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4 Prodigy Hacks for 2023: Hack Math game. (100% working)

Want to know Prodigy Math game hacks to collect gold, items, outfits, other accessories, and more? We have got your back, keep reading till the end of this article to know easy tips and tricks to hack the Prodigy Game.

How to hack Prodigy

Prodigy, like other educational websites, is an online learning platform created by Alex Peters & Rohan Mahimker for children studying in grades 1 to 8, where they can learn the two core subjects, Maths and English for free while having fun. It’s basically a role-playing video game in which each player develops a character to represent themselves in the realm of prodigies.

More than a million teachers and school leaders across 90,000 schools throughout the world are using Prodigy as a classroom resource to offer their students a pleasant and engaging learning environment.

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However, the Math game is more popular among students as compared to other Prodigy Games. Because it allows them to navigate a fantasy world filled with action and adventure which keeps them interested and driven while learning.

While each player must learn and practice important Math concepts in the game’s bespoke tasks to win.

The game is so popular that students have started searching for the Prodigy hacks to win the game and collect gold and other accessories. What’s even more surprising is that these hacks are available online which anyone can use for free.

In this post, we’ve outlined four 100% working Prodigy hacks that can help you hack different features of the Math Game. Below is the list of Prodigy Mathematical game features that you can hack using the methods mentioned in this article.

Prodigy hacksCategories
Players HacksGet gold, set user level, set wins, and more.
Inventory HacksItem stacker, clear inventory, get all furniture & mounts.
Location Hacksget map location, teleport to house & Map, and more.
Pet HacksClear pets, add pets, get all pets, etc.
Battle HacksDisable Math, instant kill, set battle heart, win battle, escape battle [Pev], and more.
MiniGameset walk speed, Fill energy, and more.
MiscellaneousReset account, chat spammer, and more.
UtilityClose all popups, save characters, update the menu, and more.
Beta Testingget all runes, morph player[BETA], Edit player, and more.
Patchedarena point increaser, disable timeout dialog, and more.

We also want our readers to know that this post is not meant to encourage students to cheat on their homework; rather, it is meant to inform Prodigy teachers about the hacking techniques their students might use to complete their homework.

Hence, we respect the Prodigy website’s copyrights and have no intention of violating them in any manner.

All of the methods mentioned in this article have been personally tested by our skilled hacking team, therefore we can absolutely guarantee that they will all work. Please leave a comment in the box provided below if you run into any problems while applying the steps. We’ll get back to you with a response as soon as we can with a member of our staff. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to hack Prodigy Math Game?(4 Methods)

All of the methods work only on the Google Chrome browser, so make sure you’re using it.

Method1# How to hack Prodigy using Github code?

To hack Prodigy Mathematical game features, we have divided the first method into two steps. You must first copy the Github script for the particular Math game feature you want to hack. Secondly, we will move on to the Prodigy Game session to complete the desired task. So, let us get started:

STEP1# Copy the Github script:

By clicking on the script of the Prodigy game feature you like to hack, you should first copy it.

[Player scripts]

We have also some Battle scripts that you can use:

In order to demonstrate you how to carry out the hacking process, we are copying the Unlock all items script. You should copy the script of the particular feature you want to unlock.

STEP2# Move on to the Prodigy game session:

  • Once the code is copied, open the Prodigy Mathematical Game session in another tab.
  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Select the Home or School option.
  • Select the Students option.
  • Then, select a game mode from the given options, and click Math Game to play.
  • Enter your class code. If you don’t have, click the “I don’t have a class code” button.
  • Select the country, where you live.
  • Click next to select the state or location where you live.
  • Tap next to select the grade in which you are studying.
  • Set what your wizard looks like.
  • Now choose your world.
javascript:paste the Github code
  • Once the game session starts, delete everything from the URL bar and type javascript:Paste the Github Unlock All items script (paste your chosen script) without any space that we have copied in STEP#1, then hit enter to start hacking.
Prodigy hacks
  • Next, you should see a pop-up notification (as shown in the image above); carefully read the commands and take the appropriate action. Then, click Ok.
  • Congratulations, the hacking is complete; if it does not work, proceed to the next method listed below.

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Method2# How to hack Prodigy using inspect element?

Many Prodigy users have been messaging us over the past few months wanting to share Github scripts so they can hack the Math game features they wish to hack using the inspect element.

In response to the requests, we have discovered a set of instructions and Github scripts (shown in the STEP1# of Method1#) that will help you hack Prodigy’s Math game features through inspect element. Follow the step-by-step directions to get the intended task done.

  • Firstly, start the Prodigy Mathematical Game session.
  • Once the game starts, open the Chrome console or inspect the element by right-clicking anywhere on the game dashboard and choosing the Inspect option. To open Chrome Console, you can also use the shortcut keys on your keyboard by pressing (Ctrl + Shift + J) on a PC/Laptop or (Cmd + Shift + J) on a Mac.
  • Now copy the code of the feature you want to hack from STEP1# of the above-given method.
  • To demonstrate to you, we are again copying Unlock all items script. You are free to copy any script you want.
How to hack Prodigy
  • Now paste the script into the Chrome Console space where the cursor is moving. Then hit, enter.
  • Next, read the pop-up notifications carefully, then click Ok to complete the hacking procedure.

Method3# Hack Prodigy using hacking extension:

This method is less time-consuming and more advantageous than the methods described above. This, in our opinion, is the best method for hacking the Prodigy Math game because it allows you to unlock all of the game’s features. So, if you can’t find a Github script for a particular feature, you must give it a shot.

Similar to Method1#, we have divided the Prodigy extension hacking method into two steps to make it easier for you.

In STEP1# we will download and install the Prodigy hacking extension and enable it.

In STEP2#, we will move on to the prodigy Math game session to hack it. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to hack Prodigy.

STEP1# Dowonload and install Prodigy Hacking extension:

  • Open Google Chrome and enter chrome://extensions in the URL bar, then hit enter.
enable developer mode in chrome extension
  • Once you reach the chrome://extensions pageyou will see a toggle at the top right corner saying Developer Mode.
  • Slide the toggle to the right to enable it. When you enable the toggle, some new buttons will appear.
  • Reload the Chrome extensions page using the icon or just clicking the reload icon at the top left corner.
  • Now download the hacking extension.
Drag the file to chrome extension
  • Go to your desktop Screen or Downloads to see if the file is downloaded successfully.
How to use prodigy extension for hacking
  • Drag the downloaded file from your desktop downloads to the chrome:/extensions page to install it.
  • When the installation is successful, you should see a Prodigy hacking extension

STEP2# Move to the Prodigy website:

  • Sign in to Prodigy by entering your username and password.
  • Select the “Students” option, then choose School.
  • Now select Maths Game.
Click agree to pop up notification
  • When you access the Math Game, you should see the PNP software copyright agreement pop-up. Click Agree to proceed.
  • Then, click OK for to updates pop up.
  • Once done, you should see a Dropdown icon (as shown in the picture) at the top left corner of the screen. Click it to access all hacks.
How to hack Prodigy
  • Congratulations, you have succeeded in hacking the Math game of this educational site.
  • Now you can scroll down and up to look for the hacks. 
  • There you will see a list of Prodigy hacks, including player hacks, inventory hacks, location hacks, pet hacks, battle hacks, minigame hacks, miscellaneous hacks, utility hacks, beta testing, and patched hacks.
How to cheat in Prodigy
  • You can join Github discord for more hacks.

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Method4# How to hack Prodigy premium membership for free?

Bigmouse’s premium membership generator allows you to obtain Prodigy premium membership with just a few taps.

Prodigy users all over the world prefer to use this membership software because it allows them to achieve their goals without having to open a game session, eradicating the possibility of Prodigy banning your account.

The users that have previously used this software complained that they tried this premium membership generator tool many times but were unable to accomplish the desired task. It occurs because you don’t know the correct steps.

We’ve tested this premium membership generator software several times to get a Prodigy premium membership for free by following the steps outlined below. Must give them a shot:

  • Open the Premium Membership generator in another tab and pursue the instructions given below.
  • Enter your Prodigy userID, then click Generate.
  • Next, select Amount of Membership to Generate to your entered username.
  • Once you click Generate button, the software will begin the process.
  • The software requires you to download and use one of the following programs (shown in the picture) to verify that this is a human action and not by a bot as a final step. The premium membership will then be generated to your account once you’ve done that.
Prodigy premium membership generator
  • Now you can log in with your Prodigy account to see if the hack works.

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7 tricks to win the Prodigy Math game:

The Prodigy mathematics game has been captivating kids across the globe with its fun combination of Math challenges and fantasy-style gameplay. But what if you’re really good at the game and you want to get even better? 

The answer is simple– here are seven tricks that will help you win the Math game every time! This free Math game corresponds to the 1–8th-grade math curriculum.

1) Focus on your strengths:

Find a way to use your strengths instead of trying to overcome your weaknesses. There are two very different mindsets people have when they approach Mathematical games, according to Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success and co-founder of Standford University’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center.

The first is that math is something you do well (or poorly) and either you’re good at it or you’re not. This one-sided view will eventually lead to frustration because no matter how hard you try, there will always be gaps in your understanding.

2) Use logic and reasoning:

Much of math—and indeed, life—comes down to logic and reasoning. When you look at problems (even ones that seem impossible), think about how you can use logic to solve them. Keep in mind that your first solution is rarely your best one; by thinking through alternative ways to approach difficult problems, you’ll improve your skills as time goes on.

3) Keep practicing:

The first step to improving at anything is persistence. Whether you’re mastering programming or playing guitar, it’s only through repetition that you will see results. The more time you put into it, the more time it will take to master—it’s all about sticking with it and not letting yourself get overwhelmed by feelings of doubt or failure. Start off slow and work your way up; if you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started in the first place.

4) The human brain is like a muscle:

The more you exercise it, the better it works. In fact, using your brain for certain activities—like math problems or logical reasoning questions—can actually improve brain function. The key is to keep learning new skills and challenging yourself to solve problems in new ways; then challenge yourself further by applying what you know in different areas. 

5) Think of Math as applied science:

To get better at the Prodigy game, you need to think of it as applied science. What does that mean? Well, first, it means you have to know how to apply your knowledge. If you’re trying to figure out what x is in 7x = 56, for example, you can’t just start guessing numbers—you have to break down what 7x means and why 56 is on both sides of that equation.

6) Be strategic with time management and practice:

In order to reach the highest level of the Math game, you need to be strategic with your time management and practice. There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning new skills. The only way you can achieve mastery is by putting in hours and hours of practice. But how do you know what skills you should work on? To maximize your time, focus on learning those skills that will have a direct impact on your success.

7) Take regular breaks during practice sessions:

Multitasking is important to keep your mind fresh and engaged. But with the Prodigy mathematics game, that’s not always an option. Practicing questions over and over again without taking regular breaks can lead to burnout, frustration, and boredom—and will often yield diminishing returns on your efforts. Take three-minute breaks for every 30 minutes of practice to maximize your time.


We hope the tips and tricks highlighted in this post help you hack the Prodigy game features.

Please use the comment box provided below if you have any additional questions. Please let us know which method was most effective and which did not so that we can make the necessary changes to this post.

We have described ways to hack Blooket and Kahoot, and Gimkit in our earlier posts. Do visit the pages, if you find it necessary.

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