You are turning Off and On iPhone 13 the wrong way

Apple has updated a lot of things in the newer models that you should know. Like the side keys that have been displaced on iOS 15, the screen size is also expanded. These changes have impacted the simple tasks that you could do easily on previous phones and that is why the actions like switching it have turned out to be a little more challenging. To power off-and-on, iPhone 13 in the proper way is one of the basic things that every user should know.

how to turn on and off iPhone 13

Doing so in the wrong way can damage your phone keys. The process of powering ON and OFF the iOS 15 smartphones, is totally different from that of previous-generation Apple handsets. However, most of us don’t know the proper way to switch ON/OFF the iOS handsets.

Here’re the steps to Power OFF and ON the latest Apple smartphone:

How to turn on and off iPhone 13
  • Basically, to Switch off your latest Apple smartphone, you need to simultaneously press the Side Home Button on the right side and the top volume button on the left side, the volume Down rocker works as well. Then, slide the toggle left to power it down.
  • It may take a few seconds to shut itself down, so wait until the action finishes off.
  • To turn it back on, press and hold the Side Home Button. Soon, you’ll notice the Apple logo that says your device is ready to go. Depending upon the phone model you manage, it may take less or more time to power on.
  • When the home display appears wait for a few seconds to get your networks or WiFi back, give them some time. It may take up to 30 seconds depending on the phone you are using.

That’s all up here. That’s how you can turn off and on your iOS 15 handsets. We’ve curated simple steps that you can use and sort out your issue. If you’ve further questions, kindly ask in a comment down below.

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