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Why Shein is so Cheap? Buy or not to buy.

Everyone wants to save money nowadays. This seems to be true not only when it comes to personal life, but also in business and professional outfits. You see many businesses trying hard to make themselves stand out from other companies by offering cheaper products. However, in order for a business to offer lower prices without losing money on each sale, there are various ways that need to be explored and assessed carefully before putting them into action. Since people are always looking for a way of saving more than they already do, online retailers have decided to offer more affordable clothes at discounted prices on their websites.

Why Shien is so cheap

If you love to shop and you’re interested in fashion, chances are you’ve come across Shein at some point. But if you know little about them, you’re not alone. With their simplistic website that offers high-end clothing options at low prices, it’s easy to see why they are the latest online fashion trend. But where do they make their products? Do they use child labor? And why Shein is so cheap than other brands?

Of course, there’s no doubt that Shein is cheaper than most other retailers you can find online, but are the prices as good as they seem? Can you trust that they’re 100% authentic? Or are you better off paying more money at another store and getting a better quality item?

This article will go over 10 reasons why Shein is so cheap. We will also discuss, is it the best online shopping merchant in terms of quality despite being so inexpensive?

11 Reasons Why Shein is So Cheap:

There are many reasons why this Chinese fast fashion retailer offers such affordable clothing. The fast-fashion brand does its best to keep its prices low, which means there are some sacrifices the retailer makes along the way to help you save money. It doesn’t skimp on quality or style and has sought out high-quality fabrics that help them achieve a premium look at an affordable price. With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of these reasons:

#1. Business model

The first reason why Shein is so cheap is because of its business model. They don’t have any stores, and they don’t even have an office. All they have are employees who work from home, mostly in China. This way, they can save on rent and electricity bills for their office space or building. Because of that, their overhead costs will be lower compared to other companies that operate from physical offices. 

#2. Directly Sells to Customers

Another reason why the fast-fashion brand is so cheap is that it sells directly to consumers instead of going through retailers like Zara or H&M. By selling directly to consumers, Shein doesn’t need to pay retailers a cut from each sale; therefore, more profits go back into their pockets instead.

#3. Buys products at lower rates

The brand sources directly from manufacturers in China. As opposed to other retailers who buy their products from wholesalers, Shein buys directly from manufacturers in China and cuts out additional costs. This allows it to sell products for less than other retailers.

#4. Uses direct Shipping methods

Shein Sells mostly through its website and uses direct shipping methods. Because the brand doesn’t have brick-and-mortar stores, it can cut down on overhead costs. By selling online only and using direct shipping methods, it can also reduce the overall cost of doing business.

#5. Manages a small staff

It has a small staff—which keeps expenses down. Because Shein isn’t as large as other retailers like Zara or H&M, it hires fewer people—and pays them less—to get things done.

#6. Pays low transportation cost

Its factories are located near ports. Because Shein manufactures most of its clothes near ports, it can ship items quickly and cheaply.

#7. Relies heavily on social media marketing

Since the retailer doesn’t spend much on traditional advertising (like TV commercials), it relies heavily on social media marketing to bring customers into its fold. The clever use of hashtags and Facebook ads drive traffic to its website, where people can find everything they need without spending too much money!

#8. Offers free shipping on all orders over $50

When ordering online, free shipping is very important, especially when you need to receive your item as soon as possible without paying extra money for the delivery fee, because let’s face it, who wants to pay more? That’s why most online shoppers look for stores offering free shipping instead of having to pay an additional amount.

Shein’s biggest draw is its free shipping on all orders over $50. This is particularly appealing because when shopping online, consumers often don’t want to spend more than $50 on any one item—so they end up buying multiple items just to reach that magic number. At Shein, however, if you buy three shirts for $30 each ($90 total), then your order will qualify for free shipping!

#9. Provides multiple money-saving options

Shein money saving options

People who have shopped at Shein before will agree that there are always sales going on their website, which makes their products cheaper than at other online stores. Whether it’s a seasonal sale or an anniversary sale, they will surely offer discount prices on selected items and make sure that customers get to enjoy a better deal when buying from them.

As if its low prices and sales weren’t enough, the brand also offers deals on selected items every day, as well as other money-saving options like coupons and promo codes throughout the week which customers can use to get up to 70% off certain designs! 

Another great thing about shopping with the brand is that it regularly sends coupons and promo codes via email and social media channels to give shoppers discounts on their next purchase. And even better, those savings stack with Shein’s already super-low prices!

#10. Offers a generous return policy

It provides free returns for 30 days after purchase. If you aren’t happy with something you bought from Shein, then return it within 30 days for a full refund—no questions asked! Just be sure to check out our tips on how to make returns easy and effective before sending anything back.

In addition to offering free shipping and free returns, the retailer offers its customers a generous 60-day window to change their minds on purchases they’ve made. You can learn more about Shein’s return policy below in the post.

#11. Low-cost marketing Strategy

Since Shein doesn’t spend money on advertisements, it saves a lot of money. In fact, it only spends about $4 million per year on all its marketing needs. When compared to other brands, which spend millions of dollars on a single ad campaign!

It doesn’t rely on celebrity endorsements or flashy ad campaigns to get noticed. Instead of paying celebrities big bucks to promote its products, the brand relies on low-cost word-of-mouth and social media marketing to attract new customers—and it works! So now you know why Shein is so cheap.

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Pros and Cons of Buying Clothes From Shein Online

Why shein is so cheap

Shopping from China can be a great way to get designer clothes for a fraction of their retail price. But as with any form of buying overseas, it’s important to know what you’re getting into and make sure you do your research before making any purchases. Here are some pros and cons to consider before buying clothes from this Chinese fast-fashion retailer.

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Reasons to Buy Clothes from Shein Online:

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy clothes from this rapidly growing fast-fashion online retailer. If you’re on a budget but still want quality clothing that won’t fall apart after just one wash, Chinese brands like Shein offer exactly that. Also, while they may not be widely known outside of Asia yet, Chinese brands have quickly gained popularity among Western consumers in recent years—and we expect them to keep growing in popularity. Here are a few more reasons why Shein is a great shopping platform.

#1 It’s not only for women:

Most people think that Shein is just for women, but actually, men can also shop at Shein too! They have different sections for men, women, and kids. In fact, they even sell accessories for pets, too! You can find anything you want at an affordable price, with great customer service! This makes it possible for anyone to shop at Shein, no matter how old or young you are! No matter if you’re male or female (and we know many guys love shopping), you’ll definitely find something you love at an affordable price that fits your budget!

#2 Save Time and Money:

Although some may be hesitant about buying clothes online, there are a number of reasons why buying from Shein can save you both time and money. If you’re shopping for something formal like a work shirt or a pair of dress pants, it’s always better to buy from an online retailer like Shein rather than heading to your local mall.

This is because physical stores put big markups on everything they sell, in order to stay open. Online retailers don’t have these same costs, meaning that their prices will be much lower. In addition to saving you money, buying from Shein also saves you time. You won’t have to worry about driving around town looking for a parking spot or waiting in line at checkout; all you need is your laptop and internet connection!

#3 Choose from endless designs in all sizes:

The second reason why many people choose to shop at Chinese websites like Shein is that they offer an endless selection of different styles and designs that appeal to different types of women—and more importantly, it’s often possible to find these items at unbeatable prices! Whether you prefer classy dresses or trendy blouses, Shein has something for everyone—from casual wear to formal attire. With prices starting at $3, it’s easy to see how a person could find something they love for an incredibly cheap price that fits their budget.

Also, Shein stocks a wide range of sizes. Because Shein is an international company, it stocks a lot of different sizes, including ones that are hard to find at other retailers. It has become popular for plus-size clothing. In recent years, Shein has become a favorite destination for plus-size fashionistas looking for new and trendy outfits that fit their curves well—without breaking their budgets!

#4 Get Things Right with Returns Policy:

One of our favorite things about the fast-fashion brand is that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of their customers. As long as you are happy with your purchase, you may return items as well. The Shein return policy is one of its best features. The company has a stated “no questions asked” policy for all returns within 30 days of purchase, with full refunds issued at any time within that period.

If you’re not pleased with your order or have decided you want to return it, simply contact customer service and let them know your intentions; they’ll walk you through their process and ensure that things are handled smoothly. You can also exchange items under their standard exchange program.

This allows you to select another item from their website without having to pay additional shipping fees. You can take advantage of both policies by returning an item, deciding on a new item in its place, and then requesting an exchange once your new selection arrives in the mail.

#5 Great customer service:

We’ve been buying from Shein for years now and never once did we experience any problems regarding my orders. Whenever we had questions, they were able to answer them quickly and politely! Their team members are very helpful and friendly, which is another reason why Shein has become popular around the globe! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Clothes From Shein Online:

There are multiple reasons why you should avoid buying clothing from Shein online. For one thing, even though their prices may seem too good to be true, keep in mind that shipping costs from China can add up quickly—especially if you’re ordering multiple items.

#1 Cheap clothes are not made to last:

Also, as with any other kind of buying overseas, quality control can be an issue. In fact, some customers have reported receiving items that were defective or different than what they had ordered!

It’s important to remember that Chinese brands aren’t necessarily known for being high-quality or durable. In many cases, these products are made cheaply and won’t last very long at all, which you can notice in many ways.

First, they tend to look and feel thin and flimsy. Second, their seams are not sewn tightly together and tend to come apart easily over time. Finally, some pieces of clothing are sewn together with thread that is not strong enough for daily wear or use.

The result is a wardrobe that doesn’t last long and also there’s a chance you’ll end up squandering your money on something that will fall apart after only a few uses.

#2 Uses low-Quality Fabrics:

While some items are made with high-quality fabrics, many others are not. For example, a pair of tights that feel thick and have a pretty sheen may seem like they will be warm enough for winter. However, when you receive them in person, you notice that they’re thin and actually more transparent than expected.

These types of issues should make you nervous about ordering clothes online without seeing them firsthand or trying them on at a retail store. Cheap garments can look great in photos because they’re styled to perfection.

However, they can also look lackluster once you try them on and wear them around town or at work. You don’t want to waste your money on something that looks good only in pictures.

Shopping Tip:
If you want your clothes to last, then you should invest in quality items made from high-quality materials. They may cost more upfront, but they will hold up better over time. The Best Online Shopping Sites For High-Quality Clothing: If you’re looking for great deals on good quality clothing online, check out these sites:

  1. Amazon Prime Wardrobe: Amazon Prime Wardrobe offers a wide selection of trendy women’s clothing at affordable prices.
  2. Gilt: Gilt has an excellent selection of designer brands like Tory Burch and Diane von Furstenberg at discounted prices every day.
  3. Shopbop: Shopbop features a curated collection of women’s fashion brands like Rag & Bone and Vince Camuto at affordable prices every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. 1 Why is Shein jewelry is so cheap?

Ans: This can only mean one thing – they aren’t made of expensive materials or have been produced in a way that would make them inexpensive. If you want to buy cheap jewelry, it makes sense that you should be prepared for it not to last very long, especially if you plan on wearing it every day. The best way to ensure your Shein jewelry lasts as long as possible is by taking care of it properly.

Q. 2 Are the manufacturing facilities safe? Where are they located? Does Shein use Child labor?

Ans: Shein has production facilities in Guangzhou Province, China’s wholesale apparel market, as well as Guangdong to key markets, including the United States and Europe.

All of their factories meet rigorous safety standards set by independent inspectors from the Fair Labor Association (FLA). This is a group that monitors working conditions in factories all over Asia as well as Africa.

FLA conducts regular inspections at each factory making sure that employees have a safe work environment with access to clean water and adequate ventilation among other things.

The organization also makes sure that workers receive fair wages and overtime pay for any extra hours worked. The FLA reports its findings to Shein who then takes action if any violations are found. Apart from that, Shein denies using Child labor in its manufacturing factories.

Q. 3 Which is cheaper Shein or Zaful?

The two retailers have similar inventories; both carry designer brands at cheaper prices and run flash sales to sell their products at even lower prices (though you don’t always get free shipping with those sales).

As far as clothes are concerned, they tend to offer similar styles in different colors—so your brand preference will depend on personal taste and what you’re looking for.

In terms of pricing, quick price comparison of a few items shows that some items cost more on one site than another, while others cost less. If you look at enough products, though, it seems like Zaful generally has better deals than the Chinese fast-fashion retailer. For example, a pair of jeans from Zaful costs $10, while a pair from Shein costs $18. A dress from Zaful costs $20, while a dress from Shein costs $25. So which one is cheaper? It depends on how much you spend! At most, we’d say Shein is 10% more expensive than Zaful.

So if you were thinking about buying something from either site, we’d recommend going with whichever website has a sale running. You’ll probably save money overall if you do that instead of paying full price for an item at either retailer. Just keep in mind that sometimes it’s worth paying extra for something if it’s really high quality or unique–and sometimes it’s not!

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