by Apple, along with an IPA file extender, which stores just iOS applications, which states that you are allowed to run these folders just on Apple gadgets. To render more clarity to our readers, we would say IPA’s are almost similar to zip files, even though IPA files have a more complex framework. This article talks about the search ‘how to install IPA file on iPhone?’

Install .ipa file iphone

The coding of IPA folders helps iPhones such that these codes draw up far-ranging programs to turn IPA folders more compatible for iPhones. Apps like video games, weather, and other utility apps make use of IPA files to accumulate the data they need to carry out commonly. If these files get propagated via the app store, they hold iTunes metadata.

The developers require to test iOS apps (. IPA) throughout different running discrete versions, which helps to ascertain that the created iOS versions are glitch-less before unlocking the iOS app on the app store. iOS testers frequently test iOS apps by using simulators that are accessible in Xcode. And also by installing apps on real iPhones utilizing Xcode.

  Things to Know Before Going Through .ipa File Installation Procedures.

  • They are data holders (like zipping), carry different bits of data that paint your iPhones with, such as games, news, utilities, weather, social networking, media, etc. 
  • An IPA file incorporates bits/binary, compatible only with iOS devices.
  • The size of an IPA folder extension remains unchanging for each application. That means their structure remains uniform for all the apps.
  • Stay uncompressed even after switching the extension to zipping or unzipping.
  • PNG and occasionally JPEG .ipa files carry App icons which display in iTunes and App Store on cell Phones.
  • The ‘Payload’ includes its all application data and is also used to open up the IPA folder on the simulator.
  • iOS smartphone simulators can’t support most .ipa files without Xcode SDK because they don’t carry bits for x86 structure.
  • The IPA file begets a built-in structure, also gets downloaded from iPhone through the ‘App Store’ app.
  • You’re allowed to fix unsigned IPA folders onto jailbroken peripherals through third-party software.

How to install IPA file on iPhone without requiring jailbreak/computer

For iOS 14 and later devices

Employment of the AppCake app backs smartphones while launching IPA folders. The AppCake is another preferable program for downloading third-party apps like delta etc. It lets you execute apps on Apple devices without being jailbroken. The IPA folder association call for two steps, pursue step-by-step instructions to finish off the intended task. Let’s get started.

STEP1# Download AppCake on iPhone

  • Go to the Safari application
how to install ipa on iphone
  • Browse, slide a bit, and tap ‘Install Appcake’ option. Then hit OK. If that doesn’t work, try to surf Kubadownload for AppCake for installation.
  • Once the downloading is over, Tap on ‘launch the app’ onto iPhone.

 Let’s look around to “Fix Untrusted Developer Error” on smartphone by establishing the trust of AppCake.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on the General option. 
  • At the bottom hit ‘Profiles and Device Management.’
  • It should be there at the bottom under enterprise apps, “the App Developer Name”, tap on it.
install ipa on iphone
  • Hit the blue link requesting to gain iPhone trust Distribution and confirm it by again tapping “Trust”. The App Cake is embarked on your device. Go back to your handset’s home screen & allow it for verification.
  • Also, let AppCake to download the “Configuration Profile”.
  • Go back to the settings to tap on the “downloaded profile title” as it has been pointed out under the Apple ID name.
  • The AppCake app is installed successfully on your iPhone.

STEP2# Download IPA File 

Now download an IPA folder on your Phone and install it on the AppCake to function:

  • Go to Settings and open Safari to ‘Clear History and Data.’
  • Download the IPA folder from “Kinemaster. IPA library.”
  • Scroll a bit on the page, and tap Green Color Download IPA Option.
  • Open the “kinemaster .IPA folder” in the uploads and tap it.
  • Open it with the AppCake app. In a matter of seconds, the file will import.
  • Navigate to downloads on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “kineMaster .ipa folder” and launch it.
  • Within seconds, the “kineMaster .ipa folder” icon will appear on the home screen.

Launch Lightning Sign IPA file on iOS handset

Install the IPA folder by using the given steps:


  • Open Safari app on iPhone.
  • Browse
  • Search “Magic Sign” in the Search Box.
  • Now launch “Magic Sign” by redirecting the first link and re-confirm it to install.
  • Once the installation is over. Pass to the home screen and tap on the “Magic Sign” icon.

If it shows unable to verify, fix the Untrusted developer error

Go to settings >General option>Profiles & Device Management> tap on the App Developer Name at the bottom>Hit the blue link asking for trust iPhone Distribution> Re-confirm it to verify the trust.

  • The verification enables you to successfully access the “Magic sign App” from the home screen.
  • Once you enter Magic Sign, tap on the “me profile icon” at the right bottom.
  • Now tap on file import and re-confirm by allowing it.
  • On the redirected page, ‘Allow’ the website to download the configuration profile.
  • Next, the ‘Profile & Device management page’ pops up, tap on the ‘download configuration profile’ there and hit
  • ‘Install’ in the upper right corner, also re-confirm it by poped up prompts (enter Passcode if needed)
  • Continue to certificate verification.


  • Open the downloaded lightning sign .ipa folder with Magic sign, and ‘launch it without signature‘ and continue.
  • Once the lightning Sign installation is over, head to the home screen open it, also provide your Apple ID there.

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 How to install IPA file on iPhone using AppLive

BrowserStack is a software tool to test cloud web/iOS apps for performing mobile testing on actual devices. It gives a platform to app builders to try out their operating systems, mobile apps, and websites that are getting used throughout recent on-demand explorers. We can try out real devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone X, iPhone12, iPad Pro, etc.) running on different iOS editions.

It allows testing .ipa folders on the handset as well. Utilize these steps to get your task done.

  • As a new bug, opt for the free trial and sign up. Or buy a plan if required.
How to install .ipa on iphone
  • Tap on the uploaded apps section where the App-live control panel is availed.
  • Upload the.Ipa file that needs to be examined by utilizing the “upload your App” at the top left.
  • Now pick your cell phone model there for .ipa file live testing.
Applive demo
  • The App-live session will begin once you submit and click your handset version there.
App live demo iphonedge
  • The determined I.P.A file is downloaded and installed successfully on your selected handset.

How to install IPA file on iPhone using iTunes through computer/MacOS

Earlier on iOS users could download apps on the iPhone using iTunes, but later apple standstill with the installation of iTunes from the App Store for iPhones. This modification is cast out to stimulate and increase the marketing of Apple TV, Podcasts, and Apple Music apps characteristically.

Due to this particular reason, we can’t launch the .ipa file straightly by installing iTunes. Here we ask third-party devices to assist those who support Windows/macOS.

Get an IPA file on the iPhone by applying iTunes. Download Windows or macOS-supported versions of iTunes. 

  • First, fetch a .ipa folder on the computer/laptop or Mac before transferring it to iPhone. So download a .ipa folder primarily.
  • Once the .ipa folder gets downloaded on the PC.
ipa launch usinig iTunes
ipa itunes iphone

Sync iTunes to iPhone

  • Once the installation program ended up, link your laptop/computer with your cell phone via a cable wire for transferring the iTunes version.
ipa download iphone iTunes
  • Transfer downloaded .ipa folder from iTunes library to iPhone.
  • Stay connected to your iPhone through cable. Open the iTunes library folder to drag and dip the .ipa file to your Cell Phone folder in iTunes.
  • Check your handset’s home screen to find out if it is installed or not.

If the installation is successful, remove the wire cable by clicking the eject option in iTunes. Click on the .ipa folder app if it asks to verify trust on your iPhone.

 Fix the untrusted enterprise developer problem follow

  • Go to settings 
  • Tap on general
  • Tap on Device management
  • Press below Enterprise app, the name of the developer for determining trust of the developer
  • Tap the blue-colored prompt to verify your selection. Now you can download any app from this developer and run it onto your to the system, as you have gained trust.
  • Tap to verify the app and make sure it is connected to the internet while doing that. 

Launch IPA files on iPhone using the filza App

The AppCake app enables iPhones to launch .ipa files. Start by connecting your device to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • Download any .ipa file from the .ipa library by clicking on the below-given link such as iFile, etc.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, save it in a folder to open it easily.
  • The next step is to install the Filzer app on your iPhone to launch an IPA folder into it.

Here is how you can download the Filzer app

1. Open your browser on your iPhone.

2. Download the tool for your device on the official Cydia Impactor website.

3. Turn on Cydia Impactor to detect your device.

4. Drag and drop the downloaded .ipa file from the folder into the open iPhone tab.

5. Now, you need to fill in the Apple details and press OK on the expired certificate warning.

Wait for Filza software installation on your device to view it on your home screen.

Here is another way to install Filza App on iPhone

You can download files through the TutuApp installer. It provides the ability to install applications such as Filza very comfortably. 

  • Open your iPhone’s Safari browser.
  • Go to the VIP TutuApp download site on safari and open the home page.
  • And, Follow the given guidelines to download TutuApp from there.
  • Now launch the application on the iPhone by pressing its icon.
  • Now browse Filza in the search box. 
  • Click on the result .
  • Press Install right after the display of the application page.
  • Wait for the filzer app installation. After the installation is complete, you can see it on the welcome screen of the iPhone.

How to install IPA file on iPhone by using XCode and App Signer

Download your IPA file>Open XCode>Create a new XCode project>Single View App>Name it accordingly whatever>Next> Select downloaded IPA & Tap create>Be sure that there is a certificate>Tap on play press stop it before ended>Exit XCode

Open up App Signer Click on the browser and opt the file to Sideload>Select the recently created XCode Project>Tap to Start & Save>Replace>Enter Password>Done>Exit App Signer.

Open XCode again>Go to widow>Device & Stimulations>Tap on the +sign>Select to open the self-signed I.P.A file>Open the app is available on the device, confirm trust now to fix untrusted Delveloper> Open settings>general>Profiles & Provisions>tap ‘blue Trust link’ again to confirm-trust

How to install IPA file on iPhone using 3Utools software

All PC users can download and install the 3utools program. You can employ this tool in handling apps, photos, music, videos, books, files (APK/IPA), documents right away from your device. Launch ipa file on your iOS device through PC.

  • Browse “” on your PC to download 3Utools software.
3Utools ipa install on iphone
  • Open 3Utools and tap IPA signature.
how to install ipa 3
  • Enter your Apple ID.
  • Tap on the option to ‘sign in with Apple ID’, then press ‘Add Apple ID.’
  • Connect iPhone by using a USB cable with PC.
3Utool .install ipa file on iPhone
  • Now time to add a downloaded IPA folder.
  • Tick a checkmark on apps and Apple ID, later press “Start signing.”
  • Wait for getting signed in successfully.
  • Tap “Open the signed IPA location” and install IPA signed.
  • Press the right-click on your mouse and click to 3Utools install.
  • Now tap to open the IPA file app on iPhone and fix the untrusted developer issue by these steps: Go to settings>General>profile & Device management>Tap below enterprise and confirm trust on the next page.
  • You are ready to open the IPA file app on your iPhone.

Launch IPA file on iOS handset using OTA Deployment

OTA is an over-the-air technology that helps in linking iOS files(I.P.A/APK). The user can configure them with the help of HTTP servers. OTA deployment helps install and open the I.P.A file in your device app without using the test flight or the official App Store. 

Create an OTA release Link for your iPhone

  • Download I.P.A file for the application 
  • Upload the I.P.A file to the HTTP server or a site that can build a link manageable to share and open.
  • You can surf DeployNinja, Diawi, etc., websites to get the publicly approachable link to load your .ipa file there, which can be shared and set up on your phone device.
  • Browse any one of these sites and dispatch your .ipa file to create a link or URL to be shared.
  • Get the generated URL of the I.P.A file to utilize it to download or install the file over the air.
  • Now Mail the link to your Gmail account to perceive it on your iPhone.

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