How to remove Otterbox from iPhone

Want to remove or replace the Otterbox defender case from your iPhone? These smartphone defender boxes are well known for their longevity. That being the case, the user kind of gets bored if they do not know the tricks to switch defender covers immediately. This blog reflects some effective answers regarding the query “how to remove or replace the Otterbox from iPhone” without involving many steps.

This way, you can make use of a variety of multiple otterboxes by acknowledging simple ways to take the cases off the device. Stick around with us till the end of this article to finish off what you’re expecting from us.

There are some vital points you need to know before moving on to the search “how to uncover or replace the Otter Box Defender on your iOS handset.” Unavoidably, you must recognize what Otter boxes really are?

The Otterbox provides the following three-layer protection system:

  • The topmost part of the box is known as the ‘Hostler’.
  • The Silicon rubber sleeve is in the middle of the lid between the hostler and the inner-hard shell, which we can say is the central part.
  • The innermost hull comprises two pieces the ‘integrated Screen Guard’ and the ‘Backplate. They both work alongside one another.   

Remove otterbox Defender Case from iPhone:

The defender casing renders a 3-layer safeguarding layout to your cell phone, a built-in shield consisting of a hard inner shell, a more flexible outer shell, and a hostler. Let’s get started to uncover otterbox defenders by utilizing the following simpler steps:

*Make sure to meet all the requirements. You can use a pen, a sharp-edged pointer, and a screwdriver.

1. Eliminate the Hostler: The hostler interfaces with a clip along the sides of the case. If you have added a hostler, check out the side where the hostler is attached to the shell and distinguish it from the inner case of the otterbox. 

hostler for iphone
  • Hostler is the uppermost part of the case. It is designed such that it fully covers the Phone.  

2. Undo the Rubber Sleeve: The rubber sleeve is the outer elastic hull of the case. It is possible to separate the flexible part from iPhone by simply creating a grip.

how to remove defender otterbox from iphone
  • The foremost thing you have to do is to hold it from the rear base. Discover a captivating piece of the case and pull it off. It’s like where you charge your phone.
  • Go ahead and give it some traction to loosen the rubber sleeve around the case, the protective layer on the exterior of the inner shell. It might be sealed firmly. Put a bit of effort into making a grip and then drag it slightly.

All right! The Outer rubber hull and a hostler are ragged out. Let’s get down to the last one.

3. Ease Up the hard Inner Shell: Otter box Defender cases are very- popular for the resilient protection they render to iPhone. It’s time to touch the inside of the stiff frame to find out a route to set it aside. 

remove otterbox from iphone
  • The inside hard shell detaches into two pieces and combines fasteners that hold it on. The front plate includes an integrated protective screen and, the other is the backplate with some kind of cushion on its back.
  • Discover the fastener on either side of the shell.
  • Pick a side that’s easier to open. So, we’ll unlock this clasp with a screwdriver. Pick any screwdriver that may assist. You can use your fingernails if they are sharp enough. 
  • Put right-hand thumb on the volume button and peel off that one tab tightened in the middle vertical side of the handset utilizing another hand.
  • Then, loosen up the second tab from the center at the top of the cell phone in order to get a top layer removed.
  • Draw out the front of the box, the screen built-in guard, moreover, the backplate kind of cushion along the back. 

The defender’s inner case is made up sturdy to protect iOS devices from shocks, dust, splashes, and other serious damages.

Remove OtterBox Commuter case from iPhone:

The mere disparity between the Otterbox Defender and the Commuter series is that the commuter combines just two parts, whereas the defender covers three parts. The defender cases include a hostler inside that can be put to use as cell phone support by the user. Here’re some simple tips to bring commuters off. Walk around with us to get the desired results;

  • Pull off the hardened upper shell: Get a grip at the top corner of the upper harder shell and work to pull it off. As you win a handle on the hull, later on, gently stretch and divide it.
  • It is a semi-hard backplate, the topmost part of the otter box commuter case.
commuter otterbox from iphone
  • Stretch the inner rubber softer shell: The internal casing is a very smooth layer of a silicone rubber shell. Try to take off the stretchy shell by inserting your thumb through the back hole, more adjacent to the front camera, then stretch it back in the reverse direction to depart. 
remove commuter otterbox from iphone

Remove OtterBox symmetry Case from iPhone:

The Otterbox symmetry is the single virgin canvas with one layer of smartphone protection. It’s just one piece, no multiple cases. It is made up of pure artificial elastic, allowing it a beautiful grip on both sides and corners, and also delivers room for more designs and colors. The Otter Symmetry box has a diaper and confers a more stylish look to your smartphone. 

  • Uncover Pop otter box symmetry from the Phone using a screwdriver: Strive to embed a flat-pointer screwdriver at the end of either side of the cover to get a grip or space to pull off the rubber shell more efficiently.
remove symmetry otterbox from iphone
  • Keep both thumbs on the back hole: Venture to insert both the thumbs in the back void apple icon of the box so as to make a grip to hold, place it in a position where you hold the camera in front of you, and extend the lid to the side.

That’s it. That’s how you can remove otterbox covers from Apple smartphones. Please let us know if the article is helpful. If you have any other queries please ask us in the comment section give-below.


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