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5G draining your iPhone 13 battery? Know how to turn it off.

Is your battery draining fast by activating the 5G network service on your device? that is because the fastest cellular network discharges your device’s battery more quickly than it would with earlier networks. Because your device has to manage multiple networks simultaneously when the 5G is enabled. We recommend our readers turn off the 5G network on iPhone 13 to ensure stable connection and extended battery life.

How to turn off 5G on iPhone 13

The other important reason to access the 4G/LTE network is that the stronger 4G/LTE can be more useful in comparison to a moderate 5G signal. Because there are minimal chances of 4G getting any declines because of a weak signal.

Here’s how to turn off 5G on iPhone 13, and succeeding versions:

  • Firstly, enter the phone Settings.
How to turn off 5G on iPhone 13

  • Now tap on the ‘Cellular’.
  • Then, tap on ‘Cellular Data Options’. Those using dual SIM cards need to select one in which they want to see the differences.
  • Afterward, tap the ‘Voice and Data‘ alternative.
  • Here, If the checkmark is ticked on 5G Auto that means the 5G is on. The auto here explains that it’s only going to connect to 5G when you’re nearest to the 5G tower.
  • To turn off 5G service, select another network service like LTE or 4G network. To do so, tick a checkmark on where it says LTE. The LTE network will turn off 5G completely.

Now, your 5G network is disabled successfully. If you want to turn it back on again, we advise you to choose 5G Auto option rather than switching over to the 5G On because it doesn’t impact the battery life. By doing so, your device will automatically connect to the fastest network service if there’s a 5G tower available in your vicinity.

Don’t bother if your device automatically turns off the 5G, it naturally turns it off when the 5G tower is unavailable. Moreover, if you want to customize the usage of your phone data when activating the 5G, and while connecting to the signals at lower speeds. Step back and navigate to the Cellular Data Options” screen, click on “Data Mode” and set up the changes accordingly.

Allow data modes on 5G, Standard/Low Mode on iPhone 13

The following are the options that are associated with your 5G network. The ‘Allow More Data on 5G’ option is used to enable more data usage for applications and background tasks. The Standard feature allows automatic updates and uses standard quality settings for video and FaceTime. In addition, you can allow ‘Low Data Mode’ to limit network usage in the background and backup cellular, Wi-Fi networks.

Should I Turn Off 5G on My iPhone?

5G is the fastest current-generation cellular network that we have. It renders the quickest downloading and uploading speed to your browsers as compared to all other network services out there. We can say these are some facts that strengthen the need for the 5G network activation at all times.

But, we would like to recommend to our readers that it’s the best option to stick with the 5G Auto settings as it provides the fastest browsing speed where available and where it’s not, it saves the battery from draining.

So, one can not disable it for any significant length of time, but people often do so considering a few specific reasons:

Poor 5G Service: This fifth-generation network may get slowed down if the number of users increases simultaneously. It also does not give you a solid and fast signal pretty much everywhere, like 4G LTE. Decent range or fastest speed doesn’t really exist as it was being claimed for 5G network services previously. You might also have this presumption that 5g lets you use 5Gigahertz Wi-Fi, but let’s clear one thing here 5G has nothing to do with 5Gigahertz Wi-Fi.

Expensive mobile Plan & Data limits: It’s great that 5G provides the fastest downloading speed, but 10 GB of data won’t be sufficient for 5G applications now. Most of us might think that we can get by with 10GB of 4G LTE data on a monthly basis. But as of now, 5G would be more expensive because you have to update your plan or pay double for the current plan depending on your carrier.

5G Tower Issues: It’s worth suggesting that When an iPhone tries to build a connection with one or more 5G towers at a time within the equivalent range. It causes contrasts and even complete network disruption issues. 

5G speed trial with friends: More often, users enjoy doing tasks that deliver informative kind of stuff like, is 5G is better than 4G LTE? That being the case they switch on and off the 5G mode to tell their friends and family about the variations or differences it endures as contrary to 4G LTE.

That’s how you can decide whether to turn off 5G on iOS 15 handsets. We’ve curated simple steps that you can use and sort out your problem. Please let us know if this article was helpful? Also, if you any have further queries, kindly ask in a comment down below.

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