iPhone 13 VS iPhone 12 Comparison: Should I Buy One?

The reason you might have hovered over this page is probably your excitement about the iOS 15, which literally launched a day ago. However, we would say you can make up your mind if you consider buying one. Theretofore make sure to understand the major differences between the iPhone 13 VS iPhone 12 versions before going out, as this blog is supposed to break down what’s new this year.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 comaparison

Select which is the right one for you

According to Apple, the Pre Order starts from September-17th-2021 for Apple 13 versions. And their Availability in retail stores Starts from September-24th- 2021.

iPhone 13 VS 12: Pricing/ SPECS:

Here is how much is the iPhone 13 going to cost;

Determining the prices of the new 13 models is not very difficult because the base models in iOS 15 start with about 128 Gigabytes of storage. That’s a bit more than double what Apple offered in devices released last year.

It is one of the reasons you can consider the pricing of the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini to be quite the same, which determines you can buy these smartphones starting at respectively $799 and $699 on more affordable rates.

Pricing for 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max is quite the same, so the 13 Pro starts at $999, and the 13 Pro Max begins at $1099. This year Apple is offering a one terabyte model, which goes for $1499 for the 13 Pro and $1599 for the 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 VS 12: Design/Size/Color

Let’s begin with the design first. 

  • The 13 models almost look like the previous year’s 12 model in size, which means that in terms of shape, they are similar such that iOS 12 cases will integrate easily onto your smartphone 13 & 13 mini.
  • The characteristic that distinguishes Apple’s 13 from the 12 models is their color. They are available in five fascinating colors such as red, starlight fresher, midnight white is a darker color, with bluish and pink colors.
  • While the 13 Pro series still comes with a design similar to the 12 Pro series in particular colors like silver, gold, graphite, and sierra gold which is a lighter blue shade.
  • Some features in the 13 Pro series combine a Pro-motion display. You can make use of a 120-hertz display on an iPhone 13 Pro along with an adaptive screen that would go from 10 Hertz to 120 Hertz depending upon what you do. 

A15 Bionic:

Just like every year, the new Phone is introduced with a unique processor. In the case of iOS 15, it owns an A15 bionic chip processor. 

It is a 5-nanometer processor that effectively streamlines power with 15 billion transistors, new graphics, and AI, compared to other iPhone 12 processors previously launched. Apple says it’s 50% faster than its competition, like Snapdragon 8 processor.

5G Support

A few years ago, 5G network was gradually rolling across the globe. With regard to 13 models, the big news is that they are compatible with 5G networks worldwide, including 200 carriers in over 60 countries and areas. 

In addition, a feature is known as ‘Smart Data Mode’ is also introduced to reduce battery exhaustion due to 5G networks by automatically shifting it to LTE when you don’t need 5G:


If you’re presuming about switching the Magsafe Wallet because it does not include the Find My tracking feature, so let me inform you, that you need not do so, as Apple announced that the new MagSafe Wallet holds the Find My built-in. 

You can order it online today. It is available in various colors like golden brown, dark cherry, midnight and Wisteria, etc. It will start shipping after September 21. You might also grab several such advanced accessories with iOS 15 smartphones.

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iPhone 13 VS 12: Camera

  • The iOS 15 handsets have emerged with amazing camera features like Cinematic Mode, improved low light performance, and photographic styles.
  • The orientation and layout of the camera modules in 13 versions are totally different from the 12 models. Rather than being piled up, they are now diagonally.
  • Therefore, it allows more light to enter, and the addition of an optical image stabilization sensor offset reduces dependency on interpolation to capture awesome color images. 
  • Apple has put forth tons of camera samples while launching newer versions. We assure you to carry out a comprehensive camera approach or tests and later share hands-on experiences with you.
  • Apple’s 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max handsets hold three new cameras, a wide camera with a larger image sensor and an f 1.5 aperture, a new ultra-wide camera with an F 1.8 that also doubles as a macro lens, and a new autofocus system, and finally a new 77-millimeter telephoto camera offering 3X optical zoom.

Apart from cinematographic mode, you can also capture images in prores on iOS 15 models. It is an advanced video codec used by professionals to film and deliver advertising and movies. This series is also able to film, share and edit in Dolby-vision and prores.

New Video Maker Feature

Everyone these days is a cinematographer and loves to create interesting and attractive videos. If you’re one of them here is, something functional you can find on 13 versions. 

Apple has included a new video feature, “Shot in Cinematic Mode,” to record any topic, whether it’s an individual, your pet, or an object with beautiful bokeh. This effect of depth and movement of the camera, of course, will change the objective. That means it uses the focus technique while creating a film.

iPhone 13 VS 12: Battery Life

For nearly the entire year 2021, I used iPhone 12 Mini. I’m looking forward to buying the new iOS device as Apple offered advanced battery life to fresher versions.

battery life iPhone 13
  • Apple has promised to render two and a half hours more battery time on iPhone 13, as well as an hour and a half for iPhone 13 Mini. So that’s a significant- quality for those looking for an Apple phone with elongated battery backup.
  • Similar to the handsets 13 and 13 Mini, the Pro series comes with longer battery life as well. As for battery backup, Apple promises one and a half hours extra for iPhone 13 Pro and two and a half more hours for the iPhone 13 pro-Max.


iOS 15 carries a lot of features that you should be excited about. Firstly, we’ll talk about FaceTime which got a big update in iOS 15 carrying iPhones like it would help you receiving the clear-cut sound. 

In cases like you’re in the crowd, Voice Isolation uses machine learning to block out any unnecessary noise to make you sound better.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12

Do you remember how Facetime used to have different-sized bubbles, but now it is updated such that it shows up in the grid view. So that active candidates’ face size remains the same, having the white border line around their box.

It also includes Portrait Mode, which we more often use on the camera to blur the background in the video.

There’s a lot more besides being able to create video calls in iOS 15. FaceTime allows you to share activities like, if you think of watching or playing any game or movie or want to listen to music with somebody, you can do so with your friends utilizing Facetime case Share Play

Well, with a Focus feature on iOS 15, Apple is meant to help your smartphone be more of a tool, not a distraction. You can create different focus areas utilizing the Focus feature. 

There are certain features to utilize on smartphones, containing iOS 15, for example, the Wallet for keeping the Digital ID Card, driver’s license, state ID, etc. 

Safari Browser has also been modified- like in the latest templates- you will see the address bar and the integrated toolbar in the floating top bar.

Should You Upgrade to the iPhone 13 or 13 Pro Series?

The difference between the regular iPhone 13 series and the Pro series is fair and more distinct. Generally, we would not suggest on the condition that if you own last year’s model as Apple has made it very candid upgrading your iPhone each year, we would consider it. 

The two advanced things that Apple has launched with iOS 15 phones are its high-quality camera performance and superb battery life. So, we leave everything to you, understand act accordingly.

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