Truedepth Camera Not Working on iPhone? [9Fixes]

Want to securely unlock your Apple Phone with Face ID? And the face id is not working on iPhone. Or you’re trying to access the App Store and make a payment from Apple Pay, but you can’t because the face id is disabled right?

trudepth camera not working on iPhone

However, this problem is associated with the front camera that requires face recognization to unlock the cell phone. If your truedepth camera is not working on iPhone, read through the whole article, as we’ve outlined a few tactics to help you with the issue.

Here is how to fix truedepth camera not working on iPhone issue

Nearly all smartphones that have face ID face this common issue. So if you’re frequently receiving the face ID disabled notification stating “A problem was detected with the truedepth Camera” or “truedepth camera is not working”. Don’t get bothered, as we’ve got a permanent fix for this. So, without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase.

Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings on your handset may also work with face ID not working issue. This does not cause any data loss, but merely modifies some basic settings like Wi-Fi and wallpapers.

Reset all settings on iPhone not working face id
  • Launch Settings.
  • Now tap General
  • Afterward, press ‘Reset All Settings’(enter the passcode if needed)
  • Now, choose reset all settings.
  • Wait for the cell Phone reboot and check if the face id is working.

Reset Face ID

Resetting the face ID could be an answer to your problem if the option and face ID settings are grayed out or the face ID is turned off. Follow these steps:

reset face id
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Now, tap ‘Face ID and Passcode.’
  • Then, Enter the passcode if required.
  • Afterward, turn off the iPhone Unlock toggle.
  • Now, restart your device.
  • Go back to Face Id and Passcode. This time turn on the iPhone Unlock toggle.
  • Then, tap the ”Reset Face ID red button”.
  • Here on the next page, tap ‘Get Started’ to go.
  • Once the button turns blue, is an indication of that the face id is enabled.

Note: In some cases, resetting the Face id in Airplane Mode may also fix this issue. To do so: Open Face ID & Passcode in settings and choose Face ID and tap Delete Face alternative. Afterward, restart your phone and open the settings again.

Now bring your phone to Airplane Mode and reset the Face id using the procedure stated above. Lastly, switch Airplane Mode off and check if the truedepth camera is working on iPhone.

Check and remove if anything covering front camera

What is truedepth camera and how to use face id on iPhone

If anything stands in the way of the camera, it may not identify your face. This could be a significant reason why the camera can not capture a photo of yours to unlock the phone.

Wipe it down to clean the front camera, and make sure there’s nothing like dirt or shield blocking it. We recommend getting a solution on a cloth to clean the area.

Also, verify if the glass lid is not cracked, as this might be another reason why it’s not running. Alternatively, you can use an actual screen protector probably that wouldn’t generate any obstruction.

Reboot Your Phone

This method has worked for us in most cases. Unable to activate face id on iPhone? So what you need to do is press the power and volume buttons together and slide the toggle button to the left to restart your device. Once the handset is turned on, check whether the truedepth camera is working or not.

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Enable Airplane Mode

Sometimes resetting the connection with Apple servers fixes the problems of this type. For this enable the Airplane Plane Mode for thirty seconds, then switch off your device. Wait again for 30 seconds and restart your phone. Now check if you are still receiving the error message.

Update iOS Version

Truedepth camera system is indirectly linked to the device’s iOS system. Updating it may fix your problem, follow the below-given directions to update:

Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version
  • Launch Settings on your device.
  • Now tap General.
  • Then, press Software Update.
  • Lastly, hit Download and Install.

Try Back Up & Factory Reset

Performing the phone back up and factory reset may fix this difficulty. You can back up your device to iCloud or iTunes through a computer or laptop and then do a full restore of your device. If the above-explained method does not work in resolving this issue. Alternatively, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes to weed out software-related glitches.

But remember while restoring the device to iTunes, don’t use the Backup alternative. Doing so may cause your data to corrupt, and the issue would persist if you use corrupted data while restoring. If the trouble continues, that indicates there is definitely a hardware flaw and you need to implement methods for shedding hardware associated difficulties.

Rest assured that if factory resetting iPhone also doesn’t solve the problem, always try using a backup to restore the phone. Although this could be a time-consuming procedure this can take up to 30 to 40 minutes to backup the device and fully restore your phone data. Once you do this, test it again to make sure if it works or not. 

As Apple stated there are chances that iOS may automatically turn off the truedepth camera on safety grounds if your iPhone is having a malfunction. No doubt, you can use your device efficiently, it merely disables your Face ID access. Apart from that, If you could not recognize the passcode and the phone is locked. We recommend you go to the closest Apple store.

Try Repair with Reiboot

There might be a software-related issue with the iOS system of your phone if your truedepth camera is not working on your iPhone. Repairing with Re-iboot can help you out with the iOS system problem without any data loss. Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect your smartphone to the computer using a cable.
  • Afterward, select ‘Standard-Repair’
  •  As soon as the cell phone’s firmware matches, tap ‘Start Standard Repair.’
Face id not working on iPhone
  • Now wait for 10 minutes once the process begins, it will automatically refresh the iOS system. Do not disconnect the mobile phone when the rebooting continues.
  • When the process is done your Phone wakes up to life again, tap ‘Done
  • Do not worry about data loss, this process does not cause any data loss.

Contact Apple Support

Last but not least, we recommend that you use Apple Support. If you are still unable to solve the face ID not working problem even after following the above methods. Click on the link to contact Apple support to book a chat or call the Apple technician.

That’s it. That’s how you can fix the truedepth camera not working issue on iPhone. Please let us know if the article was helpful? If you have any further queries, ask in the comment section given below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 How to fix the “Face ID move iPhone lower/higher” issue?

Ans: Check that your device is running the most recent iOS version; if it isn’t, update and restart it using the steps mentioned above in solutions #6 and #4. After attempting to test resolution after each step, see if it started working. Second, instead of switching to silent mode, turn on your phone’s ringer. To put your phone in Ring mode, move the upper switch so that it stops showcasing orange color. Please leave a comment in the box if you’re still having issues.

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