[21Fixes] Uber app not working on iPhone?

Uber app is the solution to many transportation issues, whether it is late at night or your car needs repairs, and you need to go somewhere fast, but when this car rental app stops working on your iPhone, it can be frustrating and inconvenient.

Uber app not working

Here are some fixes for common problems (like app crashing or freezing etc.) that can occur with the Uber app on your iOS device, so you can get back on the road again without having to wait long periods or spending more money than you want on Uber cars.

Why is Uber not working?

There can be several things that might keep your Uber app from functioning properly. 

The causes could be either with your phone or your account/app. It could be due to the extensive data storage space in your phone. Also, it is possible that you are running the old software version that could be causing problems, or you are using the outdated app version, and there are many more reasons why this car rental service may not work.

Now, without further ado, let’s have a look at the fixes. We will start by looking at issues with your account first, then go on to the technical difficulties that are causing Uber to stop working.

Check if Vibrating Alert is Enabled?

When users turn off the Uber Vibrate on pickup feature, they may mistakenly believe their app is not working. So, make sure the Vibrating Alert feature in the Uber app is set on, so you will get alarmed as the driver arrives at your location.

Open up the Uber app settings menu by tapping three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen. Then, scroll down until you see Vibrate on pickup and toggle it on.

Now try opening up Uber again—if everything goes well, you will feel your phone buzz when a driver arrives at your location. 

No Uber Drivers in Area:

If you are located in an area where Uber does not have any drivers yet, it is possible that your app will not work at all.

The good news is that Uber has plans to expand further into more cities and countries, so even if you aren’t able to use your app right now, give it a few months and check back later. Plus, keep in mind that you can always request a traditional ride by calling or texting your driver directly.

No cars available:

The number of cars available through Uber at any one time varies greatly depending on how busy cities are.

When there are not many drivers on duty in a particular area, demand for their services is likely to be high, meaning that wait times for a driver to pick you up will be longer.

If you do not want to wait too long, one of your best options is to go to an area with more drivers and request a car from there instead.

Payment issues?

Uber requires a valid credit card on file to make sure that you can be charged for any rides you take. If your credit card information has been entered incorrectly, you will need to log in to your account and update it before trying to request another ride. 

You might also be having trouble loading Uber because of an invalid or expired payment method. To resolve this issue, go to your Payment Info page and delete and then re-add your payment method.

Now check if Uber is working or not. If the problem persists, go to the next step.

Review login information:

Check if your username and password are valid before logging into your account users frequently provide incorrect login credentials preventing them from accessing the app.

If you lost your password, click the Forget password button under the login box and follow the guidelines on the next page to reset your password.

Force quit Uber & other background running apps:

If your Uber app is freezing or crashing, try force-quitting it first; this generally solves the problem. The app may conceivably, freeze or crash due to defective background running apps on your iOS device.

Close all other background running apps as well so that the faulty program does not interfere with Uber’s operation.

Here is how to force quit uber on your iPhone:

  1. Click the spiral Home button twice fast to view all the background running apps.
  2. Look for the Uber app by Swiping the finger right and left.
  3. Now hold and drag Uber’s preview to close it.
  4. Similarly, force close all other active apps.

Reboot device

Sometimes just rebooting the device fixes a lot of issues with the app. Turn off your device by holding down the power button until you see a slide to power off appear on the screen, then hold down both home and lock buttons for about 10 seconds until your apple logo appears, which means your phone has restarted.

Now reopen the Uber app to check whether everything is working properly; if not, keep reading.

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Clear App Cache & Cookies:

If the app displays a loading or timeout problem, or if keys or other features are missing from the UI, deleting the app’s or browsers cache and cookies may help, as they take up a lot of memory and may include junk or corrupted files that impact the app’s functionality.

How to delete Cache and Cookies on iPhone:

  1. Launch Settings on iPhone. 
  2. Tap the Safari option.
  3. Now tap “Clear History and Website Data.”

Sign out and back in

There is one easy solution if there is a no cars available error message when requesting a ride; Sign Out of your Uber account on your device. 

To do so, go into Uber app settings and select Sign Out. Next, open up the Uber app to sign in again and request a ride again this should solve any issues you may be having with getting a car. 

Disable VPN

While VPNs are normally designed to be invisible in order to facilitate uninterrupted connectivity. In some cases, they can cause problems with other applications, with an unexpected loss of internet speed or connection drops. 

Try disabling your VPN, then try connecting again. If your problem has been solved, you will know that there was a VPN at fault for causing your issues. 

Here is how to disable VPN:

  1. First, on your iOS device, launch Settings and go to General.
  2. To find VPN, go to the bottom of the page and choose VPN.
  3. Once it is done, you need to toggle the VPN status to Not Connected.

Location services or GPS enabled?

Apps like Uber, Lyft, Lime, and Bird all require you to enable your device location services and GPS in order for them to show you the most relevant matches to your profile in your region. It is not essential to leave the settings on all of the time, but you must do so while booking the car.

Here’s how:

  1. Launch Settings > tap Privacy, now choose Location Services.
  2. Choose the Uber app and switch live Location Toggle on to share the location.

Clear device Memory:

One of the main reasons why an app cause to freeze or crash is that your device might be running on low memory.

When a phone or tablet’s memory is low, iOS and Android will start shutting down programs that aren’t in use to make room for other things.

If you have a number of apps open at the same time, your smartphone may shut off some of them without warning—for example, your Uber app! To avoid this, consider deleting some of your old and unused applications and photos to create a way for new ones.

Delete and reinstall the app:

Deleting and reinstalling Uber can solve a few issues: follow these steps to delete and reinstall the app: Go to Settings>General>iPhone storage>Apps> Scroll down until you find your Uber app, tap Delete.

Once deleted, go to the app store to install it again. Once downloaded, open up Uber and sign in using your account informationIf that doesn’t work, move ahead. 

Update your device software:

The most basic solution is to make sure your device’s software is up-to-date, so launch Settings>then choose General option> Software Update download and install. 

Depending on how much storage space you have left, the software upgrading process may take some time.

If your settings menu does not show any update, go to Apple’s support website for further information on getting iOS updates. 

Alternatively, you can try restoring your device if nothing else works.

 Follow the instructions for restoring iOS devices with iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB. 
  2. Make sure you have downloaded and opened the iTunes software on your pc.
  3. In the top left corner of the iTunes screen, press the device key.
  4. Now select Summary.
  5. To restore your iOS device, tap Restore and follow the on-screen instructions.

Check internet connection:

If you are frequently getting an error message saying “no internet connection” or “something went wrong” on Uber. Clearly, there is a problem with your phone’s internet connection that you must fix to access the Uber app.

Follow the below troubleshooting guide to fix internet issues with Uber:

  1. Check if the cellular data is enabled. Go to your device settings: enable cellular data 5g or 4g LTE. If it is disabled, you may need to restart your device.
  2. Try turning off or on Airplane mode.
  3. If you are using a Wi-FI network, make sure it is stable, you can do a few things to fix an unstable wi-fi network:
  4. Try turning it off and on.
  5. Reset or change the wi-fi settings before opening the Uber app.
  6. Check the modem or router to make sure it is not malfunctioning. Also, try switching it off and on.
  7. Make sure your phone is as near to the router as possible, with no obstacles, in the way.

Reset Network settings:

If you are still experiencing Uber not working issues due to network problems even after following the steps above. It is sure; that there is something wrong with your phone’s network parameters.

If the internet connection on your device is acting weird, we recommend resetting your phone network settings: go to Settings>tap General>tap Reset Network Settings.

Doing so will reboot your internet connectivity and re-establish network settings

Note: While resetting the network parameters on your iOS devices, you may lose network-related data or information, such as passwords and names. Only go ahead and do it if you are confident in your decision.

Reset Factory Settings:

The conclusive step in fixing your Uber app not working problem is resetting your device to factory settings. It is possible that you set incorrect settings in your smartphone and then forgot about them, which may be preventing the Uber app from running.

Restoring your device’s factory settings returns it to its original or new-like state.

Here’s how to restore your iPhone’s factory settings:

Go to Settings in iPhone>Tap General>Tap Reset to Erase All content and Settings.

Note: When you reset your phone to factory settings, you risk losing all your device data, including contacts, images, and audio files. So create a backup using iCloud of any important data before continuing.

Check if Uber is down?

Is Uber down today

When you are sure there is no issue with your phone, app, or internet connection, there may be a problem with the site you are accessing at their end, such as the server being down or maintenance being done.

Check whether other people are also having the same problems on Uber’s social media accounts. It will help you decide whether or not to be concerned.

For example, if there is a major outage, thousands of people will be tweeting and talking about their inability to hire cars or complete orders, and it will soon become clear that you are not alone in your troubles.

Alternatively, services like Downdetector can tell you whether Uber is down; this is, by far, the most convenient way to find out.

Contact customer service:

Contact Uber rider support if you have any more questions, whether you are an existing or prospective user, just give them a call on (Emergency Hotline Number: 800-353-8237 or 800-353-UBER) or send them an email at, and they will be pleased to assist you with troubleshooting or answering any other questions or issues you may have.


Hopefully, the above-given fixes for the Uber not working issue helped resolve your problem. If you have any queries regarding these solutions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer. Also, share your views and experience by commenting below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. 1 Uber app not working on Apple watch?

As of 2022, Uber no longer supports the Apple Watch, but the firm has yet to explain why it has removed the Apple Watch from its list of compatible devices.

Q.2 Uber not working on new iPhone?

Ans: There are no other options for getting this car-hiring platform to work on a new phone besides restarting the device, updating the app, forcing it to close, and resetting the network settings. Following these steps helps a lot of new mobile phone customers get their apps to work. 

Follow the same measures if your Uber app is stuck on the last trip.

Q. 3 How to install the Uber driver app on iPhone?

Ans: Uber driver is available on the Apple app store for free to download. Go to the App Store, type its name in the search bar, and tap download or install to fetch it on your device.

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