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6 Ways to turn On/Off Flashlight on iPhone 13

The flashlight can turn out to be a useful feature on occasions when there is no light, and also you have no other light source available rather than having the Apple handset. Do you know the torch in your smartphone can help you out in such circumstances? Well, we have a detailed guide on how you can turn on and off the Flashlight on iPhone 13 without jumping onto the settings.

How to turn on and off the flashlight on iPhone 13

No matter whatever the situation is, this camera LED flashlight is the best option to use in darkness when you hold an Apple smartphone in your hand. Read through the full article to discover easy ways for switching the torchlight mode on your latest Apple phone.

How to turn on and off flashlight on iPhone 13

There are multiple easy ways to switch on/off the torch on iOS 15 cell phones. Also, the following methods are applicable on later models as long as the face id is activated. Let’s dive straight into the guidelines given below:

Method1# From Lock Screen

Follow the steps given below to turn on/off the flashlight from the Lock Screen:

⦁ Firstly, tap on the phone screen to wake it up.

⦁ Now touch and long-press the spotlight icon lurking at the bottom of the screen.

⦁ As the haptic vibration takes place, the torch turns off automatically.

⦁ To turn it on, again tap and hold the torch button in the same way until you feel the vibration.

Note: We recommend hard restarting the handset if the spotlight button is showing grayed out.  

Method2# From Control Center

Through the iPhone control center, you can switch on and off the torch with lower or high flash intensity. But primarily, we need to add the torch button into the device Control Center. Here’s how to do it:

⦁ Go to Settings.

⦁ Find Control Center and tap it.

⦁ Here search Flashlight and press the green torch icon to add it into the Phone Control Center.

⦁ Alternatively, drag and drop the flashlight icon to Included Controls.

how to turn on and off flashlight on iPhone 13

⦁ Now to Open the Control Center, slide the screen from the top to the middle of the screen.

⦁ Tap the Torch button to turn it on and off.

Note; If you want to keep the light on. Here is an option to change the intensity of light. To do so, long-press the torch button and manage the intensity of the torchlight accordingly by increasing or decreasing the bar.

Method3# Ask Siri

Asking Siri for turning on/off the flashlight is the most effortless substitute anyone can have. Let’s get started to enable Siri for giving commands:

⦁ Firstly go to Settings.

⦁ Now, scroll down and select Siri and Search.

⦁ Here, select whether you want to enable Siri by voice with Hey Siri or select to only enable the button for Siri. 

⦁ Next, press ‘Enable Siri’.

⦁ Once the Siri is on, you can give Hey Siri voice commands to turn on and off the torch. Like, say, ‘Hey Siri turn off the flashlight’ But, before doing that, make sure your handset has an internet connection.

⦁ The Siri will respond to you like a shiny jiggling icon on the home screen. 

Method4# Swipe the Screen

Quickly turn Off/On flashlight Without Torch Button. Just swipe your finger to the left of the screen and leave it. It does not matter if your phone screen is locked or unlocked. As soon as, you swipe your finger on the screen the torch will stop automatically.

How to Create flashlight Shortcut on iPhone

You can use a third-party app like Shortcut App to put the flashlight on the home screen if you don’t want to use Control center. Here is how to add a flashlight to the home screen.

  • Firstly, launch Shortcut App.
  • Now tap ‘My Shortcuts’ choice.
  • Then, Press the Plus button on the upper right corner.
  • Here press the ‘Add Action’ alternative.
  • In the search box, enter and search for the ‘Torch” and select ‘Set Torch’.
  • Then tap turn and choose toggle on the popped up prompts.
  • Alternatively, you can also set default the brightness for the torch. For this press “Arrow Under Cirlce” icon in the right side. The brightness level you set up here will ensure the torch flash everytime when you use the spotlight through Shortcuts.
  • Now hit the ‘Preferences’ choice at the upper right corner.
  • Here tap Add to Home Screen.
  • Then select an icon and home screen name of the “Schortcut” for torch.
  • Lastly tap ‘Add’ and hit ‘Done‘ at the end.
  • Once you do that, a flaslight icon will be visible on your mobile home screen.

How to turn on and off the iPhone Flashlight with back tap

For turning the flashlight off and on, you can hit twice or thrice times on the backside of your smartphone. Here’s how to do it:

  • Primarily, get access to Settings and press Accessibility.
  • Then, tap ‘Touch’ and
  • Scroll a bit, and tap Back Tap.
  • Here select double-tap. Now choose Flashlight/torch action under the system category.
  • You can also set the torch to triple-tap action.
  • The back tap feature is enabled successfully on your smartphone.

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