Why Zara App isn’t working? [10FIXES]

Zara not working? Sometimes the Zara app won’t connect or start loading, or when you try to use it, it crashes and exits. In this case, you are in luck, as we can help you troubleshoot the problem and tell you how to fix your Zara app problems so that it works again and doesn’t crash anymore. The solutions are easy and will take very little time to implement. But, before we get to the remedies, let’s go over the reasons why it’s not working.

Zara app not working fix

Why is the Zara app not working?

There are many reasons your Zara app may not be working, including an internet connection problem, Zara being down for maintenance, or an update of their app. Let’s take a look at some solutions you can try out.

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Restart your device

When dealing with Zara not loading problems or opening problems, turn your device off and back on again, and chances are good that it will solve your problem. Sometimes all it takes is a quick reboot to get everything running like normal again. If it does not fix your problem, move on down below;

Clear space on your device

Many apps run poorly when they are out of space. So, go into your phone’s settings and clear as much space on your device as possible by deleting apps you don’t use, old text messages, and pictures. Doing so will help you resolve any issues with downloading or installing the Zara app and make them run more smoothly.

How to delete space on your iPhone: Go to settings > general > storage & iCloud usage > Manage Storage. Tap Apps & Data and select an app that takes up a lot of space, then tap Delete App. 

How to Delete Space on Android: Open your device. Settings > Apps > Downloaded (or All) > Select an app that takes up a lot of space and tap Uninstall. You can also select multiple apps at once using multi-select mode in newer versions of Android.

Log out and then re-login

The primary thing you should do when your app or site isn’t functioning properly or loading very slowly, especially one that holds sensitive information like your bank or email, is log out. Doing so will also help protect you from any potential damage being done behind the scenes by a malfunctioning system. Now that you’re logged out, try logging back in and see if everything works as it should have originally—if it doesn’t, proceed to the next solution and see if it helps alleviate your issue.

Check if Zara is down?

This is an essential step, as it will save your time and effort therwise spent checking for updates or troubleshooting issues when company’s website may simply be having an issue with its servers or an outage has occurred. Use the DownDetector site to check if the site is down at any given time.

If you are unable to access a specific page on the brand’s website due to a server error, try refreshing your browser window. If there is still no response after several attempts, then move on to the next fix.

Check the internet connection

Make sure your internet connection is strong as well because sometimes weak connections will make it seem like apps are not working properly even though they are actually functioning correctly. Wifi and 3G/4G LTE/5G must be activated. Make sure you are not in airplane mode. If you are having issues with your wifi, try restarting your router or modem. If that doesn’t work, contact your internet provider for further assistance.

Also Check the data usage: Go to Settings > Data Usage and make sure the Zara app has unlimited data access selected if applicable. It could also be a problem with your phone itself, so we recommend trying a different device if possible. 

Reset your network settings

Sometimes we’re frustrated by a problem because it’s not always easy to pin down exactly what’s causing it. If Zara’s app won’t open on your phone, you may need to reset your device’s network settings and re-enter your Wi-Fi information.

To do so on the iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Note: This will cause all of your apps to lose their connections; be sure to save any important data before doing so. Once you have done that, reopen Zara’s app and try again. 

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Uninstall and reinstall App

If you’re having trouble with your Zara app, uninstalling and reinstalling it will sometimes help fix any glitches or bugs in it. You can either delete the app from your device’s home screen or through your phone settings and clear out any junk files that might be causing problems. Once you’ve done that, download and install it again.

Here is how to uninstall and reinstall the Zara app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

1) On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s home screen, tap and hold down on the Zara icon until it starts shaking. 2) Tap “X” in the corner of your Zara app icon. 3) Tap “Delete” when prompted to confirm. 4) Now go back to the App Store and search for “Zara.” 5) Download and install the most recent Zara version.6) Start it up.

Once installed, open up your Zara app and see if everything works as expected. If not, try these other steps below.

Use a different browser

The fast-fashion store has been known to not work for people who use Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as their browsers. If you are having problems accessing your account or even shopping from within these browsers, try using another browser like Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. They have been reported as much more stable with not only Zara but several other fashion sites and apps.

Delete the cache and cookies

Deleting your browser’s cache and cookies is an important troubleshooting step when you run into website errors or issues. When you visit a website, your browser makes an assumption that it can trust its files because it previously downloaded them—but if these files have been altered in any way (such as by malware), they can cause your computer to stop functioning properly or show you fake error messages like those that often occur with the brand’s app. Delete them and your browser will re-download all of its content and also clear out any error messages it’s currently stuck on, freeing up resources for browsing, at least until these files are attacked again.

How to Delete Chrome Browser Cache and Cookies Open Chrome, click More > Click “More tools” Under Privacy, click Clear Browsing Data. To delete everything, select All Time >Check the boxes beside “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files> Select Clear data>Close the Settings tab and reload the webpage.

If you are using Zara on your iPhone, here is how to delete cookies and cache on your iPhone: 1. Open Settings 2. Scroll down and select Safari. 3. Select the Clear History and Website Data option. 4. Select Clear History and Data. 5. Close the Settings tab and reload the website.

Contact Customer support

If none of the above solutions helps you fix your issue, we recommend you reach out to Zara’s contact page where you can leave a message, email them directly, or ask questions on their Facebook page. (Note: The brand has a reputation for responding quickly when they experience technical difficulties, so don’t give up right away.)


We hope the above-given fixes help you if you have any further queries. You can also ask in the comment box given below, and we will try our best to solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Zara payment not working?

Ans: Zara payment service SEPA is based in the EU, not all countries are supported by SEPA payments, which is why it might be difficult for some customers to make a payment in some countries at certain times. In most cases, customers can use another payment method like credit card or PayPal if they have problems with SEPA payments on Zara’s online store.

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