Shein VS Fashion Nova: How they stack up?

People are driven to fast fashion because it emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, ease, affordability, and accessibility, as well as being easier to create and distribute. Today’s fast fashion is so widespread that anyone can update their wardrobe quickly and affordably.

fashion nova vs Shein

Now Shoppers need to invest both time and money to keep up with the speed and range of current fashion trends. Shein and fashion nova are two well-known fast-fashion brands that have just opened their doors and have garnered mixed reviews from fashionistas.

So which brand should you choose for shopping attires, Shein or Fashion Nova? Is Fashion Nova a trustworthy name, or is Shein a dubious procedure? Is Fashion Nova the most cost-effective shipping option or Shein? Are fashion nova and Shein the same? While there are plenty of other questions that need to be addressed.

Because, the two leading brands differ in many aspects, such as product price, quality, design, style, delivery cost and time, offers, and other factors, due to this mess, many impatient shoppers end up buying products that aren’t the best match for them.

So doing some research is essential before hitting Add to Cart on any of these shopping sites or apps, which is the most straightforward and only way to avoid this ambiguity.

To help you make the best choice, in this blog, we evaluated the different characteristics of the two leading fast fashion and accessory provider services, Shein and Fashion nova.

For Shein Buyers: Important Facts

  • In contrast to other online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Zara, product costs are almost half as much.
  • Subscribers to Shein’s premium plans get free shipping and savings ranging from 20% to 80% on favored products.
  • Offers unlimited designs, as Shein introduced an average of 150 000 new products each year.
  • Provides a great return policy for those purchasing from the United States.
  • In the Google Play store’s shopping category, the Shein app has a Google Play rank of #28 and a Usage rating of #55.
  • Shein’s e-commerce revenues reached approx $4.88 trillion by 2021.” 

For Fashion Nova Buyers: Important Facts 

  • Widely famous for the product’s captivating designs and styles.
  • Majority of its products are manufactured of polyester, which is less expensive and used more frequently than other fibers.
  • Fashion Nova is a tenth of the price of your local dollar store.
  • It’s a disposable brand that allows you to move swiftly from one trend to the next.
  • It has the third-highest number of cooperative KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) among clothing brands.

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Shein VS fashion nova: History & Introduction

Chris Xu founded Shein in Nanjing, China, in 2008 to market mainly women’s fashion, which has now become one of the most popular fast-fashion brands in the world for selling apparel at a reasonable price.

It is a well-built retailer with an expansive network of production and distribution partners to design and supply its products globally in over 230 countries, covering Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Women’s clothing is the company’s key focus, although it also sells men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, purses, homeware, and other fashion products. On the Shein app, you can find thousands of blouses, skirts, bathing suits, jeans, outerwear, and more for under $20.  

On the other hand, Fashion nova is a prominent American fast fashion retail brand launched in 2006 by its CEO Richard Saghian. Fashion Nova is your one-stop-shop for the current trends in women’s clothes, with a wide selection of dresses, jumpsuits, tops, jeans, and more at significantly discounted prices. 

The store specializes in low-cost streetwear, particularly trendy, stylish women’s clothes in a variety of styles for all body shapes, as well as selling men’s, children’s, and accessories. 

The American fast-fashion brand drives business online and in five physical sites, also known as brick and mortar locations- each of them includes retail stores, factory manufacturing facilities, storage, and more.

However, Fashion Nova did not offer internet services at first. It began as a physical store offering face-to-face services in Los Angeles, California, inside the Panorama Mall in Panorama city, with affordable “club-wear” clothes.

Growth of Shein 

Despite having launched later than some of the most renowned apparel firms, such as Asos and Amazon, Shein has managed to gain a large following internationally. 

Shein has grown to become a global B2C rapid fashion e-commerce company over the years. In 2020, this giant fast-fashion retailer was the most talked-about brand on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

Nonetheless, the firm did not create its own clothing at first- instead of purchasing it from China’s wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou. In 2014, Shein became a fully integrated store after developing its own production chain system. 

According to the latest Airnow figures, Shein’s mobile app counts over 7 million monthly active users in the United States by 2021.

Moreover, as per the statistics of Jing Daily, the brand designs have been surprisingly popular on Tiktok, where the hashtag Shein has been seen over 6.2 billion times.

Growth of Fashion Nova

Despite debuting on the internet much later than Shein, Fashion Nova is a well-deserved inclusion in the top ten fashion brands list. Fashion Nova recently ranked fourth in Google’s fashion brand search results, after Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Supreme.

In 2013, Fashion Nova launched its own e-commerce website and app. The company made approximately $400 million in just 18 months after launching its website. Since then, the group has exploded in popularity around the globe because of its ability to supply on-demand led items and high-profile influencer collaborations.

The LA-based fast fashion brand ranks 18th among Women’s clothing sites on Google. The brand has won the Customer Choice Award for the year 2021 for gaining an epic quality response for its services from buyers. 

Shein VS Fashion nova: Design and Style

The two ultrafast fast fashion brands offer striking on-trend designs to all fast fashion fans across the world without breaking the wallet.

Shein believes that the elegance of fashion is something that everyone can enjoy. Every week, the China-based company, best known for its super-cheap garments for women, teenagers, and children, introduces hundreds of new patterns and styles. Though the company’s primary focus is on women’s clothes, it is expanding its product line to include accessories, shoes, children’s clothing, and men’s clothing.

For women, Shein’s outlet has fashions for every occasion, including seasonal and year-round sales, as well as all types of women’s wear, including swimsuits, rompers, winter coats, and more. It offers a wide range of styles in its new Shein and Curve lines, including boho, casual, and even bridal gowns. 

No matter what your budget is- parents can get top fashion for their children in a range of exciting styles. What’s more, Shein has something for everyone, from babies to teenagers. Young girls can get their hands on stunning sassy styles at the range of affordable prices in the girl’s category. Shein’s top fashionable and sold out trends are:

  1. Dresses with a Splash of Glamour
  2. Trendy Tops 
  3. Comfy Sweaters
  4. Modish Bottoms
  5. High-end footwear
  6. Accessories with Style

Fashion nova also allows fashion enthusiasts to choose from a wide selection of seductive and stunning styles. 

Every week, the rapidly inflating American brand introduces 600 to 1000 new worth buying designs and styles on its app at relatively low costs.

Following that, over 3000 influencers internationally promote these new outfits on Instagram.

Unlike Shein, the fashion nova outlet has a unique collection of dresses for ladies in various colors, designs, profiles, and sizes. 

It allows you to shop for dresses that will make you look hot for any occasion, from pool days to scorching parties to steamy date evenings.

Aside from it, the category retains wedding dresses and bridesmaids’ costumes, which one can sport from the rehearsal dinner through the wedding ceremony.

The fashion nova is true to size. The corporation launched the Curve Collection in 2016, which features plus-size clothing to help customers look and feel good regardless of their shape or size. With the launch of their Fashion Nova Men’s collection in 2018, the company ventured into menswear. 

Women’s plus-size nova jeans, which are composed of stretch denim that smoothly hugs the hips and waist are available, have become quite popular among female customers. They cost approx $35 and come in all sorts of styles, including curve-hugging high waist jeans and casual bell bottoms.

Apart from seasonal clothes, Fashion Nova helps you get the most out of your gym time by providing women’s workout shorts, pants, and leggings. The list also adds women’s track Suits, stretchable yoga sets, sports track pant outfits set, gym elastic running Sport suit, and Jogging Exercise Clothes.

Likewise, high-quality casual and periodic attires flattering to all body types, such as tops, jumpsuits, coats and jackets, sweaters, streetwear, and loungewear, are available at an affordable price for young girls and women. These outfits are to adore you, irrespective of individual’s size if you’re a size 2, or a size 20, small in stature, or tall.

Fashion Nova also makes it easy for ladies to look sexy by stocking a wide range of lingerie and intimates in a selection of colors and sizes, as well as other lingerie necessities such as bras, panties, bralettes, sleepwear, and robes.

Furthermore, Fashion Nova has a section dedicated to children’s wear, with a selection of beautiful outfits for children to make them look more attractive, sweet, and amusing.

Shein VS Fashion Nova: Product Quality

The product quality of the two big fast fashion retailers will vary depending upon the production enterprises and factories they use. Shein prefers to outsource the bulk of its products at low-cost international manufacturers, which is one of the main reasons for the brand’s low expenses; nonetheless, the items are of poorer quality than those given by competitors.

Also, note that Shein’s products aren’t always of low quality just because they’re cheap. The bulk of the products, according to customer mentions, survive a long time, while others become damaged or lose their color after a few washes. So, before making a purchase on Shein, we strongly urge that you read the product reviews written by other customers.

On the other hand, Nova Fashion clothing is less expensive and of higher quality than any other brand available because of specific reasons.

The significant cause for the products’ superior quality and substantially higher pricing than Shein is that the company does not deal directly with low-cost factories like Shein. Instead, it places orders in bulk with higher-quality companies based primarily in the United States, where 80 percent of the firm’s production takes place. All products are also thoroughly examined for quality before being sent as part of the service.

Fashion nova will never let you down when it comes to quality clothing and efficient delivery services. The customer feedback says that they provide better quality clothing than any other brand. With a 4.03-star customer rating based on 14005 reviews, satisfied consumers comment good quality, which indicates that the vast majority of consumers are happy with the quality of the product offered by the firm. 

Shein Vs Fashion Nova: Product Prices

Both the services are known for selling goods at fair costs, with Fashion Nova’s wares being slightly more expensive. 

Aa compared to Shein Fashion nova offers more attractive products at lower prices, allowing customers all over the globe to dress like Kim Kardashian for less than $50. 

The price gap between the two retail behemoths is not really very high. Fashion Nova dresses begin at $6, while the bulk of SHEIN goods are under $90, with the majority falling within the $20 range.

The pricing difference between Shein and fashion nova is shown in the table below.

Shein vs Fashion nova prices

Note: In addition to the items shown in the table, Shein also markets New in Trends clothes for $8-$120 and SHEIN X ARTIST (designs prepared by young and independent designers) for $1.75-$32.

Similarly, Fashion Nova also sells a variety of other products in addition to those listed in the table, with costs ranging from:

Sets: $6.98 – $107.99; Shoes: $2.98 – $118.99; Jumpsuits & rompers:  $5.98 – $127.50; Sweaters: $1.98 – $57.99; Graphic tees: $1.98 – $44.99; Coats & jackets: $5.98- $167.50; Bottoms: $0.98 – $118.50.

Regardless of your budget, Shein and Fashion nova brands help you afford a bralette top, sequin jumpsuit, pair of show-stopping gold shoes, sassy mesh bodysuit, leather dress, pair of black heels, attractive birthday outfits, and many more.

Shein VS Fashion Nova: Discount on Prices (Offers)

Even though Shein’s products are slightly cheaper than fashion nova, you can find items at discounted prices on two brand apps, with appropriate discounts, offers, deals, and quick new arrivals, making them- especially appealing to buyers on a budget. 

With these numerous reductions offered, you can look for various shapes and sizes to update your wardrobe for less. 

Shein app shows promising and easy to buy women’s fashion needs at much lesser rates:

  • Shein’s first-order discount will save you up to $3.
  • On buying two pieces, you’ll get one for 99%.
  • A wide range of fast fashion clothes is even available for purchase at a price of lesser than $2.29.
  • Get a Flash Sale with up to a 65 percent discount on all fast fashion types.
  • Get a 65-70% discount on other articles as well.
  • Shein’s sale Selection OFFERS- Shop for clothing priced at $3.39, $5.65, and $7.92.
  • One-of-a-kind and memorable Valentine’s Day collection, which starts at $79, is a spectacular offer.

More exclusively, discount seekers will always find massive savings alternatives on the Fashion Nova app, such as its well-known outlandish deals and its one-of-a-kind offers, which include the following:

  • Get a 20% discount on your first purchase at the fashion nova app if you sign up for the Fashion Nova newsletter. 
  • Current trends and contemporary colors for up to 75% off the original price are available.
  • Also, get a 30% off coupon code for your next purchase by signing up for fashion nova SMS updates. 
  • Its referral program enables shoppers to save 40% on their entire order by bringing two friends to their website.
  • Also, you can save $30 on orders of $100 or more by referring one friend.

Bonus money-saving Features: Shein & Fashion Nova

Besides the offers mentioned above, using Shein and fashion nova’s coupons, points, and actual gift cards can save you up to 50%, allowing you to cut your shopping budget and use the money saved for other purposes like buying more apparel and accessories.

Here are the features that one can use while shopping from the Shein app to get a great discount jointly.

Shein Coupons: Throughout the year, the Shein app offers a variety of coupons. One can also utilize the Shein coupon codes found within the app to earn equal discounts in the form of percentages at checkout before paying for your order.

Shein Points: You can earn points by completing various easy and quick-to-do tasks in the Shein app, which are worth a dollar and can be used to get a discount on your purchase.

Shein gift cards: Shein offers physical cards to consumers, which can help you save money on your next purchase if you buy Shein gift cards for yourself, ranging in value from 11.31 to 22.62 dollars.

Unlike Shein, one can also use Fashion nova coupons and Fashion nova discount codes at checkout to save a significant amount of money to save up to 50% on the purchase.

The Fashion nova physical gift cards, which start at $10, can also be used to receive a discount on your next buy. However, it does not offer a loyalty or reward program as of now, like Shein Points.

Here is a selection of the most recent Fashion nova Promo codes indicated in the table only to help you understand your discount possibilities.

Discount TypeCoupon Codes/DealsDiscount%
Online CouponFashion nova discount code 40%40% OFF
Online DealFashion Nova 80% off sale80% OFF

Shein VS Fashion Nova: Shipping Methods, Delivery Time, and Cost

When a customer makes a purchase, they are usually concerned about a few specific aspects, such as whether the shipment will be proper, whether the order will arrive on time without any damage, and, more importantly, how much shipping will cost.

Both Shein and Fashion Nova apps offer buyers to choose from a variety of shipping options to get their selected products delivered to their doorstep safely within the specified interval of time.

Shein and Fashion Nova both ship internationally, with Shein servicing 220 countries and territories, including the United States and Canada, and Fashion Nova serving Canada, the United Kingdom, and other nations. Customers have no difficulty receiving their purchased items via these shopping platforms because they arrive in good condition. You can even register a claim if something goes wrong with your shipment.

Shein’s website is supported in the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East. The company has several strategically positioned warehouses around those countries that can ship items to almost any major city. Shein app basically has three different shipping options:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Express Shipping
  • Economy Shipping

While Fashion Nova also delivers you with three shipping methods, they are:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Express Shipping
  • Rush Shipping

A brief summary of shipping types, rates, and delivery times of the two largest fast fashion brands is presented on the checkout page below.

AppCountryShipping CostDelivery TimeFree Shipping
SheinUSAStandard-$-3.9910-12DOrder- $49+
NovaUSAStandard-$4.993-7DOrders- $75+

Fashion Nova provides customers with a substantially faster delivery time and reduced shipping costs than Shein. Shein’s economy shipping takes 30 to 32 days to reach your doorstep. Your location in the United States and the rest of the world will also influence the delivery time.

Furthermore, Shoppers can also track orders utilizing the Shein and Fashion Nova app tracking features to see where products are and when you will receive them. To do so, simply log into your Shein and Fashion nova accounts and tap on a single order from the list of your orders to get shipping information for that item.

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Shein and Fashion nova Refund Policy:

There are occasions when purchasing something online does not fit properly or is not what one expected. In this situation, buyers can return funds using the refund portals of the two major fast fashion firms.

Shein’s refund policy lets you make a return within 45 days of purchase. The deal will no longer be valid after this period has passed. Each order is allowed one free return, which can be for several items that must be returned in one package.

Though you will not be charged for the first item returned on your purchase; however, you will be charged $7.99 for returning additional goods if you have previously returned from an order.

If you want to return anything in a different way, Shein lets consumers from all over the world use their preferred shipping methods.

The China-based company will process your return in 10 to 15 days, and within that time, your refund will be given to you by one of the two refund request options you pick, the Original Payment Method or your Shein wallet.

Apart from that, you must check while placing an order on Shein because not all items are returnable, including bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, pet products, party supplies, DIY supplies, and others.

Note that if you break the packaging of things such as cosmetics, you will most likely be unable to return them.

It is possible to cancel the return if you have not still mailed it back; Shein customer service is always available to assist you.

On the other hand, Fashion Nova provides a lot more effective refund portal than Shein, which allows you to return your purchases swiftly and effortlessly. You have 60 days from the delivery date to start the return process with Fashion nova.

It allows you to begin the return process 60 days after the date of delivery. The return will be processed within 5 to 7 days after the product is delivered to the store.

Don’t expect the store to give you a cash refund as it does not. The bulk of returns gets refunded as Fashion nova gift cards, which may be used online or in-store by the customers. Shoppers can redeem these gift cards at the following physical locations Burbank, Montebello, Northridge, Panorama, or Topanga.

Fashion nova allows you to exchange goods within 30 days of the delivery of the product with a valid receipt and all tags attached for store credit only.

Moreover, the nova Store assists its customers in the United States by selling return mailing labels on its store for $3.99 if you are returning a single item and $7.99 if you are returning multiple things.

These Return shipping labels let you not only return your interests but also track them and receive them much faster than if you sent them yourself. The labels can be submitted through the brand’s own website.

Unlike Shein, you need to be careful while placing an order on Fashion nova because various items are considered as final sales, which you can not exchange as:

  • Dresses
  • Bodysuits
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Swim and Lingerie
  • Beauty
  • Novakids
  • Sale items

Marketing Strategy of Shein and fashion Nova  

Shein’s marketing methods have given the retail business a whole new look. For instance, dynamic factors such as exponential expansion, product variety, and others have changed.

According to the experts, Shein’s approach of introducing itself to the masses of fashionistas has taken them by surprise. The brand’s marketing strategy is simple, fashion at a low cost such that its prophecies can entice even customers on a tight budget.

Aside from that, in order to gain new masses’ trust, the company advertises itself by leveraging customer-generated material such as reviews, blogs, and videos in its advertising activities. 

Its significant move has been, including plus-size models in promotional efforts, as women of all shapes and sizes are now freely purchasing garments.

Above all, Shein allows customers to use coupon codes to encourage them to buy in quantity, allowing them to save even more money. To carry out this campaign, it collaborates with online payment providers and banks to distribute promo codes to customers. As one of the company’s most efficient marketing strategies, these coupons allow Shein’s most active customers to purchase things at a discounted price.

Fashion nova employs impactful marketing strategies to attract customers, such as offering discount codes, bonus offers, gift cards, and other incentives that allow customers to purchase their favored things at significantly lower prices. 

Aside from that, the company’s plus-size clothes products allow fashionistas of any shape or size to wear their favorite labels, one of the major plans that helped the company grow sales.

The best marketing strategy that worked in favor of Fashion nova is that the brand leveraged Instagram as an indispensable online marketing strategy to drive sales- where the endorsed Kardashian family’s opinion leaders, Kylie Jenner and, Kourtney connect with fans and promote the brand’s apparel. The idea has proven to be an effective online marketing technique for the growth of the enterprise.

Cardi B, a well-known American rap rapper, Amber Rose, a supermodel, and other renowned individuals and celebrities have also been hired by the brand to advertise Fashion Nova on Instagram by uploading photos of themselves wearing the firm’s merchandise. 

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