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How to get Prodigy membership for free?( Four 100% working methods)

Want to get Prodigy Math game membership for free? Looking for Prodigy free mebership hack? We have got your back. This guide will outline four 100% working methods to get Prodigy membership for free without any cost. So, stick around with us till the end of this article.

Prodigy free membership

But before moving on to the methods to unlock it, let us first understand what is Prodigy Membership actually and is it worth having it.

What is Prodigy Game membership? Is it worth it?

However, Prodigy educational website offers Math game for free play, including all its educational content for your child.

But the free version without Membership does not let your Kid unlock extra rewards and other amazing learning content that can enhance your child’s learning.

Apart from that, the membership feature unlock various important features for parents which they can utilize to help their kids learning.

The Prodigy membership offers the following features for parents and kids:

  • Promotes independent learning.
  • Allows parents to track thier child’s progress and play an active role in their child’s education
  • Rewards keeps students motivated to achieve learning goals.
  • Makes Math learning easy.
  • Makes students more confident and comforable with Math subject.
  • All these benefits can set your child up for incredible success, both in school and beyond.

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Here is how to get Prodigy Membership for free? (Four Methods)

Method1# Hack Prodigy Membership using Github script:

To hack Prodigy Mathematical game membership for free, we have divided the first method into two steps. You must first copy the Free Membership Github script. Secondly, we will move on to the Prodigy Game session to embed the Github script into the game to have Prodigy membership for free. So, let us get started:

STEP1# Copy the Github script:

By clicking on the script of the Prodigy free Membership, you should first copy it.

* Free Membership.

Once the script is copied, move on to STEP2#. We will use this script to hack Prodigy membership for free at the end of step two.

STEP2# Move on to the Prodigy game session:

  • Open the Prodigy Mathematical Game session in a new tab after copying the code.
  • To sign in, enter your username and password.
  • Choose the option for “Home or School.”
  • Choose Students from the menu.
  • After choosing a game mode from the list, click Math Game to start playing.
  • When the game session begins, clear the URL bar and type javascript:paste the Github Free Membership script without any space. Now, hit enter.
Prodigy free membership hack github
  • Now you should see a notifications saying, “You now have a Prodigy Membership (as shown in the image above).”
  • Type in the class code. Click the “I don’t have a class code” button if you don’t have one.
  • Select the country where you currently reside.
  • To choose your home State or Location, click the next button.
  • Select the grade you are studying by tapping the next button.
  • Decide how your wizard will seem.
  • Pick your universe right now.

Method2# Get Prodigy membership for free using Prodigy hacking extension:

Prodigy hack extension allows you to unlock all the membership features of the Prodigy game for free. It is the easiest and the 100% working method that we have used many times to get Prodigy membership for free. Apart from Prodigy membership, you can also unlock other Prodigy game features as well.

So, if you are unable to get Prodigy membership for free vai Method1#, you must give it a shot.

We divided this Prodigy membership hacking process into two steps for your convenience. In the STEP#1, we will download, install, and turn on the Prodigy hacking extension.

In STEP2#, we will move on to the prodigy Math game session to hack or toggle ON Prodigy membership for free. To accomplish the intended work, adhere to the step by step instructions given below.

STEP1# Dowonload and install Prodigy hacking extension:

Prodigy free membership
  • Open Google Chrome and browse chrome://extensions in the URL bar.
  • On the chrome://extensions pageat the top right corner toggle on Developer Mode. Once you turn it ON, you should see some new buttons.
  • Now reload the Chrome extensions page.
  • Now, visit the link and download the Prodigy membership hacking extension.
Prodigy hacking extension
  • To see if a file has been downloaded successfully, look for it on your desktop screen or in your downloads.
  • To install the downloaded file, select and drag it from your desktop downloads to the chrome:/extensions page.
  • Following a successful installation, you ought to notice the Prodigy hacking extension in Chrome extensions.

STEP2# Go to the Prodigy website:

  • Enter your username and password to login in to Prodigy.
  • Choose Math Game.
Prodigy PNP software
  • Now, you should see the PNP software copyright agreement pop-up. Click Agree to go ahead. Now, click OK.
Prodigy free membership
  • At the top left corner of the screen, click the dropdown icon (as shown in the image above) to access Prodigy membership hack.
  • You should now see the Prodigy cheat menu, which includes player, inventory, location, pet, battle, minigame, miscellaneous, utility, beta testing, and patched hacks.
  • Now scroll down the Prodigy hack menu and look for the player hacks.
  • In the player hack, click the Toggle Membership option to get Prodigy membership for free.
  • Congratulations, the Prodigy membership has been hacked successfully. Now, you can start playing game and use all membership features for free and win rewards.

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Method3# Earn Free Membership by referring to fellow teachers:

The Share Prodigy function is a service provided by Prodigy to educators, and it just takes a few minutes to accomplish. Teachers using Prodigy are need to share the platform with other teachers. This earns the other teachers’ new favourite online math platform and a free three-month membership for your kids.

Note: You can only share Prodigy by signing up for your free teacher account.

Free prodigy membership
  • Once you have sign up for your teachers account, click “Share Prodigy” button before your name on your Dashboard’s menu bar. If the Share Prodigy button is not showing, click the drop-down menu next to your name and Click the Share Prodigy referral link.
Hack Prodigy membership for free
  • Once you do that, you should land on the page shown above.
  • For each teacher you recommend who has their class perform, you can receive a free three-month subscription to offer to a student.

Here are the two given ways to share Prodigy with fellow teachers:

  1. Invite by email: By entering their email addresses in the provided area, Prodigy teachers you know can accept your invitation. Enter the email address of the colleague who is hosting the Prodigy play in the text box. Then, “Send invite” button. Up to ten times daily are permitted with Prodigy.
  2. Invite your friends manually: You can also share your custom referral link in other ways such as you can post it on Facebook or you can make a tweet it on Twitter. In addition, clicking the social network buttons will automatically create a post for you.
  3. You receive a free three-month student membership for each teacher who registers using your link and has their class perform.
  4. Now that you have logged in, you can share Prodigy with students and get prizes.

Note: Share Prodigy button is not available? Note: Share Prodigy Button is not available? It might not appear if you recently created a Prodigy teacher’s account. In this case, give it a few days or a week. We were also having the same problem, when we first create a teacher account. Ultimately, we left that account for about a week and came back and it has the “Share Prodigy” Button.

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Method4# Get Prodigy game Membership for free using Prodigy Free mebership generator:

Bigmouse’s Prodigy club website features an amazing Prodigy Membership Generator that offers free Prodigy free membership in 2022-23. It enables users to access membership services at no cost, take part in Prodigy quests, and receive rewards.

Apart from that, it also enables you to hack other Prodigy features as well, including Player hacks, inventory, beta testing, location, pet, battle, minigame, miscellaneous, utility, and patched hacks.

Additionally, the premium membership generator enables you to quickly and easily sign up for Prodigy premium membership.

Users of Prodigy all over the world favour using this membership generator since it enables them to get Prodigy membership in seconds without having to start a game session, eliminating the chance that Prodigy will ban their account.

The former users of this software expressed disappointment that despite numerous attempts, they were unable to get the prodigy membership for free using the premium membership generator tool. It happens if you are uninformed of the proper procedures.

Follow the steps listed below to obtain a Prodigy premium membership for free. Our team of skilled hackers tested this premium membership generator software several times. The need to try them out. Must give them a shot:

Get a free Prodigy membership by following the precise guidelines.

  • Open the Prodigy Premium Membership generator in another tab and pursue the instructions given below.
  • Now type your Prodigy userID, then click Generate.
  • Next, select Amount of Membership to Generate to your entered username.
Prodigy free membership hack
  • The software will start the process, once you click Generate button.
  • As a last step, the software requires you to download and run one of the programmes listed below (seen in the image) to confirm that this activity was performed by a human and not a robot. Once you’ve done so, a premium membership will be generated and added to your account.
  • You can now log in using your Prodigy account to test whether the hack is effective.


Hopefully, the methods explained in this article help you get Prodigy membership for free. All of the methods are easy to follow and works all the time to unlock all the memebrship features for free. If you get stuck somewhere while following the steps or one of the methods does not work, ask us in the comment section given below. One of our expert hacker will try to reply to your question as soon as possible. Thank you for reading the post!

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