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iPhone Secret Codes You Probably Don’t Know Exist

iPhones do have secret codes similar to android smartphones. Specific hidden menu features can be obtained by dialing the highlighted secret codes on your device. These codes allow you to check the loopholes in the hardware or software system of your cell-phone, ensuring that the internal hardware system is either original or not refurbished before. There are all-important iPhone Secret Codes you may know outlined in this post.

iphone secret codes

What’s more, these secret numbers allow you to perform several important tasks directly. More specifically, this stuff helps when you need to buy an old iPhone or pick up your device after repair.

So, let’s dive into the article to know more about the secret keys and their functionality. The code will not work unless you type them into the numbering pad and press the Call button. The following are the most important codes you may need.

Code1. To hide Your Caller ID for all SIMs Dial *67XYZABCDEFG

By employing this code, you can hide your caller ID for SIMs on carriers like Verizon, AT & T network, and sprint network. But, before doing that, you need to anchor some parameters on your mobile phone. First, turn off the Show My caller ID option. Here’s how to do that:

  • Launch Settings.
secret codes iPhone
  • Then scroll down and select the ‘Phone’ Menu.
Show My Caller ID
  • Now scroll down to the bottom and tap Show My Caller ID, and toggle OFF the functionality.
Show My Caller ID
  • Now open the dialer pad of your mobile phone and type *67-and Enter the phone number you want to Call without any space.
  • Now tap the Call-button.
  • From now on, the recipient will see your number as private or unknown.

Note: If you’re using the T-Mobile network, use *31PHONENUMBER and tap call to hide the caller ID.

Code2. To View Missed Calls Dial *#62#

Alternatively, you can view missed calls and call log details on your smartphone by calling *#62# key on the dialer pad. Though, there is a direct way to check the missed calls on any device. But this is useful when you have to retrieve the call log details if it gets deleted unintentionally.

Code3. To Get Field Test Mode Dial *3001#12345#*

It is one of the most important iPhone secret codes which each user uses at once. Field test mode helps you know the technical details like network information, signal strength, and more. It puts on statistics about the signal strength in number form, not in the type of bars. Alternatively,, you can save and share signal readings about 3G, 4G, and 5G on your device.

Filed test Mode Secret codes

Open the calling pad on your device and type *3001#12345#*. As you tap on call, it will redirect you to the network and signal strength reading Dashboard.

Code4. To Get Key to Enable & Disable Emergency Test Alerts Visit the link.

Code5. To Disable Call Barring Dial *#33#

Call barring or blocking is something that restricts you from making international calls. It declines any incoming call from a specific number. If you want to allow receiving calls from particular numbers, set the call barring feature on deactivated mode. This really frustrates us. You can disable call barring by dialing the secret code *#33# on the caller pad of your device.

Code6. To check the Data Usage Dial #932#

You can view the data used on your smartphone directly from within the phone application by dialing this code. Besides that, there are specific discrepancies like we are not sure that it would work for other carriers like Verizon, Att, etc. But for T- mobile carriers, it definitely works. So, enter #932# on the dial pad and tap call to know the actual data usage on your mobile phone. It will show you the amount of data consumed as of the date and time is posted.

Code7. To Block Scam Calls Dial #662#

Each one of us has to encounter the frustrating scam calls in our daily life once. So, it’s very compulsory to block them out so as to get rid of them permanently. You can use this key on Verizon-Att, & T-mobile carriers if your iPhone constantly receives such scam calls. Open the dialer pad to enter #662# and tap on Call green button. As you tap it, it will successfully block all the scam calls. If you want to change or unblock it again, replace the 2 with 3.

Code8. For forwarding Calls Dial *#67#

Code9. Hidden Code for checking the bill balance Dial *225#

Code10. To Check Account Balance Dial *777#.

Code11. To know General info Dial *3282#

Code12. To Ge Key to check the Device Info Visit the Link.

Last but not least, if you want to view your iPhone information like EID, and the IMEI number, the device model, serial number, iOS version click on the above given link.

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