8 Best Meme Maker Apps of All Time For iPhone

Whenever we get into the internet community, we usually encounter some crazy interesting stuff, also popularly known as memes, i.e., the most entertaining material ever. Memes are a type of idea or concept that spreads contagiously from one person to another, or they can be lived and shared through the internet.

meme maker app iphone

There are multiple platforms where you get to see and share them, such as social media, forum posts, and even some text messaging applications. The famous memes that we have come across over the years are LOLCats, Squiting Fry, Steve Evil Kermit, Grumpy Cat, and the hysterical Yawning Face meme.

Best Apps for Meme (iPhone)

Creating some eye-catching memes through an app is a no-brainer. But, it goes without saying that there are a horde of meme-making apps and sites these days, so in such conditions, it seems to be a tedious and time-consuming job to find the best app that fits your needs. We have rounded up the top seven free meme maker apps for the iPhone to help you create memes that will explode all over the internet. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the article.


How to make memes on iPhone

Mematic is one of the most popular meme generator applications that has spanned over 10 million downloads globally. Basically, it’s a free app where you can create memes on the go. It allows you to choose FreeStyle and other different kinds of standard meme templates and add captions to your uploaded image. 

Apart from that, you can apply different layout tools, including classic frames, arranging text, background colors, and stickers, to your favourite template to give it a more composed texture. The Canva meme editor tools are something that we like the most about this app.

Mematic is more than a meme editor that helps you create inspiring quotes, sell your product, celebrate achievements, crack jokes for you, etc. Also, within a few taps, you can add funny text to your desired content and export it to share with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram directly from Mematic.

Besides generating exceptional memes, Mematic also values your privacy as it does not track and show you any third-party advertisements. Moreover, no one can access your created memes on Mematic until you share them by yourself.

Last but not least, you can remove the watermark from stock images by getting your hands on the Mematic subscription at approximately $29.99 annually to get unlimited access to the Pro features installed within the app, like already ready Memes, which you can search and use immediately after grabbing the subscription. Depending upon your plan selection, the subscription can be billed monthly (Mematic Pro Monthly) or annually (Mematic Pro Annually).

PowerDirector-Video Meme Maker

The PowerDirector is a top-notch video meme maker app that brings so much to the table to churn out incredible memes. It’s one solo video editing app that is making it to the top in the requested category. It enables you to capture and edit videos in 4K resolution format like the pros.

When you have to shoot cinematic-style movies and create fast-forward or slow-motion videos, slideshows, etc., in a short span of time, this app comes in handy. Also, there are many editing tools in this app that can help you create high-caliber professional videos. 

Meme Maker- GiF Generator

Apps for iphone to make memes

If you are prying for an iPhone-compatible app that doesn’t include graphic or design tools, then the Meme Maker- Gif Generator app is the best bet. It allows you to generate the coolest of memes quickly to dazzle your girlfriend or spouse. It can support you in making profound memes that trend and become famous in no time. Alongside, this application bestows oodles of weird expressions and stickers to create captivating memes with text next to it.

The Meme Maker- Gif Generator offers a free trial for three days to experience its unique features. To enjoy its unlimited service, you have to purchase its weekly, monthly, or annual subscription.

Easy Meme Maker- Funny Pics

Easy meme maker-funny pics app

Easy Meme Maker is another well-built and popular app to make bang-out humorous memes to share and enjoy with your friends in a short time. It was liked and downloaded by millions shortly after its launch on the App Store. The app has attracted several valuable reviews, which state that it is mainly designed to make memes fast and easy, so you get the advantage of using hundreds of stock photos.

For example, “Salt Bae,” “Cash Me Ousside,” “Bad News Brian,” “History-Channels,” “Aliens” guy, etc., are some popular images included in the stock photos to use for free so that you can generate effective funny memes on the flow. With just a few clicks, the Easy Meme Maker lets you add text captions to the picture. Also, you can customize the text color, size, font style, and location of your destination.

Later, when the content is good enough to propagate, it saves them automatically into your phone gallery and provides alternative ways for you to send memes to your desired social networking sites from within the app itself.

Furthermore, you can get the most out of it with its Pro subscription, which opens your way to excellent additional features. This enables you to access all locked formats and pictures and get rid of all ads and watermarks. Not only does it give you the option to select a monthly or yearly subscription, but it also gives you a sense of security that payments will be charged through iTunes only when you receive the confirmation of purchase. 


PhotoGrid App

PhotoGrid is a top-grade meme creator app available on the App Store, an easy and fast way to design the funniest of memes. For those exploring ways to create “images with caption meme” or the “image on an image meme,” PhotoGrid is the up-to-snuff app to take on. Above all, it’s free, and you can access it without striking the pro version.

PhotoGrid offers everything you need to craft the perfect meme. For editing pictures, it houses all the advanced tools, like amazing photo presets and photo effects similar to other photo editing apps. Other than that, PhotoGrid renders various layout options to adjust the photo frame. For example, some designs are side-by-side, and others let you place the image on top of it.

To bring about some hilarious images with the caption meme, PhotoGrid introduces the Meme alternative and the Grid feature for designing the image on an image Meme. Besides that, it incorporates alternatives to add and adjust text size and color freely. 

Alternatively, you can also change the image and pick your favorite one through the embedded Photo button in the application. Once the Meme is good to go, jump to the option to download it to share with your friends across social media.     

Note: The complementary side of the app is that there is a feature inside the PhotoGrid to get GiFs, where you can search for GIFs inside the GIF photo.When PhotGrid is already installed on your phone storage, you don’t need to consider other apps to prepare the GIF meme.


Imgur App

If you are someone who aims to earn money by making memes on an iPhone and promptly seeking sources or apps to create a whole lot of funnier memes, we recommend you handpick Imgur right away, the most suitable app that meets your needs. Also, Imgur has gained immense fame on the internet for producing captivating GIFs. The best part about Imgur is that it’s completely cost-free.

Developing a meme with Imgur is as easy as pie. You may start off with a tap on the “Create” list to select the desired image out of a number of existing memes. Alongside, there is an option to add text that suits your template, then save it. Now your creation is all set to shine on any of your intended platforms. 

Besides generating memes, the Imgur app has a lot of the internet’s most entertaining stuff, such as Imgur’s community, is one such platform where you can share your content and be an internet sensation on the same day. Other than sharing memes, here you get an audience that casts votes to decide what goes viral. 


As per the latest reviews of WordSwag, it is one of the leading meme generator apps on the App Store, having garnered millions of downloads worldwide. With WordSwag, you can explore your creative side by generating really cool buzzwords. The “Photos” and “Camera” menus will appear in the lower middle of the page as soon as you launch WordSwag.

If you want to design a meme, the “Photos” option provides you with dozens of fancied images. You can select one and edit it with different sized captions, on-trend frames, and page layouts. Next, scroll through the captions below and opt for the required image size. To crop the specific part of the picture, zoom in and zoom out with your fingers.

Besides that, its user-friendly GUI is expected to be the silver lining of this application. You can download its pro version straight to your smartphone for free. If you don’t want to shell out on lofty subscriptions or look for pre-made memes, you can make your way to WordSwag. Here you get the chance to discover millions of free pictures for generating an image on an image meme. 

What’s more, it grants users the ability to connect with customer executives at any time they come across an issue. Besides having social media presets and more, there are various reasons why WordSwag is the best choice.

Autoremover-Background Eraser

Cutout Studio app for iphone

More often, we want to crop something out of an image to create trendy pictures. Guess what? The CutOut Autoremover app is the perfect jam for this need. The best part is that you can download it onto your iPhone from the App Store for free. Once you get the app saved on your device, all you have to do is pick a picture from your phone library and brush out the area you want to remove. 

To cut out any specific portion of an image, like people, animals, or goods and vehicles, etc., tap the Background Eraser button. It allows you to remove any unnecessary background from an image in seconds.

That’s there to it. These are a bunch of meme maker apps for the iPhone that we have curated above to walk you through the request. Please let us know if the article was helpful. If you have any further queries, please ask in the comment box given below.

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