How to Set up Autofill on iPhone 

Sometimes filling in the same information, again and again, becomes a tedious and boring task in a way. In fact, this recurrence starts frustrating you after a point. So, to lessen your typing pain and to make things more casual for you. We will talk about a call in question that is how to set up autofill on iPhone.

set up autofill on iPhone

Turning on the autofill feature on iPhone lets you fill in the required information in just a single click on any web page, and you won’t believe it’s literally a child’s play to activate it.

The autofill feature fetches personal data like name, phone number, etc., from the phone’s address book to auto-complete any web form. So, as a first step, we need to save or edit these details within the iPhone address book. So, let’s see how to do it:

  1. Open Contact App on iPhone. 
  2. Now, tap where ‘My Card’ is written with your name first.
  3. Next, tap the ‘Edit’ option given at the top right corner.
  4. Here’s your device’s address book, where you can fill in your contact details.
  5. Start by entering your Name/Mobile number.
  6. Afterward, scroll a bit and add your email address in the box given below.
  7. Also, enter your full domicile address, which you probably provide while filling out a form.
  8. Alternatively, you can ‘Add a URL and Birthday’ if you prefer. 
  9. Lastly, hit ‘Done’ at the top right corner to save these details.
  10. From here on, you will see autofill options above the iPhone keyboard. On the webpage, you can tap one by one to use.

Note: Please enter the details carefully. If you set any wrong info into it, the feature will fill in the wrong one each time you use auto-filling. Along with saving personal information securely, you can save credit card numbers, the usernames/passwords you consider using on any website login.

Set up autofill on iPhone for filling a Web Form

Here’s how to autocomplete the web form with just one tap while doing online shopping or reservations. But before catching the below-given steps, make sure if the autofill function of the concerning browser is enabled. If not, do it.

  1. Firstly, navigate to the web form where you want to use auto-filling.
  2. name box appears at the beginning of the form click on it.
  3. Shortly after clicking on the name field, the iPhone keyboard pops up with alternatives.
  4. To auto-fill the details, click ‘Autofill Contacts‘ at the top of the iPhone keyboard.
  5. Then, it will show you alternatives to auto-fill such as name, telephone number, email address, permanent home address, and Custom.
  6.  If you want to edit all of this information, for next time, hit the Custom alternative. Press Custom only if you are not ready to auto-fill the data currently saved in the address book.
  7. To fill in your friend or family member’s info, tap the ‘Other Contact’ option. 
  8. But be sure you have added his/her data into the address book previously. 
  9. If you didn’t? Use the above procedure to add additional contact details to the autofill function via the contact app.

Note: Please verify if the website you are right there supports automatic filling. This function does not work unless the website does not support automatic filling. According to our survey, the majority of websites support these functionalities, so do not bother. 

 How to Set up autofill in Safari on iPhone

Activating the autofill function on the Safari browser is very easy. Also, it does not involve many steps: 

how to set up autofill on iPhone
  • Proceed to ‘Settings‘ tab on iPhone.
safari autofill feature on iPhone
  • Now scroll down and tap Safari.
  • Then, press ‘Autofill‘ under the general alternative.
Use contact info toggle iphone
  • Here drag Use My Contact Info toggle’ to turn it On.
  • This would enable the Safari browser to utilize information saved on the device address book. Disable it if you don’t want to use the saved info for auto-filling.
  • Tap to ‘My Info’ if somebody else’s name is given you can edit it by clicking on the alternative. It will pop up with a contact list page. Choose your name. 

How to Add Credit Cards to Safari Autofill on iPhone

The user can turn on credit card autofill on the Safari app through settings on iPhone. Soon after, you add bank card info into the browser’s auto-fill functionality. Later, this setup enables you to get options above the iPhone keyboard to use autofill credit card information.

  • Go to settings and tap the Safari App.
  • Then tap Autofill choice.
  • In the bottom section, we get the choices:
  • To use the Credit Card switcher to update the autofill credit card, Slide the toggle to switch it on.
  • Next, Tap to Add a Credit Card.
  • You can also add a new card for purchase by clicking Add Credit card option.  
  • To avoid typing, put the card in front of the camera and get a picture of it. The feature will automatically capture credit card numbers as soon you bring the card to the camera view. 
  • Now hit ‘Saved to Credit Cards.’ 

Note: The Saved to Credit Card choice also lets us change auto-filling for Saved bank info details. You can enable or disable auto-filling for saved bank cards using this choice.

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